summer saison

Un matin il avait fait ses valises et m'a simplement dit qu'il ne se sentait pas chez lui ici. Pourtant, tous les ciels sont similaires, les sentiments humains également. Il devait changer de vie. Je faisais partie de sa vie présente mais je ne serais qu'un pâle souvenir dans la vie qu'il espérait…
— et tu l'as laissé partir, juste comme ça?
— vouloir le retenir aurait été aussi vain que tenter d'arrêter les saisons. Viens un temps où l'acceptation est nécessaire pour retrouver son bonheur.
—  P.J. Baeron
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Summer Saison (Blackberry Farm)

Brewery : Blackberry Farm
Beer : Summer Saison
Style : Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Variance : None

8 / 10

Seriously, pollen can go right ahead and fuck itself to death. I haven’t been able to fully breathe through my nose in about 3 months and half the time I sound all nasal-y when I talk like fucking Filbert from Rocko’s Modern Life. The other problem this causes is it makes it hard as hell to review beers because I have to wait for the rare moment when my noise is actually clear so I can accurately rate and taste the brews. Basically, fuck pollen. This is a Summer Saison so I feel like I should hate it just because of the fact that summer is pollen season but this beer is too good to stay mad at for too long. This has a nice fruity almost passionfruit like flavor to start with some floral hops mildly joining in towards the middle with some of those barney and rustic flavors mixing in at the end. This beer has more layers than a damn onion and the only reason I’m not ranking this higher is because I have one more bottle in the fridge from these guys and I don’t want to go too high before trying that. That sounds like a pretty shitty reason but it’s MY reason so suck it. Anyways, this is a great take on one of my favorite styles and if you get a chance to grab a bottle of this, it just might become your favorite as well. I’m going to say this is a highly recommended beer for any level of craft beer connoisseur so pick up a bottle regardless of what season it is. Also, fuck pollen. Achoo!

Written by: Steve B.

The lady love and I were invited to dinner by some friends.  My friend offered me a Fisherman’s Sunrise Saison.  It’s brewed with strawberries and rhubarb.  It came in at 7% ABV, yet didn’t taste too strong.  The sweetness of the strawberries and the tarter flavor of the rhubarb were great additions to the typical saison flavor.  The rhubarb seemed to show up more in the middle of each sip.  This was a really good beer.


Another two bar photos from my trip to Flying Saucer yesterday for lunch. On tap today? Green Flash Summer Saison and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, among others.

Green Flash Saison (pictured top):

The second Green Flash I have had the privilege to try, and the first one since they have entered the Missouri market.

Pours a hazy straw color with about two fingers of white head, which doesn’t stick around for long, but leaves some nice lacing.

The fruity yeast is strong in the aroma, along with some spicy hops.

The spices really show up in the taste too, along with some of the banana-y yeast. The taste is a little more muted than expected though, a bit disappointing, almost tasted like I had just brushed my teeth then drank a saison.

Medium in body, and crisp. Though not as good as my first Green Flash experience, this will not be my last by the brewery, or even this beer. Not bad for a pre lunch drink.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (pictured bottom):

This beer was either very awful, off-balanced, and to boozy… or the best pumpkin beer I have ever had… one of the two.

I am going to chalk the bad experience of this brew up to a bad tap pull, because when I first started to drink it all I tasted was a booze and nutmeg cocktail, I didn’t know how I was going to choke it all down, but by mid glass this beautiful beer came out of the darkness. It became such a well balanced brew of cinnamon, nutmeg, lots of brown sugar, mixed with a lovely pumpkin taste, with the 8% alcohol no where to be found.

It poured a copper color with a little more orange added in along with a one, and some change, fingers of white head.

The aroma is all the good things that come from the taste: super sweet brown sugar, nutmeg. Oh goodness, I need one right now.

Real good brew, as long as all that alcohol doesn’t show up in bottle, in fact after thinking about that aroma I might run to the store now a test it out… for you sake of course.


Sheila and I rode a bike path loop through Minneapolis this evening. We started at the lakes, went west on the bike Greenway to West River Road and came back via Minnehaha Parkway.

Near Minnehaha Falls we saw a dozen of the four-passenger rental bike things. The one you see here was blocking our way. We could not pass because of the fence and wall on the path. The dad who was steering apologized. Sheila said no problem. Then she saw the young boy in the back seat wasn’t pedaling. Jokingly she said “Hey, the kid in back isn’t pedaling!” The little boy glared at her.

A most appropriate beer of the night is The Randonneur Summer Saison from Minneapolis brewer Fulton. I just love saying summer saison. I could probably say it over and over, with different accents, until nearby people would slap me.

I bet this one, with it’s unnecessary definite article in front of the name would be popular with alumni of The Ohio State University. The beer is The delicious.

Right now it is pouring rain. Hard. Any of you in the Twin Cities reading this might not believe me. The radar shows this cell is located pretty much only over my neighborhood.