Hurt or Anger

Staring at this picture I find myself wondering if anyone sees Rose’s expression her as hurt.  To me it is clearly a look of anger and disapproval. 

When I saw the episode I began thinking about why they decided to animate Rose in this fashion.  If Steven’s feelings about Rose were those of sadness at losing and never knowing her it would stand to reason that her expression should be one of hurt, but it isn’t. 

Why is this?

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Anonymous said to rwbytexts:

Texts between Ruby and Summer, some talking about normal day things like help with homework or planning weekend hunts, and the last message that Summer ever sends to her daughters. (Maybe Ruby still talking to her mom even after she’s gone for some extra angst.) thank you!!

;_; god damn it anon



this handsome devil is ruby and yang’s father. it’s insinuated that he used to be a bit of a playboy back in his prime, but once he settled down with summer he turned into the Daddliest Dad that ever dared to Dad. after losing summer, the SECOND lover he’s lost tragically (why does everything u touch burn tai), he spun into a really bad depression and shut down emotionally. which, yknow, isn’t good when you have two young daughters. despite this, he obviously loves his daughters more than anything else in the world. it’s also implied he’s got a protective streak when it comes to them. he’s a teacher from signal, and based on what ruby says at summer’s grave it sounds like he’s working his way out of his depression by taking up missions again. not confirmed, but he IS yang’s dad so, like, probably a pun master. look at that face. that’s a face of a man who tells bad dad puns.


ruby’s biological mother and yang’s stepmother. her relationship with taiyang seems to have been more serious than his relationship with raven. despite not giving birth to yang herself, it’s implied that she loved her a lot and considered her to be just as much her kid as ruby. yang calls her “super-mom”, so that tells you that the love was mutual. based on what little we know about her, she was probably ridiculously nice. like her daughters, she was also an incredibly talented huntress. ALSO, she was an incredibly talented baker, especially her cookies. she went away on a mission when ruby and yang were little and never came back, dying in what we now know was her final mission. the altar on the hilltop is her’s, and the engraving says “thus kindly i scatter”, an excerpt from a poem called “the last rose of summer”. yeah. that’s dark if you apply the whole poem to the rose-xiao long family. you can read it here.


despite the controversy, this IS yang’s biological mother. she’s also the mysterious swords-woman that saved yang’s life on the train at the end of volume 2. she shares her last name with qrow, her brother. it’s currently unknown if they’re twins or if one of them was moved ahead or held back. at some point between the formation of the team and her leaving, she had a relationship with taiyang for an undefined amount of time. yang implies that tai loved her, however yang’s info is unreliable at best considering the mysterious nature of the relationship. whatever the level of seriousness in the relationship, raven and taiyang conceived a child. right after yang’s birth, raven abandoned her daughter with her father and left. yang says that nobody knows where raven went, but again, yang’s information is unreliable at best due to her only knowing a small fraction of the overall story, likely all information that taiyang and qrow gave her. in any case, raven seems to teleport via dark portals that you can glipse in her scenes, along with dark portals in the openings that resemble them. she’s currently trailing her biological daughter and, for unknown reasons, is attempting to make contact with her. i’d suggest paying attention to blackbirds in the series. they were monty’s motif, however considering we now have two major players with connections to black birds and the main characters, i’d say it’s a safe idea to watch out for them just in case.


this is raven’s brother, qrow. he’s yang’s biological uncle through his sister and ruby’s uncle in name because he’s her father’s only remaining team mate and, probably, taiyang’s best friend. he’s an incredibly talented scythe wielder and helped ruby learn how to use crescent rose. and YES, his weapon IS a scythe. it’s also a sword. what do weapons in remnant do? TRANSFORM. jesus, i can’t believe so many people had problems with this part. anyways, qrow has a loving and playful relationship with his nieces. when ruby and yang were younger, he saved them from certain death by three grimm. currently, he works as a teacher at signal alongside taiyang. he also works with the mysterious “Guardians” alongside ozpin, glynda, ironwood, and winter as an undercover agent of some sort. he seems to have the best grasp on the situation involving cinder and her faction out of all the characters. he also appears to have a bad relationship and rivalry with most of the atlesian characters we’ve seen so far. the guy has also developed a BAD drinking problem, which is unsurprising considering he’s lost his sister, his friend and team mate, and watched his only remaining team mate fall apart. he seems to have a temperamental streak and enjoys taunting his opponents (similar to his biological niece). despite all this, he’s shown to be HIGHLY skilled even while fighting under the influence of alcohol. i’d hate to fight this guy while he was sober.