Homecoming (Final Rose AU)

“You had better not be joking,” Summer warned. “Because if you are, Raven, I am not going to be happy.”

The other woman smiled faintly. “I’ve done a lot of thinking recently… I’ll still be taking a lot of missions, and there’s going to be travel involved, but… I think it’s about time I settled down. If it’s not too much trouble, well, I’d like to settle down here… with you, Taiyang, and the girls.”

Summer’s smile was much wider. “I’ve been hoping to hear you say that for years, Raven. Of course, you’re welcome here.”

“It’s not going to cause any trouble is it?” Raven winced at how shaky her voice was. “I mean… the girls won’t think it’s weird that I’ll be staying here too?”

“You won’t be staying here, Raven. You’ll be living here. And the girls will get used to it. Yang will be overjoyed to have you around more, and Ruby likes you. It’ll be fine. Sure, it’ll take a few weeks for everything to settle down, but that’s fine. It’ll be worth it.”

Summer put one hand on her stomach. “And… with another baby coming, we could definitely use the help.”

Raven gasped. “Are you okay? What did Vanille say?”

“She says it’s fine, but she’ll be keeping a close eye on me. She can’t be here all the time, so she’s shipped some equipment out here. I’m supposed to scan myself regularly and send the scans over to her.”

“That’s good.” Raven settled. “But it’s really okay?”

“Yes,” Summer insisted. “It’s really okay.”

X     X     X

Thus began the Branwen-Rose-Xiao Long household. The postman did a double take the first time he the new sign on the mailbox, but the pointed glare Summer sent him along with the crossed arms and stern frown from Taiyang convinced him that it was better to simply deliver the mail. There were some questions that were better off unanswered.

There was a bit of renovation in order too. The master bedroom, more than adequate for two, was somewhat less spacious for three. The solution was to demolish one of the walls, in particular, the wall between the master bedroom and the room that Raven occasionally used when she stopped by.

At first, Yang was overjoyed to have her birth mother around more often, but that joy quickly turned into caution. Would Raven just leave again? Yang withdrew, but as the months passed and she realised that Raven was actually going to stay, save for taking the odd mission, her positive outlook returned. Having one mother was nice. Maybe having two would be even better?

Ruby accepted Raven with the same cheerfulness that she did most things in her life. It might have helped that Raven was happy to let Ruby try her hand with weapons although she was always ready to step in if necessary. Both Summer and Taiyang could, at times, be a tad overprotective.

Qrow just laughed. And then announced that he was getting married to Summer’s physiotherapist.

Summer Rose!!

Summer Rose might actual be the summer maiden. I mean think about, the maidens that we know of Autum/Amber’s name have been something that reminds you of that season. What flower do I think of when I think of the summer? Roses, and what is Summer’s last name? Rose. WHy is this so glossed over. I mean we’ve known her name for ages, but we didn’t ask questions because Ruby’s mother was a mystery, but not relevant enough. But with this seasonal maiden thing, we might just know who the maiden was.

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Texts between Ruby and Summer, some talking about normal day things like help with homework or planning weekend hunts, and the last message that Summer ever sends to her daughters. (Maybe Ruby still talking to her mom even after she’s gone for some extra angst.) thank you!!

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