Summer, Natsu no Bara

    Summer was a servant and body guard of Mikado, the Emperor of Yamato Empire. Eventually, her close service and accompany ceased her menstruation, and soon the change was noticed by a female Karasu member who had the Emperor’s child as well yet somehow succeed to hide her unborn baby until was born, getting a glance of the Amaterasu……

Summer’s clothing: 

    Shiromuku was a Japanese custom used for holy occasions since  Muromachi period, for pure white is considered holy, pure, color for ancient Japanese.  Shiromuku was used for several occasions, including weddings, funerals. childbirth, and seppuku.

For Mikado, the Shogunate, and the Karasu clan, please reference:

lernjaguar  asked:

I met you and Rose at Summer in the City 2016 and they say you should never meet your idols but you two were honestly so lovely and genuine! Thank you! <3

Thank you! But I’d never heard they said that! But I’ve met a few of mine and they’ve all been great too. Maybe they should change it to you SHOULD meet your idols haha! xxx
Impact Zone - Chapter 1 - AniPendragon - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: James Ironwood, Qrow Branwen, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Summer Rose (RWBY), Roman Torchwick, Junior (RWBY), Jacques Schnee, Ozpin (RWBY), Glynda Goodwitch, Salem (RWBY), Winter Schnee, Tukson (RWBY), Amber (RWBY)
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Summary:  Every summer, Surfer’s Paradise Resort floods with surfers, tourists, and all sorts of other guests from around the world. Keeping them all safe is James Ironwood, the day manager of the hotel. When Qrow and Raven Branwen, superstar surfers, check in to the hotel for a summer of relaxation, James figures the worst trouble they’ll cause him is some anger housekeepers and a few star-struck guests. He’s not expecting Qrow to take an interest in him or his surfing past. He’s not expecting the warmth that slowly grows in his chest when he looks at Qrow. And he’s definitely not expecting the quiet longing whenever he looks at the ocean. James might be in over his head.

Author’s Note: This is it folks! The first in the new stories of 2017! This is Impact Zone, and it’s shaping up to be my favourite thing to write so far. Holy cow I have been enjoying it immensely. Heh. It’s been so much fun to write and work with, and I have to give a massive shoutout to @tyrian-callows , who helped me make so much of this story what it is. Thanks, bud!

So, anyway, hope y’all enjoy it. Should be updating every Saturday or so, as long as I can keep up with my current backlog.

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  • Taiyang: HAHA, oh man, Qrow, I can't believe I got you to wear a skirt.
  • Qrow: It's not funny, guys.
  • Qrow: I'm gonna get you for this one day.
  • Taiyang: And how are you going to do that?
  • ------Many years later-------
  • Taiyang: *Alone, lost 2 wives and 1.2 daughters, has crippling depression*
  • Qrow: My semblance fucking rules.