summer road trip destination

Day 2: A Farewell to Summer
Well, in the end I couldn’t quite say goodbye yet because I still have so much to look forward to before I go back to college!! But, I did want to give a shout out to all the wonderful things I’ve gotten to do this summer so far, because - - against my will - - my summer is ending, and it’s been pretty fantastic so far. Here’s to the rest of the summer days of August. May they be fruitful and amazing.

80s movies rp plots

(some can be group RPs, some just as 1x1s. bold the ones you like!)

  • the breakfast club: our muses are from different cliques and have never spoken, but are now in all-day detention together. rather than do the assignment they were given for their punishment, they spend the day bonding and getting to know each other.
  • ferris beuller’s day off: our muses ditch school, trying to enjoy their day while avoiding the school truancy officer
  • heathers: one muse is an unhappy member of their school’s popular crowd. one muse is a creepy, intense, charismatic outsider. they begin dating, and the outsider promises the popular muse that they can make all their problems with the popular crowd go away. a killing spree ensues.
  • pretty in pink: our muses go to a school where there’s a definite divide between the rich and the poor. despite being from separate sides of the conflict, they fall in love, and attempt to get together despite facing criticism from all sides.
  • stand by me: our muses, about to start college, decide to spend the last week of their last summer living in the same neighborhood, on a road trip, headed to some destination they’ve only heard about
  • say anything: our muses are about to be separated after graduating high school, and try to spend their last summer together, while coming to terms with the fact that their lives are going in different directions
  • dirty dancing: our muses, from vastly different backgrounds with incredibly contrasting personalities, meet at summercamp, where one becomes the other’s instructor. romance (or arguing) ensues.