summer promises

SO……the Promise movie revealed Rin’s parent designs. Mamatsuoka is named Miyako and Papatsuoka is, we already know, Toraichi. And we also know that Rin got his teeth from his dad, but red hair from his mom and it’s cute and now I’m really emo and sad that Toraichi is dead bc he was a silly and loving man and father god. 


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while


just for fun: listen here

1901 - phoenix || ultralife - oh wonder || dangerous - big data || what you know - two door cinema club || i would do anything for you - foster the people || young - frankie cosmos || always forever - cults || walcott - vampire weekend || 60+ more songs on spotify


So the trailer for Free! Take Your Marks just dropped…


Secondly, Kisumi?? Is he trying to find MH a house together?? Or is this his house?? WHO KNOWS!! I’M HAPPY REGARDLESS.

Thank you Kyoani. I’m at peace, and very excited to see what else is in store!! 💚💙

The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it.


N°43 in the Jibcon 2017 edit spam - Sunday Panels: Jared Morning

Lovely, overheating British friends, if you have not yet tried these things may I please recommend:

- Bowl of ice in front of a table fan
- Pillowcases in the freezer, take them out and put them on before bed
- Underwear in the freezer, so it’s cool when you get out of the shower
- Other sheets and clothes in bags in the freezer or fridge, if you like
- Hang a cool, wet, light sheet or curtain panel in front of an open window
- Mist the top sheet with cool water before sleeping
- Cool showers in the morning, after work, and before bed
- Reappropriate hot water bottles, use as normal but fill with cold water
- Reusable ice packs in the freezer during the day, slip them in the sheets for a bit before bed and/or keep them with you
- Keep electronics unplugged absolutely whenever possible
- Popsicles
- Linen, cotton, seersucker (if you must). Avoid synthetics.
- Single-use cold wraps like these for the tube or being outdoors
- Windows and curtains closed during the day, open early morning and at night
- Bowl of ice on your stomach or lap while you’re hanging around
- Seriously bowl or tray of ice in front of a table fan, this is the only sure way I was able to sleep/not hate everyone through several week long 95-105F/35-40C heat waves in a heat-retaining house with no AC, it is hard but it is possible; anything that gives off a cool breeze helps a lot!

Summer Themes

Hi everyone!

As promised, here are some of the theme suggestions for the Reaper76 Summer Event!

We don’t want to do set “day themes” like many of these event weeks do, but we do want to provide everyone with some ideas or inspiration.  You’re not limited to these, but some of them might help you get started or get the gears turning.

  • A day at the beach: it’s hard to think of summer without a trip to the beach! Gabriel’s home city of Los Angeles has several great beaches that might give you some inspiration!
    • Some ideas: Which one immediately jumps in the water?  Do either of them like building sand castles?  How does Jack react when seeing the ocean for the first time?  
  • Setting up camp: many people like to go camping in the summer, not just for being outdoors but also to enjoy other activities like hiking, swimming, off-road driving and biking.
    • Some ideas: making smores, building campfires, watching sunrises and sunsets, stargazing
  • Hit the road, Jack: road trips are a quintessential summer pastime. Popular routes include Route 66 and California Highway 1.
    • Some ideas: how do they split driving time, and who is the bad driver?  Who gives bad directions?  How do they split music choices? Motel rooms?  What sights do they go see?
    • Some ideas: when do they take their big Americas road trip?  Who plans the route through Central America, who plans for Southern America?  Where do they visit?  What do they do in Mexico City?  Or Rio de Janiero?  Or Buenos Aires?  Or Santiago?  Do they visit the Amazon in Brazil, the Andes in Chile and Argentina, the cenotes of Mexico and Belize?  Trips across the United States are fun, but consider looking at the wonderful world beyond it - as an opportunity to explore and learn about new places and cultures.
  • We’re all golfers now: lots of sports take place in summer, including baseball, golf, swimming, surfing, and bike races
    • Soccer/fútbol: outside of the US, fútbol matches are popular in the summer.  Would Gabriel and Jack root for a specific team?
    • Lúcioball: which one wants to learn how to play Lúcioball?  Does the other come along and try to play?
  • Just Desserts: lots of great food come into season in the summer - things like watermelons, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, and especially corn (lol).  Ice cream and pies are fun treats in the summer.  Barbecued foods, hamburgers, ribs, steaks, and grilled chicken are all popular.
    • Some ideas: Favorite ice cream flavor?  Favorite fruit?  Who makes the better burger?
  • Welcome to Hollywood: it’s time for summer movie blockbusters!  What kind of movies would they want to see?  Who gets scared in the horror film?  Who wants to see the action flick?
    • Some ideas: What sights does Gabriel show Jack the first time he visits LA?  What are some of their favorite movies?  Do they visit movie sets?
  • Retirement doesn’t suit us: summer often means trips to new destinations.  Where do two supersoldiers go in their time off?  The world is wide with many cool places to visit and see!
    • Some ideas: How do they react to seeing Dorado for the first time?  Or Hanamura?  Which one is the space nerd who wants to visit the Lijiang Tower?  Which one is the history nerd who wants to see Ilios or Giza?
    • Some ideas: Does Gabriel suggest going to Mexico to visit family?  What places does he show Jack?  What foods do they eat, what music do they experience?  
    • Some ideas: who wants to take a trip to China?  Who wants to visit India?  Do they run into junkers in Australia?  What do they think when they visit Numbani in Nigeria for the first time?  How do they react to visiting Gibraltar?
  • Like the stars: did you know fireflies are not found in the western United States? How does Gabriel react to seeing fireflies in Indiana for the first time?
  • Now those are some fireworks: the 4th of July is Independence Day for the United States. Celebrated with barbecues, baseball games, neighborhood and family get-togethers, and fireworks large and small.
  • Summertime Romance: sometimes a love lasts a summer, sometimes it lasts a lifetime (or two).  How do Gabriel and Jack spend over twenty summers together?  Do they do anything special for just the two of them?

Hope these themes help spark your imaginations!   We’re super excited that so many people are interested in participating!  Please feel free to send us any questions or ideas, and best of luck to everyone creating some R76 content for the event!

Remember, the event begins July 4th and ends July 18th!  You can start submitting art, fics, graphics, and content to the tag #reaper76summerevent, or send us a link on the blog!

Have fun, and let the summer sparks fly!