summer picnics

A relaxing day would be so nice.
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This would be my contribution for montyoumproject

I love this series so much same goes for the one who created it. Well also for the staffs who worked their pants off just to make this series happened.

Hoping that Roosterteeth will always go up and keep moving forward.

((btw, i hope you liked the fanart I made– i was planning uploading it exactly on the date of Feb 1st in America but i’m not really on time track since we got like 12 hours time difference but let’s make this project rock!))


© to the first artist | homestuck | for the idea (i dunno his or her account so lets leave it here as a credits)

Day 18: Sunday Funday in the Park

The setup: An urban bike and social Meetup group planned a picnic in the park with drinks and games.

Why I chose this event: Because I did not plan ahead and this was the best sounding option out of the bunch by the time I was scrolling through the Meetup calendar at noon (other options included a sexual healing meditation, a mommy and me play date, and some coding Meetup). Besides, I love picnics. I will rarely turn down a picnic on a sunny day. My roommate told me I could borrow her bike, so I decided to ride it there so I could be like, “Hey, look at me, I fit in because I ride a fancy bike,” but I literally couldn’t figure out how to lower the seat. So I drove.

How I was feeling before heading to the Meetup event: Like I didn’t deserve to be going any sort of bike Meetup if I couldn’t even lower a freaking bike seat. As I made my way across the park to what I assumed was the Meetup group (as the only other gathering of people was a bunch of middle-aged men playing volleyball) I started feeling incredibly awkward. Everyone was lounging on picnic blankets and relaxing, and about half of them turned to watch as I approached from across the other side of the grass. I felt exactly like someone who who walks up to a random picnic between close friends and asks to join in. Ugh. I considered running away and drinking my six pack of beer alone under a nearby tree. Why did I start this stupid project? What is the point of this anyway? Am I really going to grow as a person? This is bull&*%$. But I put one foot in front of the other and kept going.

The general vibe: A little strange at first because everyone already seemed to know each other, which only made me feel more like a picnic crasher, but they were all so nice that it didn’t matter after long. Also, I am instantly impressed by people who remember names without having to ask a second time. This entire group was on their name game. We all hung out and talked for a little while, and then played some recreational sports. Yes, yes, we’ll get to how much I hated the latter in a minute.

High Point: When a dog of one the members decided he would just sit on my lap the whole time and cuddle.

Low point: Being coerced into playing volleyball. I am terrible at volleyball, and having to play it just gives me flashbacks to volleyball week in high school gym class when I made our team consistently lose. This group wasn’t at all serious about the game, but they could at least hit the ball over the net. Meanwhile, there’s me, flailing about and trying to avoid the ball at all costs. Why couldn’t we have just played badminton? I can do badminton.

Quote of the event: “Let’s play wiffle ball!"—Someone in the group, as I died a little inside.

How I was feeling after leaving the Meetup event: Immensely better than when I had arrived. It wasn’t so bad, and I actually enjoyed talking with everyone. They were very normal, down-to-earth people. Now I just need to get a bike so I can go riding with them.

Other noteworthy tidbits/final thoughts: For the record, the bike seat can’t actually be lowered. Upon further inspection later in the day, I determined the seat was as low as it could go. So I regained my dignity, but lost it again when I realized I probably just need a children’s bike. #HandlebarRibbons

Filling in the Blanks for Miz Quickly

Filling in the Blanks for Miz Quickly

The Colour of Picnics

We need some blue chrome
to shake up the sky when it
splays the horizon flat.
We need a tartan blanket
that colours picnics as green
as a lawn’s ambition,

and a marching band
of trombones to pad
the air, that fills the tunes,
and a parade or two
of brassy things that shine,
and is not the moon.

We need these things
between sheets, after sleep
and, if we keep them,

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Warm Summer nights 🌙🌵✌️ Picnics in the gardens, spending too much on vintage clothes, feasting on goodies from @thesourcebulkfoods and following it up with the usual favourites from @vegiebar with @gabimulder & @cartiamallan. Melbourne you sure know how to show us girls a good time. 👽✨