summer picnic 2014


scenes from the mayflower pembroke welsh corgi club’s annual summer picnic. there were so many fabulous corgis i couldn’t even stand it!

there were corgi games, corgi swag, contests and a raffle! so many fabulous dogs and everyone was really friendly. plus, i may have found a sponsor to become an official MPWCC member. amazing.!!!!


A Portland gem – Cathedral Park, located under the St. John’s Bridge

Summer isn’t over yet in Portland, Oregon. It’s been hot. Yesterday’s high temp was 90 degrees and today’s predicted high is supposed to be even hotter.

I know I sound like I’m complaining, and I guess I am a bit, but the good news is the humidity is low, and the tomato plants are still pumping out pounds and pounds of tomatoes. We bike every weekend and are still cutting the grass. The trees look distressed from the record-dry conditions, but the rainy season will be here all too soon, so we’re making the most of summer.

Yesterday we got together with friends and picnicked at one of our favorite spots – Cathedral Park. We set up our lawn chairs under shade trees and spread our tablecloths over picnic tables. The coolers were unpacked and we sat and laughed and ate and drank the afternoon away. We saw two wedding parties, babies trying out their first steps, happy dogs catching Frisbees, and people of all ages enjoying the afternoon.

I brought my camera along, but as the day went by felt less and less like taking pictures. This morning I had a little time and decided to go back. The vibe was different today. A film crew was there filming an advertisement for an athletic company, and I watched in amazement as a guy created enormous bubbles. Today a few of the picnic tables were occupied by business people talking quietly together.

In the top photo you can see the park, located under the bridge supports. There’s an air quality advisory today for the area due to huge forest fires burning an hour or so east of the city. Perhaps you can detect the haze in my pictures.