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Anon Asks: Dear awesome comic artist/ storyteller, What kind of PJs do you think team STRQ would wear when they were dorming at school? :3

Ohhh, stahp it~

Text and non text versions because why not.

Qrow sports a graphic T-shirt, usually his ‘May Contain Alcohol’ shirt, and a pair of baggy sweat pants. Will take his rings off when going to bed but can’t sleep with his necklace and wristband off. He feels too weird without them anymore.

Taiyang is a shorts and a T-shirt kind of guy. He gets too hot at night, so light clothing it is. Shirt says ‘Pun Master’. Tai strikes me as a ‘sleeps in nothing but his boxers’ kind of guy once he’s snuggled up in bed.

Raven’s is based on her daughter’s PJ’s with her own colors and some of Raven’s flair. Can’t sleep with all that extra cloth, so a tank top and yoga shorts are her sleep wear. STRETCH GURL

Summer wears a tunic-length T-shirt that covers her butt and pairs it with leggings. Summer will snuggle up with a book before bed. She reads all genres, but favors adventure and romance novella’s before going to sleep. She sometimes reads to Qrow, too.

The team was initially divided by gender as far as beds go. Tai and Raven, however, start dating and basically rearrange the room to sleep on the same side as one another when Qrow and Summer are in class one day. It isn’t much of a problem until the couple start engaging in romantic festivities under the sheets. Qrow and Summer are left to listen to their team mates/sister do the horizontal mambo in awkward, disgusted horror.

Qrow may throw a pillow, book, desk, or broadsword at the couple every now and again, because he and Short-Stack need sleep and he isn’t above disturbing the two.

Qrow and Summer are indeed together during this interaction. They’re going to snuggle up together later (once Tai and Rae are asleep) and laugh at Tai getting his butt handed to him by Oobleck. Shouldn’t be pranking teachers, Tai.


Vytal Fesitval Comics: Getting Ready to Party

Tai and Rae are going to get naughty. Run, you two. Now.

Qrow and Summer are dating at this point, in case anyone is curious. They both ‘don’t have dates’ to the dance since they’re secretly going together.

I’m going to do a series of Vytal Festival comics, so look forward to seeing more formal wear STRQ and said shenanigans.

When Beacon Academy Met the Branwen Twins…Hormones. Went. WILD.

So I’m just sitting here seeing all the ‘Tai is the school and team STRQ heartthrob’ posts, and I’m like ‘pfffft, he’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but the twins?! HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?!’ (of course, team STRQ is just full of hot cutie patooties but w/e)

I fully and totally believe that everyone was crushing hard on them. Boys, girls, every single student would’ve dropped everything or anyone to have a Branwen all to themselves. Or both. Both were good, too. Fights obviously ensued.

The twins find the student’s behavior odd and unnerving. At first. Qrow begins to love the attention. Throwing a 17 year old boy into a sea of hormonal girls who want his jock? Yeah, he completely took advantage of that. Little womanizer. Raven begins to find it flattering, dates and beds a few of the boys, but find them disappointing.

Raven and Tai’s relationship blossoms within this time and they mutually fall for one another. Hard. They are the schools popular, hot couple and make everyone mutually jealous and happy for them.

Summer and Qrow take a decent bit longer, and she tries to be supportive during his one, longer relationship (as much as it kills the poor girl inside), but as you all know, they eventually confess their feelings and become SECRET AF sweet, diabetes-inducing, romantic lovebirds.


born with extraordinary abilities, and yet still, they are children, stumbling in the dark, searching for guidance.


I found a picture on Pinterest that was a “Draw your OTP” template. Now…I don’t ship these two at all, but I can see Tai pulling this crap when he was younger because it always ruffled Qrow’s feathers (heh).

If you don’t know what the game “Chicken” is, usually the game is played between two people and the goal is to get your opponent to yield as to stop your sexual or intimate advances. The one who yields or can’t continue is the loser. This time they’re playing with Pocky.

Qrow was always the loser. He could never just look at it as a “game” like Tai could. To him, it was his male teammate making a move on him, which Qrow is 1000 % not for. So, Tai usually got pushed back, punched or kicked by a flustered and angry Qrow.

Summer doesn’t like the game and gets frequently upset when they play since she is a possessive little flower and ain’t no one goin’ to be comin’ on to her man.

Don’t ask me how Qrow gets coerced into this more than once. I just assume they bet currency or something like that and Qrow can’t refuse. ‘Cause that is future beer money, ya’ll. And maybe this time Tai won’t be a flirtatious dick.

Bonus: Flustered/Surprised Qrow and Taiyang who is a Chicken pro with no text

Fun fact: When a bird is upset or trying to defend itself, it will puff up its feathers to look bigger and more intimidating. I’d like to think Qrow’s messy, feathery hair does the same thing.

Just some Nightcrawler head cannons

- Literally reads anything and everything, loves both fiction and biographies and even picture books.

- Takes some time out of his day to read to the younger kids in the house and they absolutely love him for it.

- Actually makes the best damn cup of tea in the entire mansion.

- Scott teaches him how to drive and at first it is rough (he accidently kills a few bushes) but soon he is able to drive his friends to the mall with him.

- Is secretly a baker and phenomenal at it, occasionally the mansion ends up with pastries and no one knows how (except for Charles and Jean) 

- For entertainment, he and Peter will have races around the mansion to see who is faster 

- When his first Christmas at the mansion rolls around he is SO EXCITED to buy presents for all his new friends (he gets them all matching pajamas)

- He still likes to go to church every Sunday and is very happy that the churches near the mansion are so accepting of Mutants 

- He is also a very talented artist and when some of the students picked up on his painting skills they started asking him to paint their faces soon many students would have a colorful X or a small heart on their cheeks,

- He LOVES Madonna, he has every tape and album and knows all her songs and keeps a poster in his room

- He, Scott, Jean, Jubilee, Ororo, and Peter always play Monopoly, while he plays though Kurt turns into a monopoly villain making everyone go bankrupt and leading Jean to read his mind to make sure he is not cheating.

- He loves going to the art museum, whether it is by himself or with his friends he likes going to look at the art it relaxes him.

- He and Hank start a blue club where they meet once a month to eat blue food and talk about some of their struggles 

- He is not always a perfect student but he does work the hardest, he always makes sure to participate and ask questions

“Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia…evolution leaps forward.”

“The Uncanny X-MEN” - by Alex Ross