summer perfection for night out

I can’t stop thinking about @nomorelonelydays‘s Mer!Sid AU.  So: 

Sid’s nothing but an intermittent flicker of silver at the moment, the water’s surface only rippling slightly as his powerful form surges by the dock. Zhenya smiles and leans back on his hands. He keeps his feet out of the water; he’s already been yanked into the lake twice today. He’s ready to stay dry at this point. It’s a perfect summer night, and twilight is only just starting to edge out the sunset. A few early stars are winking into visibility over the trees. And Zhenya has never felt this peaceful in all his life.

There’s a sudden rush of water, and there’s Sid, heaving himself out of the lake and into a sitting position on the edge of the dock. His tail trails off into the water, and Zhenya allows himself a moment to just look. Sid’s so beautiful. His scales are various shades of silvery grey, and they wink in the light. His skin’s starting to lose its winter paleness, and with his hair slicked back by the water like this, his perfect bone structure looks even more unearthly than usual. Zhenya lets his gaze wander over Sid’s powerful shoulders, the corded muscle of his forearms, the rivulets of water making their way down his chest.

When his eyes meet Sid’s again, Sid’s smirking a little. “Sh,” Zhenya says, even though Sid hasn’t said anything. “I’m allowed look. Put ring on it.” Sid’s smirk softens into a gentle smile at that.

“Yeah,” he says softly. “You did.” He lets himself fall backward, his head landing in Zhenya’s lap, and raises his left hand, spreading his fingers against the darkening sky, admiring the hammered silver ring Zhenya gave him just yesterday. “You sure did.” And there’s nothing for it but for Zhenya to catch Sid’s hand and kiss the palm of it, then the back, then the thin skin of Sid’s wrists. Sid inhales sharply. “G. You have to stop now.” Zhenya grumbles in reply, and makes a petulant face.

“Why?” he asks.

Sid’s eyes go half-lidded and there’s gravel in his voice when he answers. “Because. I want to dry off and get my legs back before this goes any further.” Zhenya nods frantically in response.

“Ok, best plan. I’m grab towels.” He slides his legs out from under Sid and gets to his feet. Sid’s ridiculous laugh follows him as he jogs over to the stack of towels sitting on one of the deck chairs. Smart, beautiful. Zhenya really is the luckiest man alive.

#64: “Here, take my blanket.”  -Finn Balor.

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It was a beautiful summer night. The perfect night to be outside. The stars were out and shining bright.

Finn had a date planned for when he got home from work this week. You were so excited because it has been almost 2 weeks since you last saw him.

You heard Finn’s car pull up in the driveway. Since you were so impatient, you ran outside and jumped into his arms for a hug.

“Hey love. How are ya?” Finn said, giving his contagious smile.

“I am better now that you’re here!” You said.

FInn set you down, grabbed your face, and kissed you.

“I’ve missed you.” You said.

“You too. I am glad to be home for a few days.” Finn said.

Finn grabbed his bag and went inside.

“So what is the plan for tonight?” You asked. You and Finn were just laying on the couch together.

“I was thinking we stop out for a drink with the lads then go for a night drive somewhere.” Finn suggested.

“Okay, that works for me.” You agreed.

You got ready to go out, unsure what to wear. Since it was summer time, you decided to wear shorts and a cute shirt.

Finn drove your truck to the bar. You weren’t really sure why, but he put some blankets and pillows in the back of the truck.

You were sitting there with Finn and his friends. They were all having a good time.

Finn said he was ready to go and said goodbye to his buds.

You were driving on the outside of town. It was a beautiful night. What made it even better was having Finn by your side.

He pulled up next to a campsite. This seemed a little off. Finn found a small lake and parked the truck right next to the water.

“Wow, this is beautiful.” You said.

“Just like you.” Finn said while he was looking at you.

Sometimes he knew just what to say. No matter how cheesy he was.

“How ‘bout we go lay in the back of the truck?” Finn asked.

He got out of the truck and grabbed the pillows and blankets out of the back and put them in the back.

You two were laying together silently just enjoying the stars.

Suddenly, you got cold and began to shiver. The blanket you had just wasn’t doing it for you.

“Here, take my blanket.” Finn said, handing it to you.

“Thank you, that helps.” You said.

The two of you spent the next couple hours just talking and admiring the view.

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What is your favorite thing about earth? (Sorry I haven't asked a question in a while, school attacked me)

Perfect summer nights in New England, when the fireflies and meteors are out in force and everything smells fresh and it’s just cool enough for sweatshirts, bonfires, and smores,

Mrs. Wayne (Batman/OFC)

“Mrs. Wayne?”

She jumped, quickly trying to pull her cigarette behind her back as she turned to the door.

“Oh! Mr. Kent! Hello.”

“Are you alright?” He looked her over puzzled.

“Oh. I’m fine. I’m just-”

She glanced around her for an excuse. She found nothing but his eyes following her, perfectly sculpted brows arched. She sighed and pulled the lit bud from behind her back. She helded up slightly and smiled hesitantly.

“I needed a break.”

He laughed and walked over to her, towering over her sitting on the back steps. She took another drag and looked up at him taking in the surroundings. They were the only ones outback of the party enjoying the perfect summer night.

“So what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be inside trying to pry the dirt out drunk billionaires?”

“Well maybe that’s why I’m out here talking to you.”

He smiled coyly at her, she returned the favor.

“Yes, but I’m not drunk.”

“Well,” he lowered himself down, joining her on sitting on the steps. “that would make us the only ones.”

She smirked, offering her cigarette. He stared at it but ultimately took it. He took a small puff and almost dropped in a fit of coughing. She giggled, God she needed to stop doing that, she sounded like little girl rather than an adult woman. She took it back from him and let it rest between her fingers, waiting for him to stop coughing. She gave him a soft wap on the back as he calmed down.

“First time?”

Cough. “Ya.” Cough. “You could say that.”

“Well do me a favor and don’t put this in your article okay?”

She stamped it out on the concrete and tossed it into the nearby bushes.

“Bruce thinks I quit.”

“Considering he’s in there getting sloshed I believe it’s probably alright for you to smoke.”

He didn’t miss the grimps that passed over her face.

“Does it ever bother you?”


“That your husband seems to have no qualms about getting drunk in public and flaunting his sexual escapades?”

It was a blunt statement but no where near untrue. Though there was gentleness to his words that had no acusation of a reporter, just innocent and concerned curiosity. She pressed her lips together then let them go, fiddling with her engagement ring, it had been her mother in law’s. She knew Bruce wouldn’t cheat on her and that this was always just an act. One that left her as the poor, runaround wife.

“I’m a Wayne Mr. Kent. I am emensly use to disappointment.” She spoke with a small smile.

She let out a laugh that died when she looked up into the piercing blue diamond eyes of the friendly neighborhood reporter. He stared into her like he was looking into her soul.

“You shouldn’t have to be.”

The wind blew against her bare arms sending shivers down her spine. Clark looked away, turning his head seconds before the back door to the Lex Corps building opened.

“There you are.”

Bruce looked between his wife and the nosy reporter. His grin was painfuly fake. Clark stood slowly, starring down the taller man. Bruce smirked at him then down to his wife. He held out his hand to her.

“I believe we’re done here. Are you ready to go?”

“As long as I get to drive.”

She lifted herself off the ground, careful of hef gown. Gracefully she took Bruce’s hand and allowed him to lead her away from the padio. Looking back over her shoulder she called out with a grin.

“Goodnight Mr. Kent. And I trust you’ll remember our little secret?”

He nodded, “Just between us Mrs. Wayne.”
He called as he watched her walk away on the arm of a man he was conviced was a murder.