summer of wolves


Alex Summers (Havok): Try not to get into too much trouble while I’m gone

Scott Summers (Cyclops): I’ll do my best

Alex Summers (Havok): Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.
Alex Summers (Havok): Be good, brother

Scott Summers (Cyclops): Have fun!

Gifs from a deleted scene in X-Men: Apocalypse
Honestly, I wish they would’ve kept this in.


Bicho in his summer coat. 

Did you know wolves are have two layers of fur? They have an insulative wool layer on the bottom and thick guard hairs on the top to protect that lower layer from getting wet. In the summer, the wolves shed this lower layer out and the guard hairs also tend to thin out a bit. It makes our wolves look very different and guests often ask if they’ve lost weight. But really, it’s just the fur! All our animals are at healthy weights.

Lucas Till explaining how his co-star’s character feels towards his character, Tripp, in Monster Trucks (which is coming out this Friday!)

I think it also adequately describes how many of his fans also look at him 😆

(Also a big thanks to @classymike44 for sending me the interview [here] and informing me of this adorable look)

Seasons, Months and Festivals

Though most have forgotten the old elven names for the Gods they are still seen in the names of the Elven and Dwarven cycles and months of the year, though most remember them in the common tongue of Forged beings. Additionally there are a few key celebrations that occur over the year:

There are four seasons of Rúmerion, 12 months and each holding festivals specific to the gods, month and region of Rúmerion. The four seasons are as follows:

Winter - Wyrtir (December, January, February)
Spring - Izril (March, April, May)
Summer - Naryar (June, July, August)
Autumn - Durak (September, October, November)

January – Aydayar

The Festival of Celebration.

The FoC is a folk dance that goes on from sunset to sunrise on the first day of the year. There is a strong magical presence during this time and spells are more potent. There is also a first feast where communities band together in celebration. Especially Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, Humans and Dragonborn practice this aspect of the celebration. During the feast offerings to the Gods are made.

The Red Lotus Dance

similar to the Festival of Celebration but dance not feast focused. Celebrated by Elves, Drows and Tieflings

February – Ayluiner

The Lovers Dance

In celebration of the unification of Ayda and Ayluin joining together, offerings are made to them. Couples often marry and give gifts to each other during this period.

March - Nimuner

Father Wakes

The days start to lengthen and winter ends. Dances and Celebrations occur with offerings made to the gods as thanks for making it through the winter.

April - Zaornar

Celebration of the Sea – The Dolphin Dance

(celebrated by the Elves)

The Elves do the dolphin dance in thanks to the sea for its bounty. Feasts are held with aquatic foods and aquatics luxuries such as shells are traded, collected and highly sought after.

May - Merien

Celebration of the Tree – The Seed Ceremony - 

(celebrated by Gnomes and Halflings)

In the same fashion as the dolphin dance the Elves also celebrate nature during this month. The Gnomes and Halfling’s celebrate by collecting seeds from the trees that are deemed as the most pure or with the tastiest fruit and they replant their groves to match.

June - Jandaren

Celebration of the Hunt – The Boar Chase

(celebrated by Dwarves, Humans and Orcs)

Like the last two the elves celebrate the animals of Rúmerion. Hunts take place after highly prized beasts like Golden Stags. For the Dwarves, Humans and Orcs this celebration focuses on the hunt for the White Boars. The Dwarves take this a step further and look for possible War Boars to capture and train for their army.

July - Vanyer

The World Meeting & The Summers Dance 

(TWM rotates between each capital)
In honour of the Grand Council who met to stop Uther Duquette, a Grand Council meet to discuss trade, discovery, knowledge and disputes. The common folk celebrate the height of summer with a dance and a feast.

August - Ither

The Wolf Moon & Naryar’s Feast

With the end of summer the wolves come prowling, all races on Rúmerion have a grand feast in celebration of the harvest, bountiful or not.

September - Aerilayer

Father Sleeps – The Great Harvest

With the Equinox the night begins to last longer. Offerings are made by all to the Gods in order to appease them for a kind winter.

October - Ruyer

The Witches Dance – Dance of Golden Spells

(celebrated by Elves, Dwarves and Halflings)

Darkness has set in and magic becomes far stronger now. Golden comets often pass over the sky. Rumors of the Pumpkin King return for the mists on Rúmerion’s moors.

November - Sanon

The Warriors Dance

In celebration of Sana, veterans and war in general. Dances and Sacrifices to Sana and the gods occur. Orc warriors receive their clan tattoos now.

December - Virion

The Gnome Moon Celebration – The Snow Moon

(celebrated by Humans)At the end of the year gifts are given in thanks to family and friends. Gnome children receive their familiars now.