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One More Night (Derek/Stiles)

Inspired by the lyrics & my Stiles/Derek headcanon here! Teeny Fic #38

We’ve always had time on our sides
But now it’s fading fast
Every second
Every moment
We’ve got to, we’ve gotta make it last

If You Leave by OMD

One More Night. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Derek doesn’t want to fall asleep because he knows Stiles is leaving in the morning

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

When Derek sent Stiles the postcards, it was mostly as a way of keeping in touch with the one person it turned out he wasn’t able to let go. He also knows that Stiles worries about the few people he actually lets in, that he allows to get close to his heart, and, somehow over the time they’ve known each other, Derek’s become one of those people. Sending him postcards just felt like the right thing to do, even if Derek never actually wrote anything on them.

Not until the one three months ago, at least.

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Dear studyblr community,

After 5 long years of sleepless nights, depressing times, recurring failures, and small victories, I finally made it through! As a big part of my journey, I felt like sharing this milestone with you all for this community had greatly helped me motivate myself to push further than the boundaries.

If there’s something I learned from my experience, I just want to leave it here that not all things can be learned inside the four corners of a classroom. Though we are constantly measured by numbers - from test scores to ranks, from fail to pass, I hope that this system wouldn’t blind your perspectives on things that truly matter. Remember, the adversaries that we face in pursuit of our goals are not supposed to make us feel less than what we are now - It has been made as a way to help us improve and discover what we really want to do and be in life. After all, what we really learned during our stay in the university - unity, friendship, creativity, teamwork, love, persistence, dedication, and hard work, are just some things that couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be measured by any scale of numbers 🌻

This is only the start of many beautiful things to come, and from the bottom of my nerdy heart, I wish you all a successful and meaningful journey ahead. If you’re passionate on what you do, everything will fall in its proper places.

Thank you Studyblr Community!!!
Keep inspiring ❤

P.S –
Next goal: CPA Board Exam by October 2017 💪🏼

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The summer after graduation, Stiles feels restless. He’s planning to go to college & has a goal to join the FBI, but there’s just something that makes him wonder if that’s really what he wants anymore.

After his relationship with Lydia quickly fizzles, both of them realizing they are the best of friends but the chance at something more just isn’t in the cards for them, he decides he needs a break from Beacon Hills.

There’s a postcard from Jackson Hole in his underwear drawer that he received two days after graduating. It just says ‘Congratulations’ but he knows who sent it. It’s the first postcard with writing on it other than his name and address, but it’s the same postmark as the last two cards.

He takes his keys back from Scott, packs up Roscoe, and heads off to Wyoming for a road trip to ‘find himself’, is what he tells everyone else, but it’s to find someone else. He meanders on his way there, stopping in Portland to buy some doughnuts from that place he saw on Food Network, and stopping to take photographs of waterfalls that he spams his pack with. Liam always responds with warnings not to buy any barrels, like real life is a Bugs Bunny cartoon or something.

When he pulls into Jackson Hole, he sees that it’s a bit of a tourist trap with a lot of expensive as shit places to eat and shop, and it doesn’t seem like the kind of place someone wanting to get away from the world would choose as home for three months in a row. He finds a local restaurant that isn’t swarming with tourists talking about Yellowstone in exaggerated accents that hurt his ears, and he orders pancakes and coffee.

He’s halfway done with his meal when Derek slides into the booth opposite him. Stiles looks at him, taking in all of the changes and noticing the things that are the same, and he can’t help grinning before making a joke about Derek settling down in Jackson’s hole sounding like a porn movie or something. Derek actually laughs, eyes crinkling up, and the restlessness that Stiles’ felt for months, maybe longer, finally begins to calm down.

Derek tells him he’s working at a ranch near the Tetons, a place owned by a sanctuary pack that takes in strays, and he invites Stiles back with him. They stay up all night talking, sleeping outside on the porch of Derek’s little cabin, looking at the stars and the moon and just not stopping until they drift closer and share their first kiss.


Summer, One Last Time

In a few weeks time, I’ll be graduating college, and I honestly don’t know what to feel. I know, I know. I say this all the time—”not knowing what to feel”—but college graduation is an exception. I have no idea what’s next for my life, and the uncertainty of what it will be like by June or July is compelling. 

One thing’s for sure though: it’s summer once again. 

And just like how things change in fast movies, my life—as how it has always been—will begin over again with the summer. Unlike my past summers, however, this year is going to be completely different. There wouldn’t be anything to look forward to in June. There won’t be friends I can’t wait talk to about my summer nights, because we won’t be going back to school anymore; I’m not even sure when we will all be seeing each other after graduation. No new notebooks to buy. No long-time-no-see best friends to hug. No first day of classes. 

Isn’t it strange how now that it’s all over, it’s when it all comes back and flashes? Fourteen years of school have come and gone, for mama they flew by, but for me they dragged on and on. Last night I found myself kneeling by the bed to pray; I haven’t done that in a while, so I didn’t know what to say. But, Lord, I’m feeling so small sometimes in this big, old place. 

I know there are far more important things, but I can feel summer coming as the wind bites my skin every time I walk on the streets down town. I can feel summer coming as the sun rays make its way into the coffee shop glass window while I eat my ice cream. And I can feel summer coming, one last time, before I will be stuck in a cycle of making a living or doing nothing at all. 

Dear Kanye West

I felt I need to write this

Kanye West is my hero
I know everyone thinks he’s an asshole
But I don’t see it that way
He’s confident
Maybe he’s too confident
But what i see is someone who’s never gonna let anyone tell him he can’t
His music has given me the little confidence I have
Without this confidence I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I have done
Nothing spectacular but things I wouldn’t have done without him
I met people who mean a lot to me because of this confidence
Kanye taught me that throughout life people will tell you to be a leader not a follower until that means you start leading
Kanye has taught me that people will tell you your good if you aren’t, so they don’t hurt your feelings
And tell you that your bad if you you’re good, because they’re jealous
Kanye taught me that they’ll tell you to have confidence in yourself, but when you get that confidence they’ll tell you you’re “conceited”
Kanye once said “if you’re a fan of Kanye West, you’re not a fan of me. you’re a fan of yourself”
And this is true
Kanye has helped me in more ways than anyone can imagine
The emotional connection to “Devil In A New Dress” that I have is otherworldly
So Dear Kanye West,
Thank You and I Love You


Masterlsit Part 13 is here lol

A/N: This is my shortest chapter yet and it’s dull af I’m so sorry.

Wordcount:1855 (v short)

Warnings: Idk at this pint, does disappointment count?

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Breaking Plans

It’s been a solid week since you fought with Philip and neither of you has said a word to each other since. You wanted to, you really did, you just didn’t know what to say. You wanted to apologize because you knew you were in the wrong; you were adult enough to admit that. All he was wanted to do was help you and you just metaphorically slapped him in the face. You felt like a grade A certified asshole. Completely miserable, honestly you had a better time working for Burr because at least then you had something to look forward to. Writing to him, waiting to see him, dreaming about him. Now you had nothing. He was here, you saw him every day and it hurt you. The way he looked at you hurt you, it wasn’t a look of hatred or even of disappointment. He was confused. His eyes alone said it all, he didn’t even have to ask out loud the questions he wanted answers to. ‘Why did you say that? Did I do something wrong? Am I really just some kid to you?’ Those questions were something you had no problem answering. Why did I say that? Because I’m stupid. Did you do something wrong? No, of course not! Are you just some kid to me? No! No, I love you I think? You couldn’t take it anymore. You had to do something. As worried as you were about other possible questions he may ask, you had to make this nonsense stop. You messed with your hair for a second before getting off your bed, making your way through the main room and up the stairs. You looked down at the hall and felt your stomach turn. You couldn’t help but feel nervous as you looked at his door. You took a deep breath to calm yourself down and went up to his door. From in the room you could hear a furious scratching sound. You needed a way to start off, an idea formed in your head. You gave the door a soft knock, the sound stopped.

“Who is it?” He called out from behind the door.

“It’s me…” You responded, he sighed.

“I’m writing.” He said simply. Okay, time to try the idea. You cleared your throat and straightened your posture to help your diaphragm.

“Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” You sang softly, you heard him shift.


“Just let me in, that would be enough.” You continued.

“What are you doing?”

“What? Do I need to step up my game? Alright, you asked for it mister!” You put your hand in front of your mouth and did the best beat box you could manage, doing it for a moment before stopping and trying to rap. “My name is Y/N, I can be a poet! I’ll recite this poem just to show you. But I can’t say your mine, you have kind eyes but you probably hate mine. I practice Latin and watch you play piano with your mother! I called you mister to prove you’re not a bother! This crazy day’s making me say what I think! Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq!” You heard him chuckle as you adjusted to a more soft voice and more melodic song tone. “Take a break! I can’t fully explain what happened this winter while you were up state! But I’m taking this advice from your father. There’s something I know, I need to be more stark, please let me in before the day turns dark!” You stopped for a moment and heard footsteps approaching you, the door opened slowly.

“I’ll try to pull myself away.” He took a step back to let you enter and you did so, closing the door behind you.

“My dearest Philip Hamilton, it’s really hard to tell you this. Sit down with me and compromise, we can’t stop till we’re appeased. Don’t tell your little sister, Titania will remind you, you’re my favorite Hamilton, even when you can’t look at me. In those letters I received from you a few weeks ago I noticed some things in the way your phrased. I realized my feelings, I must defend this. When I woke I knew I must protect and say…My dearest Philip Hamilton, I’m sorry for not being fearless. I’ll say it again, you’re my dearest, Philip Hamilton… Anyway, all just the same! I’ll tell you what I can muster, I know I seem evasive. But it’s to protect your family from what happened while you were upstate. I know you’re very busy, I know you’re more important! But I’m addressing my flawed mess and I just can’t wait! You can still push me away. But I like you only a moment away!” You sang.

“My starlight, please come here. I should’ve come to you before today!” He matched your melody and held out his arms. You couldn’t help but run into them, both of you hugging each other tightly. You pressed the side of your face into his shoulder. “Oh my starlight…” He sang softly.

“My sunshine…”  You didn’t even sing that last line, tears began to trickle down your cheeks and onto his shoulder. He smoothed down your hair and held you close. “I’m sorry…I don’t want you to get hurt, I know I can be really defensive but I’m trying to open up more because I want to open up to you! I care about you and I don’t want you to be upset, you aren’t just some kid to me, I’m sorry I said that, I didn’t mean it. I don’t think I can tell you what happened yet, but it’s not because I’m in danger or anything I just literally can’t say it for a lot of reasons. I’m really stressed out about this and I can’t even come close to describing how upset I am that I can’t tell you because I want to, I don’t want to lie to you but I’m doing everything I can right now. I’m so sorry-“ He cut off your rambling.

“Shh, it’s okay. I get it, I understand. I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing. All these responsibilities you keep maintain and creating in your life. I wish you’d trust me more, yes, but I realized some things too. I am just a kid; I know you just said I’m not but I am. I have a lot of growing up I need to do.”

“What are you talking about? You’re more mature than any other man I’ve met honestly.” You weren’t lying, times have changed drastically in your time compared to now.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time actually, Grandfather helped me realize it. History has its eyes on me and I want the person our nation remembers to be fair, passionate and wise. That’s why I’ve decided something…”

“W-What have you decided?” Don’t tell me…Philly?

“I’m going to boarding school next fall.” He informed somberly, he didn’t look at you but you could tell he was a bit sad. He’s…He’s leaving? “So? What do you think?” He asked.

“I, uh, that’s good I guess. If that’s what you really want to do…then I’ll support you. H-How long will you be gone for?” You questioned nervously. He sighed.

“In normal cases, a year and be back for the summer but… It’s college and I want to graduate as fast as my father did… So, I’ll be away during the summer as well.” A whole year?! He looked at the worry on your face. “Don’t worry! I’ll be able to visit for Christmas and such! You won’t just not see me for two years!” TWO YEARS?!

“That long? But…” No! Y/N, as much as you love him you need to let him do this! I can’t just shelter him, no matter how much I want to take him far away from this place. “Okay, just promise me that you’ll take care of yourself and that you’ll write to us whenever you get the chance…And the most important thing, promise me you’ll still be Philip when you come back…Promise?” You looked up at him with pleading eyes. He was only a few inches taller than you. He nodded, a soft smile on his lips.

“Of course, I’ll always be your sunshine! The sun always comes back right?” Yeah, the sun will always come back…But it never meets the stars…

             After your talk with Philip, you realized your feelings would have to be pushed to the side. You knew that if you told him then he’d stay. He’d stay in New York City with you, love you with every fiber of his being. But, you couldn’t hold him back. He really wants this, he wants to better himself, even if you think that he’s already perfect. This isn’t about you, it’s about him. So, you didn’t tell him. There were times when you thought you should but you didn’t. You loved him too much, he needed to grow and for him to grow you had to wait. It’s a needed sacrifice. Spring went by in the blink of an eye, the hot, sticky air of summer soon passed as well, much to your dismay. August was ending and you knew what that meant. Philip will leave, and the sun will follow him. And it did. The day came for Philip’s departure, everyone was excited to see him succeed while you had to pretend to not feel regret. He hugged and kissed everyone until you were the only one left. You couldn’t tell why but you felt like he was holding something back when he looked at you. Like he wanted to say more than he did. He took your hand, kissed the knuckle but stayed like that longer than usual. When he finally lifted his hand he said.

“Goodnight, my starlight.” It took you a moment to realize what he was saying. He said the exact same thing that night, after you both had watched the stars together.

“Night, Sunshine” You quoted yourself. Everyone else went inside as he walked over to the carriage waiting for him. “Wait! Philly, one more thing!” You ran up to him as he stood in front of the open carriage door. You cupped your hand over his cheek and turned his face to the side, placing a soft kiss on the opposite cheek. He froze, eyes filled with awe. You pulled away and smiled with bittersweet words on your tongue. “Make me proud, Sunny.” You’ve never seen him smile as hard as he was at that moment, like his childhood dream just came true. He nodded happily.

“Wait for me. I’ll be back before you know it!” You took a step back and let him get into the carriage, you watched as it pulled out of the yard and down the street. You didn’t go back inside until it was out of your line of sight. You shut the door behind you, already feeling empty without him near you.

I did the right thing…right?

Will I ever be satisfied?

Forever My Love-Isaac Lahey

Valentine’s Collection:#14

Teen Wolf Imagine: #113

Word Count: 1,565

Warnings: Mention of Allison’s Death. That’s all I can really remember.

Summary: 10 Years after Isaac leaves Beacon Hills, and Y/N, the two reunite in Paris.

A/n: The last day of the collection! We started with Isaac and we end with Isaac. This is my favorite by far and I am so happy with how it turned out and I hope you are as well.

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Last Imagine

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Klaroline as mates and Caroline questioning Klaus' sanity and/or thinking he was knocked on the head one too many times in the last thousand years for this to even be a possibility. :]

Everywhere With You

She stumbles, deliberate and maybe too theatrical, wind milling her arms and tottering like the heel’s she’s wearing are going to be her downfall. They’re not - Caroline spent much of her early teens prepping for Miss Mystic walking the stairs of her house in a cheap pair of pumps from Payless (getting her mom to buy them had been an ordeal) with a book on her head – but the creep who’s following her has no way of knowing that.

Caroline lets herself crash into a light pole, makes a show of catching her balance, and throws her head back with a laugh that’s boisterous and supposed to sound slightly drunk. She closes her eyes and focuses her hearing waiting for whoever’s been on her tail to make a freaking move already.

She usually sticks to blood bags, because that’s what good vampires do, but tonight she’s willing to make an exception. If some creep’s going to pick her as an easy mark Caroline’s going to make sure he regrets it.

She holds her breath, her hair spilling down in messy waves to cover the red of her eyes and fangs she’s let out. She’s sure someone had been watching her, that the rustling of leaves in the trees that line this pathway back to her dorm room had been caused by something other than animals and the wind.

Nothing moves, now one ambles out of the woods or speeds up the path.

Still, Caroline knows she’s not alone.

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Merry Christmas for @navalbacon for the  @jaytimsecretsanta

I wanted to do one of the prompts, because i got unexpectedly busy to the end of the year, but somehow i managed to create 2. //still dunno how.

Prompt #1: No Capes/Masks au where Tim and Jason go to the same college
I finished graduated this summer, so it felt pretty close. One of my fav thing from uni was the Sleeping Crews, where you shot a pic of someone sleeping randomly around the campus between or during classes, and shared it on one of the school’s private social media account. 
I imagined this would happen in this au Jason being like ‘just one more chapter’ or something…

Prompt #2: Red Hood saving Red Robin
I’m unable to draw masks and gore yet, but i wanted this to be done badly…

Hope you like them! ^^