summer of sorkin

So I know my recent ~thang has been tweeting about The West Wing more frequently than anyone actually cares about, and really I’ve only just hit episode ten – In Excelsis Deo. In case you were wondering, it’s one of the most moving and beautiful Christmas episodes of any television series I’ve ever seen. Like, there’s a reason that when I googled the episode title, “west wing” was the first search suggestion, not “that one really old and famous Christmas hymn.”

To be brief (so that I might continue plowing through these episodes), In Excelsis Deo was overflowing with the warmth of humanity characteristic of The West Wing. I know I’m kind of a trigger crier, but I have honestly been on the verge of tears more often than not while watching this show. And this very first Christmas episode hit me in all the right places, even more so than any episode before it. Oh, there were highs and lows and laughs from every character – all to be expected of a Sorkin show. But especially beneath the shine of Christmas lights, Leo and Toby and Josh and CJ and Donna and Sam and, of course, President Bartlett himself positively glowed.

Guys, there’s a reason this was the episode that won The West Wing its Emmy. Truly an inspiration to watch, and that last shot (pictured above) positively broke me (in a beautiful, wonderful, heartwarming way). I’ll have to add it to my annual Christmas episodes list.