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[translation] Iwatobi & Samezuka Fes. Seiyuu Q&A: Shimazaki Nobunaga

Once again, please tell us your thoughts on both anime seasons and the character you played.
I feel like I’ve walked with Haruka through his ups and downs together.  Haruka has really given me a lot of irreplaceable experiences.  I hope we will both run towards our dreams in the future.  I also look forward to another chance to voice him again.

How would you sum up your character’s charm in one phrase?
He’s always true to himself, in a natural state.  I believe everyone is attracted to his unpretentious charm.

Please tell us how you think you character has changed and grown as a person from season 1 to season 2.
I think the biggest change to him is how he discovered his dream with the help and support of his friends.  He used to say “I’m only swimming because I like to swim,” but now he has a dream, and he’s determined to fight in the world of competitive swimming where he can’t survive by just liking swimming, and he’s learned to “care more about time and winning.”

Any interesting happenings behind the scene?
The most memorable thing would have to be the cast talking about Sousuke, which always lifted us up when the atmosphere in the studio became a bit heavy with its relatively serious plot.  We imagine Sousuke hurting his shoulder every time he harvests shiitake mushroom in the farm, or Robot Sousuke who returns from Australia where he underwent surgery, all these imaginary Sousukes really warmed our hearts.  Thank you… Sousukes…!

This event’s theme is Iwatobi and Samezuka joint cultural festival, what contest would you like to see the cast of Iwatobi and Samezuka compete against, or what kind of cultural festival shop would you suggest?
I’d like to make a haunted house.  And also…The Mysterious Iwamogera Strikes Back…!

A word to fire yourself up for the event please!
Who would’ve thought that we would be able to hold a Free! event at Ryougoku Kokugikan, the mecca of Sumo wrestling!  Sumo and swimming, these two sports make a good match on how much exposed skin there is. (lol) I’ll work hard to make the event so fun and exciting it won’t lose to a sumo tournament!!

Lastly, a message to all the Free!ES fans who came to the event.
I am really glad to have another chance to play “Nanase Haruka” and see you all again.  I really like Free! the series and its characters.  And I believe everyone at the event hall feels the same way.  Let’s fill the whole venue with all our love for Free!, and let’s see “the greatest scenery” together!!

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