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“It’s an amazing and really powerful thing to be celebrated for who you are. I think there’s a lot of girls that actually don’t feel that in their whole life and I want to spend my life honoring those people, making them feel seen and heard.” ~ Hayley Williams

girls can rock too

The signs as underrated bands
  • ARIES: Icon For Hire
  • TAURUS: Courage My Love
  • GEMINI: Fit For Rivals
  • CANCER: The Summer Set
  • LEO: Love, Robot
  • VIRGO: Anavae
  • LIBRA: Versa
  • SCORPIO: A Rocket to the Moon
  • SAGITTARIUS: For All Those Sleeping
  • CAPRICORN: Miss May I
  • AQUARIUS: Against the Current
  • PISCES: The Ready Set

The Stepford Wives episode is finally here! The ladies talk about feminism, robot housewives, and the dangers of knowing former Imagineers!

hoestoevsky  asked:

Do y'all have a tag or know of any fics where Stiles is a scientist?

scientist!stiles tag but here’s an update because it doesnt have much in it!

Empty World by kiranightshade (1/1 | 881 | PG13)

The world has ended and only the empty remain. In the midst of it all, two scientists meet at a coffee shop.

Chocolate and Selegiline by stilinskisoul (1/1 | 2,175 | G)

Stiles has to give away his precious cyborg he built. He has one last night with him.

the invariant of the algorithm by orestes (1/1 | 7,228 | PG13)

If Stiles were a projectile and ambition were a quantifiable force, the trajectory graph of his life would start at the summer he went to robotics camp for the first time, hit a turning point the day he got his acceptance letter from MIT, then hurtle straight towards the world’s leading corporate science facility.

The Supernatural Surgeon by mommymuffin (1/1 | 7,098 | PG13)

Derek hears the muted whirring, overlapped by the sick, meaty, crunch of flesh and bone being forcefully separated from flesh and bone.
He jerks back and tunes his hearing out, focusing instead on the rapid thrum of his own heartbeat, the salty smell of his fear-sweat.
The screaming stops about forty minutes later.
Derek doesn’t want to think about what that means.

(A fic in celebration of Halloween. Stay spooky, readers.)


She’s different.


Here’s a clip of me roughing out an ash bowl last summer. Sped up x2 with robot sounds from the band Fartbarf. #woodworking #lathe #wood #ash #handmade #craft #dowoodworking #woodturning (at Andover (village), New York)

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