summer of robots


“It’s an amazing and really powerful thing to be celebrated for who you are. I think there’s a lot of girls that actually don’t feel that in their whole life and I want to spend my life honoring those people, making them feel seen and heard.” ~ Hayley Williams

girls can rock too

As the sun rises, our Global Hawk is prepped for flight at Armstrong Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base in California. Pre-dawn flights of our Global Hawk help beat hot summer days in Southern California. Electronic components, which are cooled by fuel onboard, only function within temperature limitations, so testing usually ceases by midday, as fuel and onboard computers become too hot to operate.

The Global Hawk unmanned aircraft is used for high-altitude, long-duration Earth science missions. The ability of the Global Hawk to autonomously fly long distances, remain aloft for extended periods of time and carry large payloads brings a new capability to the science community for measuring, monitoring and observing remote locations of Earth not feasible or practical with piloted aircraft, most other robotic or remotely operated aircraft, or space satellites. 

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Question: Did the real Morty and real Summer pee their pants and huff enamel or was it their robot replicas?

The therapy appointment was said to be a week before Pickle Rick, which means the events in question would’ve happened more than a week ago. Presuming the episodes correspond more or less to when they originally air, Morty and Summer would still be in Mad Max world during that time.

Plus, the both of them didn’t seem very concerned or convincing during the meeting. They didn’t have any real emotional reasons for doing those things, like they didn’t have any recollections of actually doing them.

Maybe because it wasn’t really them. It was their robot replicants.

I imagine robot Summer would huff enamel due to peer pressure, because she thought Summer would do something like that. Meanwhile robot Morty would attempt to pee his pants due to his increasing fascination with being alive.


As you know, I love robot boyfriends, but did you know…I love robot girlfriends?? Especially when there are swords and daggers and monster hunters involved? Here are two characters I’m working with: Natt and Ghost.

Natt (blue hair) gets a crush on the cool, skeletal, robot girl, Ghost. She’s not only super cool, but also one of top monster hunters in their domain. I’d have a crush on her. Wouldn’t you?? I would.

I need Rick talking about his time in prison, and Jerry, Beth, Summer and Morty talking and thanking him for saving them, and the smiths dealing with the divorce in a healthy way and being friendly, and Jerry meeting sleepy Gary and kissing him, and Summer and Morty getting better, and Rick dealing with his drinking problem and his loss, and Robot Morty running in streams and hugging Beth.

- Season 3