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just remembered that you can get hickeys from playing smaller strings on your collarbone or something, so totally common in the orchestra au 

kimberly looking at where trini’s viola’s been and going, “are you cheating on me?” but with a shitty grin

trini scowling at her: “excuse me, you and your squeaky piece of wood’s been doing the do too.” it devolves into play shoving until kim presses trini against a vertical surface because she is a biolinist and trini is like “okay, going with the program”

and like billy is there inconvenienced and is all “um i need to get my metronome?”

“billy help,” trini says.

“looks like you’re already helping yourself? and kim, i thought you were a string player, it’s as if you’re part of the horn section.”

billy roasts them effectively and gets his metronome, and kim and trini find a room to practice and “practice” in


Let’s bring some fun and positivity back to our little but awesome fandom! 

Cause let’s face it:

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I propose a laid back, super casual Kastle week where we share songs from our personal Kastle playlists and we make whatever the crap we want, inspired by the songs we post! 

Gifsets! Fanart! Fanfiction! Ficlets! Edits, picspams, aesthetic posts, AUs, headcanons, videos, whatever! All will be accepted!

Let me hear your feedback!
Building Character - erenfuckinjaeger - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
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Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager


Eren has some terrible habits. So what better way to fix them than to send him away to stay with his Aunt and cousin in the middle of nowhere in the small town of Shiganshina where all there is are too many trees and not enough cell service for Eren to survive.

He’s forced into a living hell of a blistering hot summer full of country music, tree hacking and hot guys wearing cowboys boots. Never did he think that surviving the summer would be so much work.

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Headcanons or scenario for Todoroki taking an s/o who loves musicals to one? Whichever you prefer is fine, you're such a good writer ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

THE MOMENT I SAW THE WORD MUSICAL I LEGIT PRESSED ANSWER guys im a musical enthusiast ok i may not be that much of a person who attends summer workshops regarding musicals but hELL DO I SING TO THEM 

im gonna choose scenario for this one, but it’ll be a little short. okay, unnie? 

        TODOROKI COULDN’T BELIEVE HE WAS HEARING THIS. He was in his room, back leaned against the walls as he read Kafka on the Shore, a Murakami classic. Surely, it was a good Saturday, and no hero trainings were set for today. Todoroki thought he’d had a great time by reading. 

But a certain woman was singing a familiar tune that left him triggered to his very soul. 

“I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair, I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair, I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair, and send him on his way!” 

How come she never told me she liked South Pacific? Todoroki pondered, hand placed on his chin as he shut his book and placed it gently on the bedside. Of course, his girlfriend wasn’t aware that she was actually drying her hair as she sung that. 

Todoroki couldn’t help but smile a little on the inside, seeing her to be a musical enthusiast after all. Whether it’d be new, or old, she sure did have a good taste to them. 

“Wash whose man out of your hair?” 

She paused midway, hoisting her head up to meet eye-to-eye with Todoroki, face as stoic as ever. His arms were folded, and his book wasn’t on his palms. This could be a normal day occurrence for the both of them, yet Todoroki seemed a little teasing under that blank exterior. 

She slowly proceeded to rub her hair with a towel once again, this time whistling the tune instead of singing it. Hm, this really reminds me of a certain scene in the movie itself. Todoroki hummed, giving her an amused look before going back to his book. 

A new common interest, I see. 

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