summer of fridays


In the Swim of Things

Despite being over 250 miles from the coast, Atlantans have a front-row seat to the ocean. Right in the middle of downtown A-Town, you’ll find the Georgia Aquarium with its 100,000 animals, 500 species, and 10 million gallons of water. Sound big to you? That’s because it’s the largest aquarium in the world – and one stop definitely worth diving into if you’re passing through Atlanta.

Friday Night

Imagine that every Friday night you stayed up late and studied so you had the whole weekend to relax and as a reward you always got yourself the same pizza at 11pm to get you through the night but one Friday you’re not feeling too great and decided on a night off instead and end up falling asleep on the couch all cosy in a blanket with Netflix still on in the background. Only a couple hours later you’re woken by a knock on the door, it’s Michael the guy who delivers your pizza every Friday without fail. “erm hey.” He stammers as he rubs the back of his neck, a nervous habit of his. “you er, you didn’t order your pizza like you normally do and I got worried so since my shift just ended i thought I’d make sure you’re okay.”