summer of aden

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Summer of Aden is a 5-piece folk/jazz indie band from Boston. FFO Belle & Sebastian and Elliott Smith. These are performances from their show at the Precinct last Saturday!



anonymous asked:

okay but I'm officially obsessed with gay beekeeper lexa. any and all details you ever wish to divulge would be much appreciated.

ok so there’s the local gay beekeeper lexa tag but here’s some other headcanons, sort of a mix of some of the stuff i threw out there in the rest of the tag but basically

  • she’s like 22-24 and she works as a beekeeper; she studied like environmental studies/science/smth like that in uni but she’s Taking A Break and will get back to it someday.
  • works with Gustus and Anya & in the summers Aden (14) works with them as well
  • passionate about the environment & bees?
  • she’s kind of…. serious leaning towards grumpy
  • but she’s also really cute when she thinks people aren’t looking
  • like everything in the farmers market stall has to be Exactly Just So and aesthetically pleasing and she has the prettiest handwriting so she insists on being the one to write everything out
  • anyway her and Anya and Lincoln teach Aden to drive…. in the company van (and they’re on private property so? it’s not a huge deal but Gustus is still kinda =/ about it)
  • The second year she works as a beekeeper she loses a decent chunk of beehives over winter and she cries :(
  • she’d look really cute in overalls?
  • I feel like she’s the type to always have like 5 tubes of chapstick in her pocket. either because she just has them, or because they make it and somehow she always ends up with the extras
  • she talks to the bees when she’s tending to them which is cute and she calls them ‘the girls’ and Clarke overhears her talking to them once and it’s really cute.
  • at one point Clarke buys a bunch of packets of bee-friendly seeds because she wants an excuse to keep talking to Lexa and then like she leaves and Raven reminds her that “we live in an apartment, Clarke”