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a future funk & vaporwave mix ( listen || cover art by me)


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Alex Summers (#82)

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You were laying on the floor in pain because your boyfriend Alex had just blown the door off into the hallway. The door had hit you as hard as it could’ve but, you didn’t care. You only cared about Alex and, making sure he didn’t get to upset with himself. Alex ran out and made sure he didn’t hurt anyone. Then, he looked on the ground and saw you. He immediately picked you up and put you on the bed. Alex left and Jean, Charles, and Hank came in and helped you with your injuries. After all of that Alex still hadn’t come back and you were worried. You looked all over for Alex and then you found him. He was sitting outside on a bench with his hands in his head. He saw you start coming toward him and said

“Get back.”

“Alex, you didn’t-”

“That doesn’t matter! I still hurt you.”

You kept walking toward him and he kept warning you until you sat down directly beside him. 

“Just leave before I hurt you again. Give up on me. Just stop.”

“No, I’m staying and you can’t change my mind Alex.”

“Stop being crazy and leave!! Everyone laughs at us and makes fun of us. Calls us crazy, rolls their eyes, and more. All because of me and my mutation!! Now, that’s hurt you.”

“We you love someone, you just don’t don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy…even then. Specially then!”

Alex looked up at you and smirked. You got up and started walking to your next class. Alex stood up and caught up to you. He pulled you into a big hug. 

“I’m sorry.”

the average summer temperature in boston is 82… the average summer temperature in miami is 84… 

but in boston the winters get to an average 22 of while in miami it’s 59 so suck my HUGE bostonian nuts pPSNECER


Oma Friedes Ostpreußische zitronenspeise von 1910

Granny Friedes’ East Prussian lemon custard dessert from 1910

(Das rezept entstammt dem Heimatblatt des Kreises Heiligenbeil, Sommer 2015, S. 82. )
(This recipe comes from “Heimatblatt des Kreises Heiligenbeil”, Summer 2015, p. 82. )

A lemon dessert that’s light, airy, and has a balanced combination of sweetness and sourness.

Whipped egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, water, gelatin, and whipped egg whites were added into a double boiler at different stages during the cooking process. The finished mixture was poured into glass cups, chilled, then served garnished with dried cornflower petals.

The Other One
Grateful Dead
The Other One

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead is “The Other One” from the final night of the three night run at Red Rocks in the summer of ‘82… specifically July 29, 1982 (33 years ago today).

This one starts out with a bang and for a change this is an audience recording and a pretty darn good one at that (Jim Wise/Charlie Miller source on I would love, love, love to find a soundboard of this show so if any of the faithful has it please contact me.

Other One was another very hot performance and was one of many during this run that I attended. Even though there were no amazing breakouts in the set-list like dark star or even morning dew these shows were really, really good. 

Funny thing is when I searched on ye ‘ol internet for a good pic for the artwork I actually found my personal tickets which I uploaded a pic of to some years back! You can see them in the artwork for this post.

The set-list had many a rain inspired song as did all three nights. In particular this show featured Looks Like Rain and Cold Rain & Snow. The rain did not put a damper on the shows at all! 

Set 1

Minglewood Blues-> Friend Of The Devil, Cassidy, Loser, Feel Like A Stranger, Tennessee Jed-> Looks Like Rain, Might As Well

Set 2

Cold Rain & Snow-> Samson & Delilah, Crazy Fingers-> I Need A Miracle-> Drums-> The Other One-> Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad-> Wharf Rat-> Around & Around-> Good Lovin’, E: Brokedown Palace


Late note addition: this was the second time they played Other One in the 3 night run. (Also 7/27)