summer movie marathon


A Very 90′s Halloween

A collection of the best 90’s films perfect for your Halloween movie marathon
▴ The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
▴ Scream (1996)
▴ The Craft (1997)
▴ I Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
▴ Hocus Pocus (1993)
▴ Interview With A Vampire (1994)

Molly and Louis were avid Star Wars fans and had marathons every summer using the tv at the burrow.

Extra: Arthur Weasley was the only one in the family who didn’t know how to use the tv

Photo of Molly taken by Hermione

Hii my name is Ela and I’m 15, I’m British/Turkish and currently live in Turkey (but return frequently to the UK) I’ve actually done this before and i met a whole bunch of cool people, so i thought I’d do it again. After a long time with depression and anxiety i made friends online, and they and the ‘community’ feel of being one of Dan and Phil’s viewers on tumblr helped me get out of that bad place in my life. I watch them still and also Dodie - I mean, who doesn’t love Dodie? Some of my favourite music artists include her, Troye Sivan, P!ATD and Twenty One Pilots. I watch Skam, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The OA and Skins, among other things. I also love anime. I’m learning the piano, norwegian and japanese and spending the rest of my summer marathoning movies. I’m bi and an atheist and respect all sexual orientations and religions. I can be a bit of a mess mental-health-wise but hmu if you want a friend because i tend to stick to the people i like. I’m up for five and a half hour skype calls if you are ahah. I don’t mind what age/gender/nationality you are.
Tumblr: semipoetictrash
Kik: ElaKate
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Member: Jin/Kim Seokjin
Type: Angst
Word Count: 1189

You close your eyes and feel the cool, spring, breeze kiss your skin. As you lay on the grass, the sounds of bird chirping fill your ears. A body lays down next to you and takes a deep breathe. You smile, you know that gentle but strong presence anywhere. “How nice of you to join me, Jin,” you greet, opening one eye.

With his strong, lean, arms positioned behind his head, he opens one eye back at you. “Like we’re not always together anyways, (Y/N).” You playfully punch his side. He feigns pain. “Ya, we aren’t. I hardly see you because of practice hours,” you retort. He turns on to his side so he faces you. His white tshirt stretches across his broad shoulders but loosely hanging around his toned torso.

“(Y/N), I’ve known you since we were kids. We don’t need to see each other everyday to remain as close as we are. We’re psychic remember,” he teases. You close your eyes once more as the childhood memories replay over in your head.

“(Y/N), one day I’m gonna make enough money to support me and you. I’ll be rich!” Jin says as he colors the dinosaur from his coloring book. You giggle, “Really? What will I do when you finally get rich?” He leans back in his chair and shrugs. “Whatever you want, (Y/N). Just do what you do now: watch TV in our home. I’ll buy us a home and a nice TV for you,” he states before going back to coloring.

“Huh?” you stop coloring your tiara for a second, “OUR home? I thought only people who are married live together.” Jin sighs. Then I’ll marry you, (Y/N). That way we can always have fun like how we do now. I promise. Look.“ He tears out the dinosaur he had been coloring and flips it over. “I, Kim Seokjin, will marry (Y/N) and make sure that you smile every day,” he writes then signs his name at the bottom. Jin hands you the unfinished coloring sheet.

“Don’t lose it. I will only write it once.”

Someone flicks your head, bringing you back to the present. “Earth to (Y/N). Please come back to me,” Jin called out. You refocus on where you are. You apologize, “Sorry I got lost in my own thoughts.” You sit up then lean back on your palms. “Thinking about how lucky you are to have someone like me around?” he jokingly hypothesized.

You snort, “You wish Kim Seokjin. More like the other way around. I’m obviously the cooler one out of the two of us.” Jin smirks. “I’ll race you back for that title,” he challenges. Before he can react, you jump up and start running back toward the camp. “Ya! Get back here! That’s not fair!” Jin burst out as he chases after you. “What’s not fair is being 5 inches shorter in leg length!” you refute.

Just when you’re nearly there, suddenly, an arm shoots out like a vice, wrapping around your waist, stopping you from running any further. Jin pants and smiles victoriously. He uses his free hand to form a fist and mess up your hair. “Hajima Jin! Stoppppp,” you whine. He releases you and throws his hands up in the air. “You started it. You just got up and ran.”

You shake your head and rest your hands on your hips. Smiling, you just stare him down. He is truly your best friend. From the late night convenience store runs during the summer, to the movie marathons when you’re sick, or the way he makes anything a competition between you… or maybe it’s how when you’re about to cry, he can make you laugh or when you put a wall, he’s the only one who can climb it. Perhaps it’s the way he smiles at every little thing or never stops giving.

He gets you. He’s all you need. You take a deep breathe. “Hey Jin, I want to talk to you about something.” He jogs back to you and smiles. “Shoot. But not literally. I still have things I want to do before I die.” he jokes. You open your mouth to begin right as Jungkook and Namjoon gather on each side of Jin. Namjoon wiggles his eyebrow. “It’s time, Jin. Nervous?” Jin blushes and looks down at the ground.

“Kinda…” Jungkook slaps him on the back. “Hyung I know you can do this. You know the answer already. Now let’s go.” The boys push Jin toward the camp fire. You stomp on the ground in frustration. “Good timing Kookie and Mon. I finally work up the courage to…ugh. I wonder what they meant…” you ponder. Everyone is already seated around the camp fire so you just take the empty seat next to Yoongi.

You nudge him on the arm. “Hey what’s going on?” He smiles and just puts a finger to his lips. Jin nervously stands up. “So I’m glad you all could come out here on this camping trip with me. With the comeback coming up, I know that I only have limited time to do something like this.” He takes a deep breathe and walks over to the girl seated next to Jimin.

“Eunji, I’m sorry that for the past three years you’ve had to date me in secret, to pretend to not know me if we accidentally met in the street, that you couldn’t have anything that a normal boyfriend would give you. But…I’m going to change that right now if you let me.” Jin kneels down and reaches into his pocket. “I promise I can make you happy if you let me. Will you…marry me?” Tears brim her eyes before she nods. Everyone cheers.

White noise. That’s the only thing you can hear. Your entire body goes numb. This can’t be happening. He never told you about her. While you fell asleep every night dreaming of him, he fell asleep dreaming of her. You barely manage to stand and start to walk away from the scene. Before you know it, you’re running. Soon you’re back at the open field from earlier. You drop to your knees. Tears and snot mix together.

A few drops of water say hello before the rest come in a down pour. Sniffling, you reach into your shirt and pull out your locket. You fumble trying to undo the clasp and finally you get it open. Sobs shake through your body as you take out the piece of folded paper. Someone yanks you to your feet. Drenched, Jin’s worried eyes scan you head to toe. “Are you okay? It’s raining, let’s get back to the tents!” You stand there, your dead eyes staring back into his.

Cursing under his breathe, he throws you over his back, causing you to drop the paper. As he jogs back, your eyes never leave the half colored dinosaur. As the distance grows, so does the sound of his voice until it’s the only thing you hear. “I, Kim Seokjin, will marry (Y/N) and make sure that you smile every day.”