summer lunches


had the loveliest day with my sister; we went to a little farmers market and got a giant bag of fruit, then to a flower nursery where we ate lunch and explored the plants

방탄소년단 (BTS) 김태형 (V) Inspired Outfit

  • Black Knitted Beanie with Ears
  • Long Baggy Cuffed Medium Grey Sweater
  • Loose White Cropped Blouse w/out Sleeves
  • Circle Framed Glasses
  • Black Side Messenger Bag
  • Black Canvas Low Ankle Converses

Disclaimer: Image doesn’t belong to me.

Nikki Bella is beautiful.

Brie Bella is beautiful.

Charlotte is beautiful.

Alicia Fox is beautiful.

Paige is beautiful.

Becky Lynch is beautiful.

Emma is beautiful.

Natalya is beautiful.

Sasha Banks is beautiful.

Naomi is beautiful.

Tamina is beautiful.

Summer Rae is beautiful.

Lana is beautiful.

Bayley is beautiful.

Dana Brooke is beautiful.

Eva Marie is beautiful.

Every single woman on the WWE roster, main and NXT, is an amazing, gorgeous, strong women who deserve literally nothing but respect and I absolutely will scream about this until my throat hurts.


Lunch break with Josephine Skriver


I was looking forward to it all week, almost as eagerly as I’d been eating this perfect summer salad: Wednesday night would mark the airing of James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke with First Lady Michelle Obama. There were other epic Karaokes before this one (James’ vocal odyssey with Sia is a fave), and I’m sure there will be many to come, but to ride—to sing—with FLOTUS at this moment in time felt important. Important in the wake of the RNC speech scandal (I can’t even bring myself to write her name here), important in the wake of this summer of shootings and tragedy and #BlackLivesMatter, important because this FLOTUS is the best FLOTUS I’ve had in my lifetime.

And important because Carpool Karaoke has always been a sure hit of joy, and I was desperate for that burst of serotonin.

Late Wednesday night, I gathered myself in front of my laptop and opened my Facebook feed. Just a few scrolls down, people were already sharing the Youtube video of James and Michelle.

Read more and get the recipe here.