summer lovin

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how about some fluffy goodness of prompto's s/o peppering light kisses over the barcode on his wrist? maybe reassuring him, doting on him, whatever you'd like!

I hope you don’t mind anon, but I took this  idea and morphed it into a little summer lovin’ drabble. 

I’m not kidding when I say that I was grinning from ear to ear like an absolute idiot while typing this.😆

It’s light, fun, and fluffy ⇢

The 3 best adjectives in the english language

Puppy love vibes ↓ 🐶

Song: “Oh, It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye

“I will never understand how in the world Prompto Argentum, the daydreaming, imaginative, photographer extroirdinare’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla!”

The blonde drew his attention from the frozen custard in his grasp, his expression of sugary excitement turning to mock defense.

“It just so happens that I like to add rainbow sprinkles on top now and again, little lady.”

His guise of confidence could be easily seen through, a small smile peeling from the edges of his lips.

The sight of his playful pose with the treat in tandom with his innocent face invited a myriad of butterflies to flutter about in my stomach.

“Oh, well in that case, excuse me. I didn’t know my boyfriend had such a rebellious taste in soft serve.”

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Here is what I was working on today
I wanted to update some designs to these three in summer sort of wear //slapped
It was also a chance to experiment the way I colour and shade and I really like the outcome

Drabble VI of the summer lovin’ series

Klaus might strut around as the Original Hybrid, but Bonnie was secretly convinced he was mostly cat. He certainly moved like one: so light footed she never heard him coming. And he behaved like one too: demanding of her time and attention, prone to falling asleep upon her and thus trapping her on beds and couches, and absolutely averse to sharing.

Case in point: she was supposed to be finishing a curative potion for Elena and the Salvatores because Damon had got himself hexed with a face full of warts by an irate witch. After spasms of wheezing laughter, Bonnie had agreed to help. Klaus on the other hand had just returned from a trip to New Orleans and saw no reason why she should spend any part of her evening doing anything that did not involve him, her and his lavish king-size bed.

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