I never believed in love at first sight but for some reason, I felt something different when we first met. The more I got to know you, the more my feelings intensified. And when you smiled, I knew that I was in trouble.
—  I just hope that you’ll let me fall in your arms
You know you’re falling in love when you see several faces a day but you crave none than the one who has stolen your heart.
—  t.i // Repost from something I wrote a while ago.
What We Think Love Will Feel Like:
Adjacent snow angels dancing across meadows and sunsets filled with the brightest of pinks. Confetti and stardust raining down from the sky and hot chocolate with too many marshmallows floating to the top. Boardwalk dates and saltwater taffy wrapped neatly in waxed paper.
What Love Actually Feels Like:
Holding hands with sweaty palms and butterflies tying knots in your stomach. Drunken courage leading to sober confessions and laughing so hard you snort. Stolen sweatshirts that you wear to bed, his minty scent lacing your sheets like a poorly kept secret. Sloppy kisses and blushing cheeks, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
—  love can be confusing, but it’s always worth it
I know that you’re trying to get to know me. That you’re trying to get me to open up. But I can’t help myself from stopping you each and every time. I’m scared that you’ll judge me. I’m scared of giving little pieces of myself to you, only to have us part ways. I’m scared of allowing myself to care for you. I’m scared to have feelings for you. You’re a good guy and I wish that you weren’t.
—  Because I don’t want to fall
He took a sip of his beer and I down the last bit of my solo red cup. He grabbed my waist and to fill the void that I always felt within, I let him slip his tongue inside of my mouth.
—  I shouldn’t have kissed him but I just wanted to be held
Do not re-visit your past my dear for it will bring hearache and unbareable pain. Look forwatd and keep running towards that light at the end of the tunnel. When you run in a race you are racing to the finish line, at what point do you turn around and run back to the starting point…never so why do that with your love life.
—  Tenari Ioapo
When alcohol seeped into her veins and the room around her began to spin, he was always the first one she called. Maybe because of his green eyes or maybe because of his toothy smile, but maybe, just maybe, she never really got over him in the first place.
—  sorry for the drunk texts