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On this day in music history: April 25, 1979 - “Bad Girls”, the seventh studio album by Donna Summer is released. Produced by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, it is recorded at Rusk Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA from January - March 1979. Even after the back to back successes of the Oscar winning “Last Dance” and the double live album “Live And More” (containing her first chart topping single “MacArthur Park”), all is not well with the superstar vocalist. Trying to live up the hypersexual image cultivated by her record company proves to be too much for Donna Summer, having grown up in a very close knit religious family. The constant pressure to keep up the facade causes the singer to suffer a nervous breakdown. With the help of her sister Dara, she begins to reconnect with her spirituality and having what she later describes as a “spiritual rebirth”. Feeling thoroughly focused and more creative than ever, Summer begins work on her next album in early 1979. The fifteen track double album fully demonstrates Summer’s range as an artist both vocally and musically with her writing or co-writing most of the songs. The resulting album becomes a huge critical and commercial success. It spins off four singles including “Hot Stuff” (#1 Pop, #3 R&B), the title track (#1 Pop and R&B), and “Dim All The Lights” (#2 Pop, #3 R&B). In 2003, the album is reissued as a 2 CD Deluxe Edition featuring a remastered version of the original album with the previously unreleased demo version of the title track. The second disc features original 12" dance mixes of the singles released from the album with others that were previously available only as DJ promos or commercially issued 12" singles, with several making their CD debut. “Bad Girls” spends six weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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Under her blanket, a velvet robe, and flannel night-clothes, Taethath shivered at her desk. Night had fallen upon the Academy, extinguishing, what seemed to Taethath, all warmth upon the whole of Tyrra.

Taethath could barely move her fingers from the chill, and to summon her hand beyond her woolen cocoon was torture, but she was compelled to write. The echo of verse had been so strong that it kept her from sleep, and she knew no other way to silence it.

So, urgently, as if under the threat of an Adept’s switch, she set out her pen and ink, and wrote in trailing scribbles, a half-manic distortion of her distinctive Common handwriting.

“Summer’s Light has came and went,
Since last, think I, Letter sent.
From Time’s grip, this brief Relent
I could scribe that which I meant
To speak, ‘haps an Hour spent
On Page blotted, stained, and rent.
But Ink serves more; by Walls pent,
In Boredom’s vice all but hent.”

Finished, she lifted the quill, and blew gently on her words to set the ink. The camphorous, smoky-sweet scent of Kyralian birch tar ink spread through the room. A deep breath of it seeped through her, as if staining her insides with relief and drowsiness.

She made the chilling three-step journey back to her bed, each step heavier than the next, and fell in a heap, asleep.

And Now It’s October

the golden hour of the clock of the year.
Everything that can run
to fruit has already done so: round apples, oval plums, bottom-heavy
pears, black walnuts and hickory nuts annealed in their shells,
the woodchuck with his overcoat of fat.
Flowers that were once bright
as a box of crayons are now seed heads and thistle
down. All the feathery
grasses shine in the slanted light….
Summer’s fruits are preserved in syrup, but nothing can stopper time.
No way to seal it in wax or amber; it slides though our hands like a rope of silk.
At night, the moon’s restless searchlight sweeps across the sky.

-Barbara Cooker

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Hiya!!! I’m super curious as to what an energy reading is and was wondering if I could get one? I saw your post and got curious. :) Thanks for even reading! I hope your Halloween/samhain/whatever you’re doing is awesome!!! 🎃✨


For you, I see a jar full of candies. I see an image of a God, he’s death related. I see multiple death gods, actually, it’s like each death god from each pantheon is lined up. I see a tea cup filled with a red drink. I see a beautiful summer day, it’s light outside yet the skies are dark.