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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

Eight reasons to visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exhilarating and seductive cities in the world – we all know about the jaw-dropping hotel, celebrity-chef restaurants and extravagant world-class shows. But, if you’re after something a little more offbeat, Danny Baggott suggests how to add a twist to your trip

See the light

Spend a dazzling few hours at the Neon Museum which has been collecting, restoring and exhibiting treasured Las Vegas neon signs since 1996. Experience the magic of the museum by day or night on a guided tour, which will take you around the museum’s two-acre Boneyard which houses over 200 retro signs.

Raise the bar

Make like the locals and head downtown for your cocktails. The Commonwealth Bar - inspired by pre-Prohibition era design - is in the fashionable Fremont East district and serves up cool vibes alongside an impressive drinks menu. Head for the rooftop deck, order a punch bowl cocktail, and soak up the views of the shimmering skyline. Or, if you’re lucky, bag a seat at the bar’s own hidden speakeasy, The Laundry Room - you need a password to get in and it’s strictly no photos but, take it from us, you’ll love it.

Add a little fizz

Photo by MaxxGir on Pixabay

You’ve most probably heard of the Strip’s famous Caesars Palace Hotel and, likely, MR CHOW, the upscale Chinese restaurant located within it. But did you know that the eatery - part of the famed global empire - has a silver Champagne trolley, which is wheeled between tables serving fizz and specialty cocktails? It’s simply the place to visit if you’re in Vegas for a special celebration. Bubbles aside, the food here is exquisite: signature dishes include Beijing duck, green prawns and chicken satay, as well as the famous hand-pulled MR CHOW noodles.

Head to the skies

There’s no better way to witness the mind-boggling beauty of the Grand Canyon than by taking a helicopter ride from Las Vegas. Fly over this vast natural formation - all red rock and the rushing Colorado River - and soak up the truly awesome views of Hoover Dam, Grand Wash Cliffs, Grapevine Mesa, and Grand Canyon West. You can even opt to land at the bottom of the canyon on a private plateau for a Champagne picnic.  

Need for speed

Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, buckle up for a scream-inducing ride on The Big Apple Coaster, which is located outside the New York-New York Hotel and Casino on the Strip. The roller-coaster is not for the faint-hearted: it stands 203 feet tall, with a 144-foot drop, and reaches heart-stopping speeds of up to 67 mph, not to mention the fact that it’ll also turn you 180-degrees in the process. Brave brides-and grooms-to-be can even book their wedding ceremony at this exhilarating venue.

Make a knight of it

Photo by traveLink on Pixabay

The castle-themed Excalibur Hotel and Casino hosts the ultimate Medieval dinner and show experience: the Tournament of Kings. Sit in your throne, drink from a goblet and immerse yourself in the tale of King Arthur, as valiant knights ride their mighty steeds amongst show-stopping special effects - the jousting is a highlight. A three-course feast is served, and, as befits the period, you’ll have to eat it with your hands.

Jump to it

Photo by nockewell1 on Pixabay

Get your pulse racing at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower. It may have 2,400+ rooms, six restaurants, two rooftop pools and a ginormous casino but the highlight has to be its SkyJump, the highest commercial decelerator descent in the world. Leap from 829 feet above the bright lights of the Strip and reach speeds of up to 40mph towards the landing pad where audiences applaud each participant. The sunset jump is most magical; if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open, that is.

Work up a sweat

Hiking might not be your first thought when you think of Las Vegas, but Red Rock Canyon is under half an hour’s drive from the Strip and is home to a plethora of stunning trails taking you through the heart of the rugged Mojave Desert. Feeling tired from night on the tiles? Pink Jeep Tours will whizz you round some of its most scenic spots from the comfort of one of their fun brightly-coloured jeeps.

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Words by Danny Baggott

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Mac: Any last words?

Jack: Well, I don’t know! I ain’t gonna say I love you or anything!

Mac: Yeah, I don’t love you either

MacGyver 1x13 “Large Blade”

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Paint chips summer hcs for my soul

  • Sonny and Pete take coins out of fountains and donates them to people
  • They get chased out of public fountains and just go to the next one
  • Sonny and Pete climb rocks in Central Park and lay out a blanket and sun bath while Sonny plays on his DS and Pete sketches
  • Pete totally does parkcore shit and Sonny is just too sweaty to keep up
  • Sonny lending Pete his hat so his bald head doesn’t get sunburnt
  • Pete and Sonny making out in the back of the bodega where the coolers are
Mini Solos

10th: Summer Montenegro – The Young Mariner (The Rock)

9th: Gianna Mojonnier – Ascent (Danceology), Allie Andrew – Somewhere in the Middle (CAA)

8th: Isabella Jarvis – Exhale (Larkin), Ava Lynn – Interlaced Throughout (Bobbie’s School)

7th: Paige Kracht – Daylight (Club Dance)

6th: Izzy Howard – The Lily Girl (The Rock)

5th: Brightyn Brems – Suspended in Time (CSPAS)

4th: Brooklin Cooley – Solitude (Club Dance)

3rd: Brightyn Rines – Petrichor (Club Dance), Dyllan Blackburn – Rummage (Project 21)

2nd: Ali Ogle – Horizons (Larkin)

1st: Alexis Adair – Strands (Club Dance)

Adjudications under the cut!

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