summer journeys

One month of hard work. It has been difficult but worth it. when I first started I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue working out, but I did ! We are stronger than we think.
If you are on a journey to get fit and healthy, don’t give up. I know you’re stronger than you think.


the first two photos are from August 2015, my highest weight and lowest self confidence. 163 lbs.
the second photo is when I first started going to the gym regularly - about November/December of 2015.
third photo- April of this year.
last photo- yesterday.
I’ve never been good with diets; I still eat way more cheese and bread than I should, and drink ungodly amounts of Diet Coke, but I truly never thought that I would have a success story of my own.
the first time I got on the treadmill I remember thinking ‘this is so pointless, nothing will change.’
the truth is that I’m a very impatient person and I struggle a lot when I don’t see results.
but I kept going. kept trying to cut back on Diet Coke.
AND NOW I’M at 123 lbs!!
40 pounds gone in less than a year!
I was tired of feeling lazy and decided to stop making excuses and start getting my ass in shape! a lot of tears (both in the gym and in dressing rooms), puke, and praying have gone into this journey.
the truth is that anyone can do this, you just have to want it bad enough. I’ve still got 8 pounds to go and I am determined enough that I’m going to try to cut out soda completely and really REALLY cut back on all the crap food I love.
The journey is the reward.
life is good. :))