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(they’re on a date!))

||» hello, rival (seungcheol)

who would have ever thought that once chance meeting the year before high school began would grow into so much

w.c just under 4.3k | fluff, angst, f l u f f, friendly summer camp rival!seungcheol, bullet points | dedicated to: jackie / @tookorean for always being there to listen to my fic ideas and rambles, kura / @caratvocals bc she Loves™ seungcheol, and for mj / @jungnoir for inspiring me with astounding and incredible works!

  • summer camp before high school freshman year begins and it’s the camp that’s out away from town in a forest on a lake u know cliché Summer Camp™ and there’s a bunch of kiddos around and everyone gets split up into a couple teams bc what’s more invigorating than PUMMELING FELLOW MAN at summer sports 

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Here’s a summer-ish artwork of Mei that I did for July batch on my Patreon. There’s still one left to do. Support me before August 1st to get access to art rewards such as high resolution, full artsteps, psd file and more. I hope you like it! More summer-ish pictures to come next month too ;)

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character aesthetics: Estela Montoya (Endless Summer)

My father abandoned my family when I was just a baby. So I was raised by my mother and my uncle in San Trobida. My uncle taught me the ways of our family business. He taught me everything I know. How to hunt… How to fight… How to kill. My mother though… She always dreamed of a better life for me. A peaceful life. A safe life. That’s why she loved working for Rourke International… Because it was our ticket out of there.

When you overhear someone saying that France isn’t that great