summer in the city day 2

50 Things To Do For a More Productive Summer

1. Find some work experience 
2. Head to the theatre and indulge in a good ol’ play or, even a musical
3. Plan a local trip or a day in the city and soak up all the culture
4. Volunteer your time once a week to a charity/ shelter
5. See if you can get work as a summer temp
6. Deepen your faith
7. Meet up with family and friends that you haven’t seen for ages, take loads of pictures and have an AWESOME time (how about camping in the New Forest? Or in your back garden? Barbecues or a simple trip to the ice rink)
8. Try curing one of your fears
9. Do a movie marathon
10. Develop or find a new hobby
11. Attempt to create a business with your own innovative idea
12. Do a charity challenge
13. Start taking driving lessons
14. Learn a language
15. Give your room a revamp — how about jars filled with multicoloured or fresh pinecones? A fresh coat of paint? A cluster of assorted candles?
16. Begin your #100daysofhappiness
17. Soak up the sun with a load of picnics, beach trips and outdoor games with your friends
18. Have a wardrobe clear out and donate all the clothes to a local charity shop
19. Pick an actor and watch all the films they’ve been in
20. Start a blog!
21. Get baking and come up with some new creations
22. Make a list of all your skills and everything they’ve taught you
23. Become a dog walker for a neighbour
24. Start saving for something worthwhile …
25. … or blow all your money on some concert tickets (you only live once)
26. Designate a whole day to go without a TV, laptop/ computer, internet, music, phone and any other electric devices
27. Begin writing a novel
28. Make proper lemonade and sip reading your favourite book under a tree
29. Go out for a day with nothing but the things that you can fit in your trouser or cardigan pockets or carry in your hands … OR … with as little as possible
30. Read an entire series of books or pick up some classics and get through them
31. Host a tea party with your friends
32. Make an exercise routine and stick to it (for a month, at least)
33. Watch an entire box set
34. Get rid of your anxiety by writing your worries down on a piece of paper, folding it into a bottle and sending it out to sea
35. Make a scrapbook of your favourite memories
36. Get hooked on a new genre of music or a new artist that hardly anyone has ever heard of
37. Head out to the selection of free festivals and carnivals available throughout the country
38. Make a birthday cake for one of your friends or a member of your family
39. Get active
40. Buy dinner for a homeless person
41. Get your body to your ideal size/ weight
42. Set yourself a budget and see how far you can get on public transport with it
43. Read a collection of children’s books
44. Go to a book signing, find someone famous or attend a celebrity event to get a glimpse of the stars
45. Plan and execute a 3 course meal for yourself or your family
46. Spend a day being a child again
47. Start a diary
48. Spend a day detoxing your body – drinking green tea, eat plenty of fruit and veg, guzzling water and meditating
49. Re-work the way you view yourself
50. Write your bucket list


Human AU where English teacher Derek’s overbearing sisters make him a Tinder profile and he matches with Deputy Stiles Stilinski.

The first date is definitely as awkward as expected.

The second goes a lot better because Stiles tells Derek about his partner (he’s in the K9 unit) and Derek talks to Stiles about his favorite book (To Kill a Mockingbird which was also Stiles’ mom’s favorite)

On the third date they have to leave dinner early to go to Derek’s apartment, they don’t even make it to the bed for round one. 

The 7th date is a double date with Stiles’ best friend.  When he asks how they met they tell him it was at Starbucks because neither wants to admit they found each other on Tinder. (Years later they admit it because it’s a funny story and Scott get’s mad because he talked about their coffee shop meet-cute in his best man’s speech at the wedding).

Date 22 wasn’t really a date so much as Stiles meeting the Hale family for the first time.  After dinner they decided that Cora and Stiles’ friend Lydia can never meet or else they might take over the world.

The 29th date starts with Derek scared for his life because Stiles’ dad had his gun on the table the entire meal and ends with John and Derek making plans to go fishing.

Number 86-101 happen on an epic road trip from Beacon Hills to New York City while Derek is on summer break.  He made Stiles take a vacation because by then he’d been on the force for 5 years and only used 3 total vacation days and by then they’d been dating for 2 years, it was about time they took a trip.

On the 102 date Stiles propose in Central Park.  Derek pretended he hated how cliche it is was but Stiles knows he not so secretly loves big romantic gestures. 

After that Stiles mostly stops counting the dates, except for the big ones, like their wedding, their fifth anniversary, the day their daughter was born, the day their son was born, their tenth anniversary, and well, you get the picture

The Signs as Aesthetics

Aries: Red // New York City // Black boots

Taurus: A dozen cups of coffee // chillin’ by the fire place and cuddling // small dogs

Gemini: The sun // summer days // figure skates

Cancer: Neon lights // warm hugs // running shoes

Leo: Gold paint // binge watching movies ‘til dawn // neck kisses

Virgo: Color coded notes // messy hair // undying laughter

Libra: Perfectly curled hair // Christmas // fairies

Scorpio: Storms // whispering // dark, lustful eyes

Sagittarius: Road trips // star gazing // ponytails

Capricorn: Rain against the windowpaine // crisp autumn leaves dancing through the wind // getting lost in time reading a book

Aquarius: Fantasy books // naming the clouds // 2 am ideas

Pisces: Pet shops // fresh laundry // slow dance music


Hundreds of students killed in the Tlatelolco Massacre of 1968

On October 2, 1968, ten thousand students gathered in La Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, Mexico City. College and high students organized to protest the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) repression of social movements and their $1 billion dollar investment (today’s value) in the 1968 Summer Olympics the nation was set to host in a few days.

During their march they chanted – ¡No queremos olimpiadas, queremos revolución! “We don’t want Olympics, we want revolution!”. The protest was scheduled to listen to some speeches in the square peaceful when military forces opened fire into the crowds. Approximately 300-400 students, passersby, children, and journalists fell at the hands of the Mexican state.

The repression was carried out by a special force created in anticipation of the Olympics called the Brigada Olympica, or the Olympic Brigade. The Olympic Brigade was comprised of presidential guards who, as revealed by a 2001 investigation, were ordered to shoot upon the military forces following the student action to provoke them.

It was also revealed that the U.S. sent military radios, weapons, ammunition, and riot control training material to Mexico in response to the manifestations. The CIA outlet station in Mexico City also contributed reports on the university student movement.

Via teleSUR English

natasha is cursive on cold white paper, soft hands resting on thighs, clean sheets of snow, clothing hanging outside, gentle laughter between friends, fancy mirrors hanging in long hallways, rings on dainty hands, handwritten journals neatly tucked away, private libraries with tall open windows, snowy hills, that first cold breath of snow and winter

sonya is fiddling with your hands, candles lighting an empty house, long braids pinned up in various ways, the faint smell of apples and cinnamon drifting upstairs, fireplaces being lit during the depths of winter, running fingers over stone and brick, books piling up on beds, worn lounging sofas

marya is classical music being blasted at 2 am, waking up extremely early to catch the sun rising, red lipstick being left on coffee mugs, shoes lined up in the closet, comfy sweaters, wild friday nights, black faux fur with white gloves, long car trips narrated by a favorite book, spending sunday cleaning the house

anatole is wild partying on saturday nights, best friends collecting around a table, long couches with more than three seats, rings on every surface in the house from drinks, shining shoes, sleeping in until 2 pm, glueing your fingers together and peeling it off afterwards, playing an instrument with all the windows opan

hélène is sleeping on your stomach, plain white sheets and subtle green pillows, window seats on a hot summer day, small banter at the bar, waking up in the bathtub after a wild night, messy rooms and unmade beds, a small one bedroom apartment in the city, lots of pearls laying out over a dresser

dolokhov is quiet in the house on a tuesday night, the stars being hidden by a stormy night, a flash of lightning, organised closets with belts hanging out of every drawer, an outfit being laid out the night before, eating soup when you’re sick, rolling up socks on a chilly day, dipping a peanut butter sandwich into some chicken noodle soup

mary is overalls and striped t-shirts, random sayings on old shirts, macaroni and cheese all by yourself, tall socks, wearing lots of buttons, packing your lunch the night before, losing yourself in the rain, tall thoughts in the shower, wool comforters at the foot of a bed, leaving a door open so animals can come and go

prince bolkonsky is aggressive advertisement along busy highways, read plants sitting along a windowsill, long forgotten memories, long coats in winter, gray walls in a gloomy house, vintage chairs with tall backs, accidentally torn pants hanging around the house, sitting in an armchair at ungodly hours

balaga is ordering room service without shame, forgetting your cellphone everywhere you go, failing to cook and ordering pizza instead, clothes hanging on the balcony, speeding down an open road, warm boots on a cold winter night, headlights in the distance, sitting in a drive through with all your friends

andrei is not understanding a lesson in class, being dropped off at your house after spending the night elsewhere, blankets hanging on chairs, randomly hanging pictures around the house, owning tons of jewelry but never wearing any of it, naming your plants, doing research and getting stuck in a wikipedia hole, writer’s block on a rainy day

pierre is long nights spent awake, opening the window during the winter, sitting in an armchair and staring at the wall, limbs falling asleep, a numb nose during a winter storm, long faux fur coats, scrolling through twitter, closing the curtains after a long day, watching the clock at the end of the day

the great comet is myself, natasha, sonya, marya, anatole, hélène, dolokhov, mary, bolkonsky, balaga, andrei, pierre, a longing desire, a lost soul, wishful thinking, the end of the world.

anonymous asked:

But- where is Camp Campbell?! California or New York?! The one in California feels like the real one, I can't say much for the NY one cause we don't know the activities! Then who's David Campbell?! I'm starting to lean towards NY now cause of the sleepy hollow thing. I'm so confused.

Welp, I’m not sure why I’m being asked this but,
I’m confused myself but, I have some theories [NOTE:  I might have put a little too much thought into this, today I had a LOTTTT of time on my hands.  Even did some crazy research for this, watched some eps again.  I LEGIT HAVE NOTHING TO DO TODAY OTHERWISE, THIS RESPONSE WOULDN’T HAVE MUCH TO IT] In order to make these theories work we must forget some logic for a second and expand our imaginations.  [Like this loser, a.k.a mod did.] Or not, all up to you:

David Campbell

We all know how awful Cameron Campbell is:
From using Space Kid as a shield

Doing anything for a buck (even if it involves the fate of the camp and campers)

He almost murdered a camper to protect his ass:

HECK!  Even using David to cover things up for him, and David’s been loyal

My thoughts on this are:

  • He is secretly betraying David.  Or at a point he did.  He might have put his own information and maybe some of David’s description wise or maybe David’s address, only changed his first name to David.  So he would be safe and David would be going to jail if David were to somehow run into the Feds.  Making it look like they had the wrong person all along.  OR this could have been done BEFORE the feds figured out what Cameron looked like and evidence that Cameron is indeed the man they’re looking for.  Then ‘David Campbell’ is now nothing more than an imaginary person.

Or if we’re going with the so-called “real and logical”  *mutters* totally boring and fake…. *end muttering*   Just a guy, I have no clue who he is.  That happens to live in New York!  David Campbell if you see this, I’m sorry for saying where you live state wise.  You randomly popped up on google when I was searching for Camp Campbell with that wide open.  :P

Now, the second question:
The Truth a.k.a Where is Camp Campbell REALLY Located?!

1:  Why it might be in New York:

  • As stated before:  The Camp Campbell located in New York is located on Sleepy Hollow Lake.

    Sleepy Hollow
    Sleepy Peak.

  • David.  Freaking.  Campbell.
    From NEW YORK!
    Look at first theory at top for my logic on that, cause I won’t explain again!  [and maybe David could be from NY too?  D:]

  • The platypus isn’t native to California.  They’re not even native to North America.  However, some people have claimed to see some in the northeast.  They are most likely people’s pets that got loose or were let it free.  He could have got some eggs imported into the US since he mentioned at the end of season 2 episode 5 that they’re going to incubate platypus eggs.  It is illegal to own a platypus as a pet in the U.S.
  • This is stereotyping but, from some lists Ive seen that have ‘most popular sleepaway camps’ [note: I could be wrong since I’m basing it a lot of INTERNET findings but on what’s most common. A lot of these lists could very well be bias]  a lot of popular sleep away camps that are deep in the woods that have the traditional summer camp experience:  Nature hikes, surrvival skills, campfires, just strictly natureish or all that along the lines of that.  Are located in Northern states.  Northeast in particular.  [most of them are located in New Hampshire but, most of the other camps from NY seem to pop up second or thrid on a lot of these lists, when you weed out the specialty camps.]
  • Yes, Camp Campbell might be very diverse now but, not only is it implied from Season 1, Episode 1:  Escape from Camp Campbell that it wasn’t the same years back. As Cameron said:

    “Kids, I’m going be blunt and honest with you.  When I opened Camp Campbell all those years ago, I had one goal, and one goal only. To create the most popular and successful summer camp in the world!  But times have changed.   Things like the internet, video games, and the Affordable Care Act are ruining this great country of ours- and the children of today aren’t interested in a traditional summer camp.  But America isn’t a traditional country!  So why settle for anything less!”

    It implies that he changed it to adapt. [and get more money of course].  There is also proof of it being a ‘traditional summer camp’ in the flashback in Season 2 Episode 5: Jasper Dies At the end, when David was telling his story on how he fell in love with Camp Campbell.

  • I’m from New York State [this one is looking too deeply into this] but Max said in the first episode that the bus comes in from ‘The city.’ to pick up campers.  Sure it can mean ANY city but, it’s not specified which city.  In New York, or most places in New York state.  If people say ‘the city’ not saying any name, just ‘the city’ they mean New York City.  [especially if they’re not in the city]

  • I’ve seen some head canons floating around lately [from a lot of people] about a few of the characters living in New York [not just the city] and claiming to have seen moments that in the show that back this up. [don’t ask me about it for, I never really looked to see where everyone is from. But, totally open to all these ideas.]  The most common characters mentioned are:

    1. Max.  [I’ve also read quite a few fanfictions that focus on Max outside of camp and even some AUs and a common thing that pops up is he lives somewhere in New York.  Some say city, some say some places a little farther up ]
    2. Preston being from New York City.
    3. Gwen might have lived in NYC at some point but, this was foiled for most when Season 2 Episode 8: Gwen Gets A Job, came along.
    4.  Neil [no specific area this one seems to be fairly new and popped up after Parent’s Day came out]
    5.  Harrison is from somewhere in New York State as well.

    To be honest, the only character that makes sense to me right now being from New York is Preston.
    Sure, we all know that’s fanon.  and it’s only five of the characters.  Plus, at summer camp people come from all over the place, not just the state the camp is in. [People have been saying David might be from Canada.  Which, is a pretty good head canon]  But seeing this ‘trend’ pop up, it might lead to something.

2.  Why it might be in California:

  • When you look at the lists of great sleep away camps, [once again, weed out all the specialty camps] there are quite a few in California. [More are still in NY and other places in the Northeast though] 

  • I’ve been looking up history for that camp.  It may have been around since 1884, BUT it had quite a few owners and went through MANY different name changes.  Cameron might have bought it at a point to see if he could make a quick buck out of it then obviously, named it after himself.

  • And I agree with you anon.  The one in California is pretty close to Camp Campbell in the series, since it seems to offer almost everything.  Even WEDDINGS!  And camps for all ages.  Seems like the ultimate camp to me!  And we know squat about the one in New York.
  • Nikki and Neil are two of the main characters:

    -Nikki signed up for Adventure Camp
    -Neil signed up for Science Camp

    According to most of the reviews [real ones, not the joke ones on google] and some videos the camp itself put up; Adventure Camp and Science Camp are two of the most popular camps they offer.

  • A review of a kid that signed up for science camp said they did archery there.  Camp Campbell in the series overlaps on activities.  You sign up for one, you end up doing them all.

And last but not least,
My third and final theory…
Cameron own/ed more than one camp. 

Why?  Let’s look at the evidence that my mind might have seen too much:

1. Cameron’s rich.  How the heck did he get rich?  It’s obviously not from Camp Campbell alone [or the one the campers are in]  or even being a con artist. 

  • ONE of his camps might be doing better than the other one.  Due to how popular it was, he was somehow able to get more people willing to work there and with more people, it’s easier to keep it clean and prevent it from falling apart.

  • He saves money by not bothering to repair the other camp that’s falling apart, which somehow happens to be the first camp he opened  [though to get money out of it, he added on different camps to be on point with the other one]

2.  He’s gone most of the time:

  • trying to hide from the feds
  • While on the run, he might be visiting his other summer camp.  But, he visits it, just as much as he visits the other camp.  Very rare.
  • He stopped caring about the other camp that was becoming less popular

3.  This one does tie into the reason he’s rich.  He was losing money, and by how cheap he is, felt it was expensive to keep both camps and wanted to avoid some rules and regulations.  Someone offered him a lot of money for one of them so, he took it.  But, that camp decided to keep the name.

And that, is my theory.  It’s long, put too much thought into it but… Here you go!   : )

Edited:  I made a mistake on where Roosterteeth is located, I got a bit confused,

Bittersweet 16 | Rucas Oneshot

Prompt: I got requested to do a rucas au oneshot based on my favorite instant star episode awhile back as well as a different request to do another ‘Riley is Josh’s younger sister’ au so I decided to combine them lol. Hope that’s okay! 
A/N: Okay so like I said in this AU Riley is Josh’s little sister and Josh and Lucas (and Zay) are two years older. There’s an obvious connection between Riley and Lucas but he’s afraid to cross that line with her because of his relationship with her family and their minor age difference. Inspired by S01E08 of Instant Star.
Word Count: 6,336 (I’m sorry I don’t know why this is so long)

✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

“I can’t wait to see you either.” Riley smiled as she chewed on her bottom lip. Her best friend Isadora grinned at her from the other side of the couch before popping a handful of M&M’s into her mouth. She playfully kicked at the raven-haired girl who was now making kissing noises as she dragged out her goodbye over the phone. “Yeah, you too. Bye.”

The two girls shrieked in unison once the brunette hung up the phone. “Could it be the God’s are finally on my side?” She giggled, hopping up and down as she tried to contain her excitement. “I can’t believe I have my first serious boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe it’s Evan Carmichael.”  The bespectacled beauty teases, nudging her best friend. “Does this mean you’re over you know who?”

Riley waits a beat. Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at the mere mention of him. Isadora didn’t need to say his name for her to know exactly who she was talking about. Lucas Friar. He was two years older and best friends with her older brother Josh which meant he was off limits. Not that he was interested anyway.

The crush she had on him started way back in middle school but to him she would always just be his best friends little sister. She was just a dumb kid in his eyes despite their minor age difference. But none of that mattered now. She moved on, she was dating Evan now and was just 1 day shy of turning 16 and having the birthday party of her dreams. Things were finally starting to look up. She was happy.

“That’s in the past.” Riley assured her. “Besides, he made his feelings very clear.”

“That was 2 years ago, Bubbles.” Isadora gives her a pointed look. “Just because he saw you as a kid when you were 14 doesn’t meant he sees you that way now. People change. Feelings change.”

“Izzy, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Two years later and I’m still two years younger. I’ll always be two years younger. He’s 18, he’s a senior, I can’t expect him to want to be with someone who still has 2 more years to go before they graduate.” She knew it was the truth but that didn’t make it sting any less to hear it out loud. And even though it hurt, she made peace with his decision.  

Peace or no peace though, she couldn’t help but think back to that week…

Every year before the new school year began the Matthews family would rent a lake house up in Connecticut to celebrate labor day away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Usually the trip only consisted of the 5 of them. Riley’s parents, her two brothers and herself of course. But the summer after Riley’s 14th birthday was different.

Her parents allowed each of their children to bring along 2 guests. Her younger brother Auggie brought his two friends Ava and Dewey and in true Joshua Matthews fashion wherever he went the other two musketeers, Lucas and Zay, followed.  

Even though her parents said she could bring two guests Riley knew the only person she felt comfortable enough to bring along with her was Isadora. She and Izzy became fast friends in elementary school and have been inseparable ever since. It was nice finding someone who got what it meant to be different and once they found each other they vowed never to let go.  

Because of her lack of friends and an open spot being available, Josh begged their parents to let his girlfriend, Maya, tag along. Her parents, feeling like there was an uneven amount of boys and girls, decides it’s a good idea and before they knew it they had a full house.

It wasn’t until that summer that Riley even thought she had a chance with Lucas in the first place. Yes, she had a school girl crush on the sandy haired boy but in her heart of hearts she never thought even for a second that he would reciprocate those feelings. Not until the lake that is.

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Hey guys!

So there’s been a few requests over the summer for a Regal Believer appreciation week. I was a bit slow making it so how about a fall(ish) one?

Regal Believer Appreciation Week
Starting September 03 - September 09

Day 1 - Mom/Son Moment(s): Showing or highlighting their mother and son relationship and bond.
Day 2 - Location(s): This could be a specific place (ie: Granny’s, the vault), area (ie: the city, the woods), or realm (ie: Our world, Camelot).
Day 3 - Affection: Being affectionate and loving with one another. Physical, vocal, etc.
Day 4 - eRegal Believer: The Evil Queen and Henry’s relationship.
Day 5 - Team Mills: Regina and Henry being together, working together, helping each other (or others).
Day 6 - Emotion: A certain state of emotion/feeling shared between them (or over each other).
Day 7 - Free Day: Whatever you’d like to do.

I tried to make the categories a bit vague and more open to interpretation so that more than just gif makers can participate. If you’d like to take part in other ways using the daily prompts (fanfiction, vidding, graphics), please feel free! Also please don’t feel confined to doing just one thing per category (one emotion, one location, etc). If you want to do more than one thing in an entry or even more than one entry, you definitely can!

Just remember to tag all your entries with regalbelieveraw so that I can find your posts easily. And don’t worry about falling behind or not being able to take part on the week of. You may post whenever you can. Later entries are always welcome.

Message if you have any questions and have fun!

anonymous asked:

do you know any like. vmin fics that are kinda slow build. kinda fluffy. top Jimin. and stuff. or do you know any abo where Jimin is the alpha—

hi! i hope you find some fics here that you like! if you want more top jimin fics you should check out my vmin fic rec ~here~

and as always if anyone else knows any fics that should be listed here feel free to add them!!

Alpha Jimin:

The One With Two Alphas and One Omega by TaeSyubDKook 

Taehyung knew it was a bad day to go to class when he felt the first symptoms of his heat but he still did it. That is how he ended up in Jimin’s house. With his boyfriend joining soon after. 

Vminkook with established taekook | M | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | smut, threesome, a/b/o, omega tae, alpha jungkook, alpha jimin, handcuffs, double penetration

sex kitten by darkparadises (queenhinata) 

jimin accompanies his friend namjoon to a kinky bdsm club one night. there he meets v, a sexy tall omega, who’s really into petplay.

vmin | E | incomplete 5/? | 6.5k | a/b/o, smut, pwp, pet play, master/pet, light dom/sub, top jimin, alpha jimin, bottom tae, omega tae

And in the rain i’ll give you sunshine by Doeeyedmisfit 

“Promise you’ll be careful next time?” Taehyung whispers into the calm between them.

Jimin lifts himself onto an elbow, slightly hovering over the omega, gazing down at him lovingly. He leans in just as Taehyung closes his eyes, and gently kisses his favorite pair of lips.

“I promise.”

vmin | T | complete 1/1 | 3.8k | werewolf au, a/b/o, hint of angst, alpha jimin, omega tae, vmin are married, the rest of bts are kids, domestic fluff

Cradle me, I’ll cradle you by Doeeyedmisfit

The pups are away with their uncles for the weekend, leaving Jimin and Taehyung to spend some quality time on their own.

vmin | M | complete 1/1 | 14k | fluff, smut, a/b/o, werewolf au, omega tae, alpha jimin, blow jobs, rutting, domestic fluff, part 2, parents vmin and babies bangtan

Dream Big by ohnami

50 years ago wolves lived peacefully next to each other. South and West cohabited and worked together with respect creating one big community in this side of the world. However one alpha from the North started a rebellion which leaded for the wood to tear apart into two big sides with different governments.

South the place where wolves can live the way they want, where they can change into their wolf form creating small packs and establish a family. Mixing their human lifestyle with the nature depending on how they imagin their own life.

While North is a dark place, the head alpha and his family owns the whole place, soilders and weapons terrify the citizens, everyone is banned to live in their natural form and the worst part …. those South wolves who were accidentally and cruelly dragged away from their homes, relatives and ended up the bad side of the world have to face with danger and suppression every day. Soilders are harrassing them, banning them from creating a family, strict laws controlling their everyday life and looking down at them like they are nothings.

In this disgusting world Taehyung, a South wolf, still dreamt about a family with his mate, a future which will never happen here…

vmin | G | incomplete 2/6 | 16k | werewolf au, a/b/o, alpha jimin, omega tae, established relationships, romance, smut, blood, violence, attempted non-con, top jimin, bottom tae

now in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace? by partytillthesundown (metalgr3ymon)

Prince Jimin won’t want him now, Taehyung’s father told him as much. Betas didn’t end up with powerful alphas like Jimin, he said, and Taehyung’s heart broke. Betas only ended up with either each other or with the less popular alphas and omegas. Jimin won’t want him. Taehyung doesn’t stand a chance now.

or, the one where Taehyung presents as a beta and his entire world comes crashing down

vmin | E | complete 1/1 | 7k | a/b/o, alpha jimin, beta taehyung, smut, angst with a happy ending

my last breath (take it) by YinKai

In which Kim Taehyung is taken by his clan’s leaders: an adult-child alpha and a two-faced beta. 

vminkook side yoonseok and namjin | E | incomplete 9/? | 7k | werewolf au, a/b/o, smut, angst, minor character death, threesome, past non-con, dom/sub undertones, exhibitionism

slow build+fluff+top jimin:

note- not all these fics contain all three elements! i’m sorry i tried ^^

L'art pour l'art by MarionetteFtHJM

Taehyung, high-school dropout at the young age of 15, is now 18 and in some deep shit. His supposed ‘team’ isn’t helping and it serves him right, he should have studied math.This is what he gets for pursuing a life of crime.

(Or: Taehyung tries to steal a painting and gets caught, cue fake it till you make it)

vmin side yoonseok | E | complete 1/1 | 20K | modern setting, thieves au, kinda twist ending, humour, smut at the end

jetsam byrinsed

jimin was supposed to stay gone. but he came back, against all odds, while taehyung was stuck in the suburban recesses of a dying city, wiling the days away and waiting for nothing. he isn’t waiting for nothing anymore — he’s waiting for something. he’s waiting for the inevitable chokehold, the bared teeth, the fingernail crescent moons in cheap, red leather. there is still nothing, but it’s a different kind of nothing.

vmin, jinkook | M | complete 1/1 | 27k | summer vacation, underage drinking/smoking/drug use, angst, fluff, falling in love, childhood friends, slow burn

Setting Alight To Darkness by taehansik

“Whatever souls are made of, mine and yours are the same.”

vmin | M | complete 2/2 | 26k | friends to lovers, falling in love, slow burn, growing up, childhood, fluff, angst, homophobia, implied child abuse, fate, soulmates, time shifts

I’d Be Your Lifeline by feng87

Jimin makes a memo for each lie that Taehyung tells, one for every day.
“For every lie that you tell, I’m going to write it down, and you’re gonna have to pay for it.” laughs Jimin.
“Well you’re the doctor, not me. Let’s see if you can make a crazy patient pay.” Taehyung smirks. Challenge accepted.

vmin | Not Rated | complete 26/26 | 24k | angst, hurt and comfort, minor violence, Doctor Jimin, Hospital au, slow burn, jikook mentioned

Rainy Days Can Be Beautiful Too by taetaehyunng

Three sons of wealthy cooperations are arranged to be married.
Park Jimin can’t wait to finally be with his future husbands.
Kim Taehyung wants to fall in love.
And Jeon Jungkook is just trying to keep up.

A.k.a Vminkook adjusting to married life and finding themselves falling in love way quicker then they imagined.

vminkook, namjin, yoonseok | T | complete 15/15 | 28k | arranged marriage, threesome, polyamory, fluff, minor angst, slow burn, domestic fluff, falling in love, mentions of illness

spinebreaker by Bangtanbananas

“We’re gonna get paired up, hyung,” he gushes excitedly. “I just know it!”

Jungkook’s bouncing on the bunk above has Jimin grumbling at the creaking noise. “Don’t get your hopes up,” he hums, placing the book he had been reading on top of his chest, “maybe you’ll pair with Taehyung. Or someone else.”

“Pfft. I’ve known you since before I was born. There’s no one better than us.”

“Okay, okay,” Jimin laughs, picking up his book again, “we’ll see.”

vmin, side yoonkook | E | complete 6/6 | 33k | pacific rim au, violence, action, smut, slow burn, top jimin, bottom tae

the trees shake (when i think of you) bysunsmiles

Everything is Jimin, or rather Jimin is everything.

Alternatively: Jimin and Taehyung travel together.

vmin | T | complete 1/1 | 11k | romance, slow burn, friends to lovers

mysteries and dictionaries by minblush 

Taehyung has a mystery to solve, a very cute mystery that goes by the name of Park Jimin.

vmin | M | complete 5/5 | 23k | college au, developing relationships, slow burn, cute jimin, popular tae, first kiss, cute, fluff, switching, healthy relationships

it’s just puppy love by theARMYduo

Taehyung has really big dreams, and a really big heart.

Jimin has a really big problem.

The two get along a little too well (just ask Jungkook.)

vmin | G | incomplete 1/? | 2.9k | fluff, pet detective au, jungkook is tae’s accomplice, crack, platonic taekook, slow burn

the lovely bones by mintyoongee

kim taehyung just wants to remember everything, and yet, when a certain dancer trips him up, he forgets about remembering and focuses more on living

[or in which photographer taehyung spots a beautiful dancer and is mesmerized]

vmin | Not Rated | complete 1/1 | 10k | smut, fluff, angst, bottom tae, top jimin, dancer jimin, character death, depression, Christmas fluff, time skips, slow build, past child abuse 

if i wanted to (i do) by kaythebest

It’s not a surprise to anyone that Taehyung and Jimin are getting married.

There are things that bring people together, like fate, but this isn’t that sort of arrangement.

It’s a matter of politics.

vmin, side yoonseok | T | complete 4/4 | 41k | fluff, slow burn, royalty au, modern royalty, arranged marriage, domestic fluff, friends to lovers, kid jungkook

in a field of flowers, i’d pick you first by kyuukis

Jimin only picks the prettiest flowers for the prettiest boy next door.

or alternatively: all the times Jimin thought he could be dating Taehyung, and the one time he was.

vmin | T | complete 1/1 | 9.6k | college au, friends to lovers, mutual pining, fluff, slow burn 

when it comes to us by kadotas

Jimin’s parents told him that his time at college would be the ‘best time of his life’. Sitting in his anatomy lecture, with only a double espresso to stave off the temptation of shutting his eyes, Jimin thinks that if this is supposed to be the best time of his life, he definitely wanted a refund — student loan and all.

But, if there was one person who made the college experience somewhat similar to what his parents had said it would be, it was Kim Taehyung.

(in which Taehyung adopts a cat and Jimin wonders if he’s been in love with his best friend the entire time.)

vmin, side yoonkook and namjin | T | complete 4/4 | 48k | college au, fluff, med student jimin, slow build, vmin are nerds, friends to lovers, denial of feelings, angst, happy ending

Ocean Claimed by jeong4vr

When Taehyung arrives in Lieryia, Jimin is drawn into a storm of emotions, forced to face the loss he thought he’d moved on from, the world beyond his home suddenly within his reach.

vmin | T | complete 5/5 | 61k | fantasy au, slow burn, happy ending, fluff

summer, winter, spring (i’m falling for you) by kaythebest 

The school starts to take notice of Jimin.

Taehyung has always noticed.

vmin | T | complete 4/4 | 41k | friends to lovers, high school au, pining, fluff, underage drinking, childhood friends, slow burn

The Incident (and all that came after) bytaetae_s

“Have sex with me.”

“Told you to get a mask; the fumes totally went straight to your tiny little head.”

“I’m 100% serious, and my head is NOT tiny.”

OR: Park Jimin wants to be FWB and Kim Taehyung can think of about 1000 reasons why that’s a bad idea (but he still does it anyways)

vmin | E | complete 1/1 | 28k | fwb, friends to lovers, top taehyung, top jimin, switch jimin, power bottom tae, smut, fluff, romance, praise kink

Completely Platonic…. by Toshiba19

The four times that Jimin and Taehyung said they were platonic and the one time they realize they’ve probably been dating all along.

vmin | E | complete 5/5 | 7k | smut, idol verse, friends to lovers, humour, top jimin

anonymous asked:

Au where sirius is a famous youtuber and he is married to teacher remus but they've kept it secret so nobody knows it. But then one day remus forgot his lunch and sirius couldnt let him starve, so he go to remus school and everybody is freaking out bc SIRIUS BLACK IS HERE OMG, and sirius takes a few photos aND THEN HE SEES REMUS AND HE KISS HIM AND PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT omg i need this

Okay omg this is amazing as it is but I’m gonna try and do it justice

  • Remus thinks it’s hilarious to hear the kids freaking out the day after Sirius has uploaded a new video - they barely pay attention whenever he sets them off on a task because they’re too busy enthusing about it
  • For this reason Remus makes him swear to never upload the day before any tests or exams because “Goddamnit Sirius, these kids need an eduction”
  • Sirius is asked to make merch and OBVIOUSLY he makes stationary just so Remus can never forget that his class love Sirius more than him
  • Non uniform days are always a game of ‘Spot the one kid NOT wearing a Padfoot T-shirt”
  • Remus has to change the background on his phone from a selfie of him and Sirius after a kid sees it during catch up and starts a rumour that Remus is a superfan
  • “OMG did you hear Mr Lupin has met Sirius Black?? He probably went to Summer in the City or something I heard he’s a proper fanboy”
  • The kids start trying to talk to him about it - asking him whenever a new video has come out if he’s watched it and whether or not he enjoyed it
  • He just shrugs and tells them to get back to work - he’d rather not let them know that he’s had to watch 4 different versions of it in the last 2 days to help Sirius decide which to upload
  • On the morning he forgets his lunch he actually stops and swears mid-lesson (thankfully it’s with the sixth formers otherwise he’d be in big trouble)
  • He and Sirius live too far away for Remus to be able to drive home during his lunch break, so the only other option is…
  • Oh God
  • Oh no
  • Sirius can’t come here
  • Remus decides he’d much rather go without, and so he continues with his day teaching until break, when he checks his phone to see a text from Sirius
  • You left your lunch so I’m going to come drop it off xxx
  • It was sent half an hour ago - Sirius would be there by now
  • Remus had thought the corridor outside his classroom seemed louder than usual
  • He peeks his head around the classroom door to see Sirius taking selfies with his class, who are waiting to be let into the next lesson
  • Sirius looks round and sees him, a huge grin spreading across his face - “Hey, babe!”
  • Remus groans, “Did you just call me babe in front of my students?” 
  • He would never live this down
  • The kids are all staring in awe at the scene - some are whispering. It’s pretty well known that both Mr Lupin and Sirius are gay (Sirius’ coming out video has well over 12 million views), but no one saw this coming
  • Sirius holds up the lunchbag he has been carrying and waves it in front of Remus’ face, “You forgot this, nerd.”
  • “Sirius please stop embarrassing me in front of the year nines”
  • “Never.”
  • He waltzes over and kisses Remus on the cheek before placing the lunchbag unceremoniously in Remus’ hands, then turns and walks back down the corridor as the school bell rings, leaving nothing but the faint smell of expensive aftershave and a sea of gaping 13 year olds behind him.
  • Remus flushes red and clears his throat before pushing the door open fully and calling the class in,
  • “If I see anything about this on twitter I swear I’ll get him to delete his channel”

the best of animal crossing

i don’t know about you guys, but animal crossing is my happy place. it just melts my anxiety and gives me comfort. when i don’t have time to play it, just listening to the music has the same effect. i hope it does for you guys too :~) here’s the tracklist i’ve compiled. feel free to message me if i forgot anything!

1. 7 a.m. AC Gamecube | 2. Wild World Title Super Smash Bros. Brawl | 3. 7 p.m. New Leaf | 4.K.K. Bossa (Orchestra)Animal Crossing Movie | 5. The City (day raining) City Folk | 6. 1 p.m. AC Gamecube | 7. New Year Party Animal Crossing Movie | 8. Summer Festival Animal Crossing Movie | 9. K.K. Bossa (Aircheck)K.K. Slider | 10. Music Marquee City Folk | 11. Bunny Day New Leaf | 12. 8 a.m.AC Gamecube | 13. B.B.F.F.K.K. Slider | 14. Town Hall & Tom Nook’s StoreSuper Smash Bros. Brawl | 15. Fireworks ShowAC Wild World | 16. The Peaceful Routine of Everyday LifeAC Remix | 17. First SnowAC Mix | 18. Animal Crossing Medley (Piano)| 19. 6 a.m.AC Gamecube | 20. Only MeK.K. Slider | 21. City DayCity Folk | 22. Toy DayNew Leaf | 23. Rainy Day ThemeAC Gamecube | 24. 8 p.m.New Leaf | 25. Daytime minigameNew Leaf | 26. Forest Life (Aircheck)City Folk | 27. Kapp'n’s SongNew Leaf | 28. Bubblegum K.K. (aircheck)K.K. Slider | 29. 2 a.m.City Folk | 30. 8 p.m.AC Gamecube | 31. K.K. Birthday (Aircheck)K.K. Slider | 32. Animal Crossing Theme RemixAC Gamecube | 33. 12 p.m.AC Gamecube | 34. The RoostCity Folk | 35. Animal Crossing Opening ThemeAC Gamecube | 36. Town TreeNew Leaf

Thank you all so much! I never expected to make it this far :( I didnt expect to even make over a thousand! But thank you all so much! So many have helped me through these past 5ish months! Today ill be doing some blogrates!

So i guess ill tag some people who really helped me! and the blog rate thing will be under the cut also!

Rules for blog rates!

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3. Send and ask and ill rate your blog!

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GREED || MAFIA!Jeonghan [Chp 2]

BLURB: Power makes most men weak but you’re his special brand of kryptonite.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, romance

WORDS: 2125

PART: 1 | 2 |

Summers had always been his favourite time. For one, Jeonghan was entirely free from his studies for at least a few months. No tutors nagging at him for his terrible writing or smacking him with a ruler for dozing off during a lesson (as if it was his fault that Faery History was so boring) or music teachers with their snooty accents commanding him to “start again”. The days stretched on and there was always some sort of festival every other weekend, filling the city square with music and laughter. Jeonghan was never allowed to go but the sounds carried and he would run to the outer castle walls, squeezing himself against the gates as much as the guards let him, watching as the parade marched pass.

Sometimes the King and Queen – his parents – would open the castle doors and people would come bearing gifts; farmers presenting a small portion of their bountiful harvests after months of toil, blacksmiths with their polished swords or glittering trinkets, seamstresses and new a gown for the beautiful Queen. Once Jeonghan had received a charming little toy from an elderly craftsman; a beautiful wooden bird on top of a stick that would flap its wings if Jeonghan moved it up and down. It didn’t do anything else but he loved it anyway. However the craftsman had brought only one.

Jeonghan’s brows had scrunched together into a frown. “Could you come back with another one?”

“Another one?” the old man’s tone was filled with worry. “Why don’t you like this one, little prince? If you don’t mind me asking,” he added as an afterthought.

“Oh I do like this one!” As a young boy Jeonghan had hair that hung to his shoulders and it bounced as he nodded enthusiastically. “It’s just… I think my friend would one want too.”

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aesthetic rates

In honour of it being 4 weeks!! until Stranger Things 2 drops on Netflix (and me being close to another milestone) I thought I’d do some fun aesthetic-themed blog rates. 

If you’d like one, send me an ask and tell me: what are you most excited for in Season 2? 
I’ll take a peek at your blog and respond with the aesthetic I think it gives off. 
It’d be cool if you reblogged this so it doesn’t flop to spread the word.

stranger kid: eleven | mike wheeler | lucas sinclair | dustin henderson | will byers 
scent: fresh rain | citrus fruit | warm vanilla | new books | spicy cinnamon |  brewing coffee
colour: cream | charcoal black | periwinkle | forest green | rose gold | navy blue | soft rose | cherry red | burnt orange | fiery yellow 
season: spring | summer | autumn | winter
time of the day: dawn | morning | afternoon | dusk | evening | night
place: a rocky coastline | a bustling city | an open clearing in a forest | a quiet rooftop | outer space | a flower-covered valley
sound: ocean waves | wind chimes | rustling leaves | crackling fire | quiet piano 

Wedge - Chapter 1

Hope u enjoy.

Content: Gravity Falls   Pairing: Pinecest (Mabel x Dipper)

Rating: T                        Notes: They are aged up to 19

Summary: After being unsatisfied with their lives, Dipper and Mabel move back to Gravity Falls to reopen the Mystery Shack, and something scary and new starts bubbling under the surface. But the sudden appearance of a third party throws even their sibling relationship into chaos.

[Chp 1] [Chp 2] [Chp 3] [Chp 4] [Chp 5][Chp 6]


Disclaimer: Incest is a bad idea, you probably shouldn’t do it. 

Chapter 1 - The Mystery Shack

Dipper disappointed an awful lot of people when he decided to drop out of college.

His professors, his parents, his Great Uncle Ford (even if he wouldn’t say it out loud). Himself. Himself, most of all. For so much of his life he KNEW he was going to go to college, graduate with a bachelor’s, with a master’s, with a Ph.D. Heck, maybe even two. The idea felt right to him, like his whole life had been building up to the moment when he’d be up on stage receiving his doctorate, his family cheering him on. He didn’t think it would be easy, of course it wouldn’t, but as long as he committed himself and worked hard, as long as he really wanted it, he could make it happen.

And that was the issue. After two years of regular ol’ undergrad (Bio and math double major, with a minor in chemistry), he wasn’t sure if he had wanted it. His grades were fine; stellar, even. Straight 4.0, on the Dean’s List, involved enough in his classes that a few of his professors took interest in his academic development. He joined some campus clubs, became a regularly contributing member, even was elected treasurer of the admittedly low-key Cryptid Research Society. He was a perfect student. It was too bad he’d felt completely miserable, all the time.

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2 Hours of Sleepy Video Game Music (Vol. 4)

A 2-hour compilation of ‘sleepy’ dreamlike music from various video games.

0:00 Ragnarok Odyssey Ace - Cradle of the Slumbering Machines – Kumi Tanioka
3:05 Wild Arms 3 - Night of the Legends – Michiko Naruke
5:47 Antichamber - The Garden – Siddhartha Barnhoorn
13:02 Animal Crossing: City Folk - 11 PM (Snow) – Manaka Tominaga, Shiho Fujii
15:45 Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Inugami Village – Yasunori Mitsuda
19:57 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time - The Great Clock - Clank’s Subconscious – Boris Salchow
24:09 Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Difficult to Say – Eriko Imura
26:12 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Musique pour la tristesse de Xion – Yoko Shimomura
30:08 Hotel Dusk: Room 215 - The Long Night – Satoshi Okubo
32:49 Knytt Underground - Vanishing – D Fast
36:24 Tsugunai: Atonement - Whilst I Sleep – Yasunori Mitsuda
39:13 Age of Wonders - Nature’s Embrace – Michiel van den Bos
42:41 Monster Tale - Summer Shores – Ian Stocker
45:55 Etrian Odyssey Untold - Labyrinth II - Primitive Jungle – Yuzo Koshiro
50:12 L.O.L.: Lack of Love - Dream – Ryuichi Sakamoto
52:42 ilomilo - Once Upon – Daniel Olsén
55:35 Undertale - Home – Toby Fox
59:00 Final Fantsay IX - Eidolon Wall – Nobuo Uematsu
1:01:31 Tower of Heaven - Eternal Sanctity – flashygoodness
1:04:34 Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer - Anya’s Dreamscape – Rik Schaffer
1:08:33 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - A Cat Relaxing in the Sun – Falcom Sound Team jdk
1:12:01 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors - Recollection – Shinji Hosoe
1:16:01 Dust: An Elysian Tail - Twin Souls – HyperDuck SoundWorks
1:21:20 Beyond Good & Evil - Thoughtful Reflections – Christophe Héral
1:24:24 Code of Princess - Sadness’ Decision – ACE
1:28:49 Lunar: Silver Star Harmony - Reverie in the Brilliant Light – Noriyuki Iwadare
1:31:21 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Temple of Hylia – Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama
1:34:54 Grandia III - Terrarium – Noriyuki Iwadare
1:38:00 Professor Layton and the Last Specter - Misthallery ~ Night – Tomohito Nishiura
1:41:29 Harvest Moon: Animal Parade - Goddess Spring (Night) – Yasufumi Fukuda, Hideaki Miyamoto
1:45:31 E.V.O.: Search for Eden - Asteroid Belt – Koichi Sugiyama
1:48:29 Viva Piñata - Bedtime Story – Grant Kirkhope
1:51:06 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Strength in Sadness – Kumi Tanioka
1:54:25 Machinarium - By The Wall – Tomas Dvorak
1:59:26 Yume Nikki - Saving Theme – kikiyama

Sleepy VGM Vol. 1 -
Sleepy VGM Vol. 2 -
Sleepy VGM Vol. 3 -

Relaxing VGM Vol. 1 -
Relaxing VGM Vol. 2 -
Relaxing VGM Vol. 3 -
Relaxing VGM Vol. 4 -

Remus and Tonks’ Infinite Life Playlist

Times Like These - The Eden Project (remadora)

Wonderwall - Ryan Adams cover (Remus to Dora)

Bloom - Paper Kites (Remus/Dora morning after wedding song)

Pasture - Down Like Silver (Dora after Mad-Eye’s death)

Suitcase - Joe Purdy (Dora to Remus during the height of the war)

I’m On Fire - Awolnation (Remus to Dora, upon first realizing he’s falling in love)

At War - Letters From The Fire (Remus, lovely Remus)

Flowers of a Ghost (I’m Only Human) - (REMADORA)

Tessellate - Alt-J (remadora’s ‘first time’)

Inside Out - Chainsmokers (Dora telling Remus she’s gonna love him, no matter how hard he tries to fight it)

Fall In Love - Barcelona (Listen to this song and tell me it’s not Remus to Dora, most especially when he’s with the wolves thinking of her)

 Lay Me Down - Sorah Yang cover (Dora to Remus while he’s with the wolves) 

So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold (Remus thinking of James and Sirius)

River - Bishop Briggs (DEFINITELY Dora to Remus, done with his back and forth nonsense)

Come As You Are - Prep School cover (Dora to Remus)

Bad Blood - Bastille (The Marauders)

Impossible Year - Panic! At the Disco (Angsty remadora)

Here’s to the Heartache - Nothing More (Remus to Dora)

Lovely - 21 Pilots (Dora to Remus tho)

Silence Summons You - Animal Kingdom (Dora to Remus)

All I Want - Kodaline (Dora missing Remus)

Heaven - Amber Run (Remus to Dora after accepting her love)

Human - Aquilo (Dora very firmly to Remus)

Butterfly - Crazy Town (Low-key probably playing in Remus’ head every time Dora was around)

Work Song - Hozier (Playing in Remus’ head as he ran off to battle, thinking of Dora)

Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson (Remus as his resolve breaks and his fear of it all)

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd (Dora to Remus hardcore)

Creep - Radiohead (How could anyone not relate this to Remus)

Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade (SO Dora to Remus)

You Really Got a Hold On Me - She & Him (Dora to Remus)

Where You Should Be - Skream (remadora)

Turning Page - Sleeping at Last (When Remus marries Dora)

Running Up that Hill - Placebo (Dora to Remus as she watches him struggle with loving her and being what he is)

Forever Young - Alphaville (Remus and Dora dancing, the world around them dark and heavy)

Meteor Shower - Owl City (remadora)

Unwell - Matchbox 20 (Dora, just…Dora)

Possibility - Lykke Li (Dora to Remus while she’s chasing him) 

Love Me Dead - Ludo (Playing 24/7 in Remus’ head about Dora when he gets angry about falling for her)

I Alone - Live (Remus, after finding out Dora is pregnant)

Fix You - Coldplay (Dora to Remus, good lord my heart)

Everywhere I Go - Lissie (Battle weary Dora, before Remus accepts her love)

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys (HARDCORE remadora)

When You Were Young - The Killers (Dora)

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer (Remus to Dora on why they shouldn’t be in love)

Fields of Gold - Sting (remadora’s heaven song, can’t convince me otherwise)

I Caught Fire - The Used (Remus to Dora after they marry)

Boats & Birds - Gregory & the Hawk (Remus, Dora, & Teddy’s song)

Last Night On Earth - Greenday (remadora wedding dance song)

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls (Just imagine Remus singing this to Dora. Just do it)

Power of Love - Gabrielle Aplin (Now imagine Dora singing this to Remus)

My Love - Sia (Playing in Dora’s head in the brief minutes between Remus’ death and her own)

Crave You - Flight Facilities (Smitten Dora to Remus before she realizes he loves her too)

Wrapped In Your Arms - FireFlight (Dora’s after-sex cuddle song)

I Know You Care - Ellie Goulding (Dora’s 2:30 am thoughts)

No Sound but the Wind - Editors (remadora war song)

Days Go By (acoustic) - Dirty Vegas (remadora)

White Flag - Dito (VIOLENTLY Dora to Remus)

Missing - City & Colour (Teddy to his parents)

Summer Skin - Death Cab for Cutie (remadora just after Dora tells Remus she loves him and he starts ignoring her, their once great friendship crumbling)

Love Song - The Cure (remadora - more 2:30 am thoughts)

Bedroom Eyes - Crywolf (Dora to Remus)

Never Tear Us Apart - Allday cover (remadora)

The Scientist - Coldplay (remadora right in the feels)

The Lonely - Christina Perri (Dora while Remus is ignoring her)

Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz (Heart-meltingly remadora)

Once - B. C. Kane (Dora to Remus, PLEASE listen)

Smother - Daughter (SO Dora about Remus while he’s ignoring her)

Beside You - Phidel (Dora to Remus, always)

Mother - Lissie (How Remus must feel about it all)

Take Me to Church - Hozier (Remus about Dora 25/7 probably)

Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New (So Remus to Dora while he’s away it hurts)

Wolves - Down Like Silver (remadora funeral song)

I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie (remadora’s death song)

You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

Yaz tatilinde izlemeniz gereken filmler :3 (PART 2)




-Hızlı ve Öfkeli Serisi

-Never Back Down

-Guguk Kuşu

-Green Street Hooligans

-City Of God


-The Wolverine

-About Time

-A Walk to Remember

-500 Days Of Summer

-Yes Man

P.S. I Love You

-Kal Ho Naa Ho

-Grave of the Fireflies

-Mary and Max

-A.I Artificial Intelligence

-Take the Lead