summer in cold places

Flower Asks

Daisy: Every birthday, do you see yourself being one year older as one year wiser or one year more confused about life?

Water Lily: When you develop an obsession, do you stick with it or get tired of it quickly?

Tulip: Would you rather travel into your favorite book/movie, or bring a character from it out to our world?

Poppy: What’s your favorite book to read on chilly winter days?

Peony: What’s one scenario that you replay in your head over and over again, trying to decide what you could’ve done?

Crimson Rose: What color strikes an emotional meaning in you?

Daffodil: Do you hold grudges or let things go after they’ve happened?

Sunflower: Would you rather make yourself a settled home or explore new realms?

Geranium: Are colorful clothes or muted outfits more to your liking?

Black Eyed Susan: Do you prefer Summer or Winter, warm or cold weather?

Iris: Expenses covered, what one place would you visit?

Imagine your OTP lounging around at their place on a hot summer day (either in a place too cold to have air conditioning or perhaps they cant afford to turn it on because it’s too expensive). Person A is splayed on the couch, fanning themselves, when person B walks in shirtless, chugging a water bottle with sweat dripping down their chest. Do things get NSFW? Does person A throw a pillow at person B and tell them to get dressed? Do they join them in shirtless abandon?

OT+ bonus: Person C is lying underneath the ceiling fan clutching a bag of frozen peas. Person D is out on an ice cream run. Person E comes from a hot climate and tells the others to suck it up, only to get a bag of frozen peas to the face.

yuri’s new daddy

“I hate him!” Yuri slammed his hand against the framed poster. Right into that smug, smiling face. “I’ll teach him not to take me seriously! I’ll show him! I’ll - “ Otabek pulled him off the poster. Off of that face, and Yuri grabbed the edges, scrambled and sobbed as Otabek pried his fingers off the lacquer and scratched him twice - drew blood the second time - when he finally managed to get him away from the image of Viktor Nikiforov. “Liar! Fucking liar!”

Otabek was tempted to let Yuri know, when he caught Nikiforov and Katsuki peeking around the corner. “Let’s get some hot chocolate.” St Petersburg was a cold place, even in the heat of summer.

Yuri popped his neck and straightened his jacket. For a moment, one terrifying moment, Otabek thought he saw them too, thought he was going to shoot down the hall like a bullet, fly through the air and tear up the real thing. Otabek touched his cheek, gently, with the back of his knuckle, and Yuri blinked, several times. God, he was about to cry. Otabek ground his teeth at the sight of his tears. “That… that actually sounds great.”


Otabek is angry. He’s angry as he traces lines over his creamy skin, as he rubs his shoulders, as he pours more massage oil into his hands and warms it with his breath. “Mmmm, Beks…. Feels so good…”

He presses his thumbs into the knots. Otabek has to straddle Yuri’s back and bear down on all the stress Yuri seems to knit into his muscles. “You’re not going to the rink during his practice times, anymore.” Yuri almost disagrees, but Otabek isn’t having it. He touches the shell of his ear before he can say one damn word and sighs, instead. “Afternoon. One o'clock. I already made the arrangements with Yakov.”

I always took care of you, Yurio. Nikiforov was staring Otabek down when he said that, as if Nikiforov wasn’t the reason Yuri still cried when he got a hold of a Grey Goose bottle. As if he wasn’t the name Yuri sobbed in his sleep. As if he never hurt him. But, oh! He hurt him. Hurt him so badly.

He is lucky to be alive, as far as Otabek is concerned.

Yuri huffs and the smallest smile curls at the corner of his mouth. “Fine.” Otabek could kiss it. Could worship it. Could build monuments out of solid mountain rock with his bare hands to that little smile. He sweeps his fingers up and down his back, slipping and sliding, counting the freckles on his shoulders, lingering over the tiny mole near the center of his spinal column. “You make me feel so good, Beks…”

Otabek stops. “Yura…”

He sits up. He blinks like he’s waking up from a beautiful dream and beams. “Take care of me some more?” He can’t say no. It’s like saying no to keep the sun from rising. “Like you do with your hands?”


Viktor Nikiforov could go to hell. Otabek cupped Yuri’s face and kissed his eyes, his cheeks, the curve of his jaw and then his sunny smile as Nikiforov stewed in the pool and Yuri was no longer even remotely aware of his presence. “You need more sunscreen.” Otabek wiped his lips off, reached for the bottle and smeared more on his cheeks. “Might as well make sure you’re fully covered.” Yuri rolled his eyes but he complied.

He didn’t even care when Viktor said, “He’s so well behaved for you, Otabek.” All he did was flip him off as he leaned into Otabek’s hands and let him rub more cream on his chest.

Nikiforov could boil in that pool, and he probably was. Great. Let him see what he was missing when Yuri stood on his toes and kissed Otabek’s cheek. “Thank you, Beks.”

“Anytime.” They walked toward the other side of the pool and sat at the deep end, dipping their feet in the water as they waited for Yuri’s sunscreen to dry off.

Nikiforov had pushed Katsuki in right away.


“Like that… More!… oh! Harder!” Yuri’s back is slick and sliding up against Otabek’s chest as he bounces up and down his lap, as Otabek’s slippery hands move and cup and squeeze his sweet, hard pink cock and he’s grabbing Otabek’s hair and kissing his jaw and his voice is breaking as he moans for him. “Please? Need to co-o-o-o-me!”

He is so breakable. Otabek can push him down and take him, right here. Break him, and show him what a man wants when a beautiful boy bounces on his lap. But he’s not going to do that. He will never do that. He doesn’t want to break him. He wants to remake him, take away everything that ever hurt him, all the broken promises and empty words, and replace them with something as strong and sure as the sunshine in Yuri’s smile. Otabek presses his mouth against his shoulder and squeezes just a little more for his Yura.

”Oh, Daddy!” He loves it when Yura looks into his eyes and calls him that. “Make me feel good, please!” He catches his chin in his hand and covers his mouth. And he does. All the pain. All the loneliness. All the meaningless broken promises won’t mean a damn thing as long as Otabek is there. He will always love his beautiful, strong Yura.

And he will always, always be there. To hell with borders, age, schedules, excuses, Nikiforov. They mean nothing. They lost all meaning the moment Yura first climbed on his Harley in Spain. Yura will always feel loved. Always.

“Oh, Daddy!”

Otabek comes all over his back, but he never stops, even for that. No until Yura falls into the sheets, and he’s sushing his quiet sobs. “Daddy loves you.”


“Mind if I have a word with you?”

Otabek smiled as Nikiforov nodded at the French doors and led the way toward the balcony and those Barcelona lights. He leaned against the railing, tilted his head as his sable blue necktie tapped in the wind. He didn’t even shiver, even though it was cold.

“Having fun with Yurio?”


He took a sip. “He’s special to me. Like a nephew, brother, son…” He waved the words away and let one he never said linger. “That exhibition, you know he was speaking to me when he was skating.” He was warning him. Telling him Yuri was still his, despite Katsuki, despite everything. Still his.

Like hell.

Otabek narrowed his eyes.

“Ah, don’t take it the wrong way. I’m glad he made a friend.” He offered his hand.

Otabek put his flute down on the ledge. “Are you?” Then he walked away.

The Four Elements


Tool: Wand

Direction: East

Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Gemini

Archangel: Raphael

Elemental: Sylphs (their ruler is Niksa)

Tarot suit: sword

Energy: projective (“masculine”)

Air is the Element of the intellect, mental processes, and communication. It is considered an activating Element. The direction that corresponds to Air is the East, where the day begins. Air is the springtime, new beginnings, and, in the foundations of Magickal thought, Faith. Faith (confidence) in Magickal energies comes from knowledge (intellect) and from understanding the processes of ritual and focused thought, then applying them with sure result.  The tool of Air is the Wand, which is used to direct and channel energy in Magick. When it is used in healing to absorb the energy of the Universe and channel it into the patient, the Wand corresponds to the caduceus of Mercury/Hermes, a God of Air—you will notice that this same symbol is used by physicians today.  The Astrological Signs associated with Air are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Aquarius is the innovator, the Sign of original thought and ideals. Gemini is the communicator, the comedian, the experimenter. Libra is the balancer and harmonizer, interested in partnerships and relationships.

The Archangel of Air is Raphael, the Archangel of healing, teaching, and travel. He is visualized on a mountaintop, in robes of yellow and lavender (the colors associated with the Element Air), which blow gently in the wind.

Sylphs are the Elementals attributed to Air and are similar in form to humans, although they are transparent and have lovely, delicate wings. They travel on the wind, and you can hear them talking and laughing as they drift in and out of the trees. Paralda is the name of their ruler. Sylphs are very articulate and logical and prefer the mountaintops where the air is the thinnest. They are related to the nervous system in the human body. Their favorite scents are the mints and light flowery essences such as tulip, and they love the sound of bells and wind chimes.


Tool: Athame

Direction: South

Astrological sign: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Archangel:  Michael (pronounced Mee-kee-al)

Elemental: salamander (their ruler is a Djinn [pronounced Jeen])

Energy: projective (“masculine”)

Fire is the Element of Will and Passion and is considered an activate Element in relation to energy. The direction that corresponds to Fire is the South, which we associate with heat. The season is, of course, summer the time of growth and culmination of that growth.

Fire is the drive and motivation used by an individual as he strives toward his goals. In the foundations of Magick, Fire is the Magickal Will.  The force of the Magickal Will enables the Magickian to carry through with goals, plans, and dreams. The focused Magickal Will serves as the force or stimulus for the Magickal energy that is sent forth to act on the physical plane to manifest the goal of any ritual.  The tool of Fire is the Athame, the ritual dagger, which is used to inscribe the Magickal sigils in the ether during ritual, describe the circumference of the Magickal Circle, banish phantasms and defend against them, and heal via the act of removing holes in the aura through cauterization on the astral plane.

The Astrological Signs that correspond to Fire are the Fire Signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, all Signs of action and vitality. Aries initiates new projects, Leo is the Fire Sign of flamboyance and flair, and Sagittarius is the Sign of freedom and physical activity.

The Archangel of Fire is Michael, the Archangel of authority, victory, initiative, and splendor. Michael is visualized in robes of scarlet and green, bearing before him a flaming sword.

Fire is the activating force giving vitality and energy to the ideas of Air, bringing them into physical reality as we perceive it.  Salamanders are attributed to the Element of Fire. They are not considered a part of the physical flame as such but the essence that enables the flame to burn. Naturally, they are most active in the summer months and geographically prefer the hotter regions. When they live in cold places, Salamanders reside in the hearth. They are full of passion and enthusiasm and for this reason are sometimes considered dangerous, as their unpredictability can be disconcerting. However, they are actually very generous and warmhearted, if treated with the respect due them. Salamanders relate to the heart in the human body as well as to the circulatory system. Their King is called Djinn.  Salamanders love the smell of burning wood and spicy odors such as cinnamon and nutmeg.  Candles, lanterns, and mirrors are attractive to them.  


Tool: Chalice and cauldron

Direction: West

Astrological sign: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Archangel: Gabriel

Elemental: Undines (their ruler is Necksa)

Energy: receptive (“feminine”)

Water is the Element of love, intuition, emotion, fertility, understanding, and imagination. It is considered a receptive Element. Water receives the ideas of Air, the force of Fire, and begins the alchemical process of transmuting them into a form that can be made tangible. The direction that corresponds to Water is the West. Human emotions and feelings belong to the Element Water. The season is autumn, and in the foundations of Magick, Water is imagination. Imagination begins in our dreams and in the language of our subconscious minds. Without it, our rituals would be dry and emotionless. Imagination allows us to see what might be and is therefore creativity, fertility, and inner vision.

The tool of Water is the Chalice, which is used to contain the water of purification when we cleanse a space or an object for ritual. The Chalice holds the ritual wine and the liquid for the practice of scrying. The Chalice represents wisdom, transformation, and receptivity. In the legends of ancient times, the Grail of Immortality was sought by the valiant for its life-giving and regenerative powers as well as for the knowledge it brings. The Ritual Cauldron is also of the Element of Water, and the stories that surround it—the regenerative Cauldron of Dagda, the Cauldron of wisdom belonging to Ceridwen, and the Cauldron of Baba Yaga—reaffirm the theme of wisdom, life, transformation, and regeneration.

The Astrological Water Signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio correspond to the Magickal Element of Water. Pisces is the Sign of emotional connection and inner vision; Cancer is associated with family connection and nurturing; and Scorpio is known for occult ability, psychic power, death, and regeneration.

The Archangel of Water is Gabriel, known as the Prince of Change and Alteration. He can be seen on the Judgment card of the Tarot, blowing his horn, which represents fertility and authority.  Gabriel is visualized in robes of clear blue and orange, holding a Chalice from which torrents of water spill.

Undines are the Elementals of Water. They are extremely graceful and seductive. Undines are similar to humans in form and the majority of them are female. They will impart psychic knowledge and ability. If you work with them in this area, be sure to give them extravagant and appealing gifts in return, for they have feelings that can be easily bruised. They correspond to the human digestive system, and Necksa is their King. Undines live in oceans, rivers, springs, creeks, and raindrops.  Their most beloved scents are cool ones—camphor, cucumber, and citrus fruits such as lime. They delight in beautiful shells, silver jewelry, boxes for their treasures, and flutes.  


Tool: Disk/shield/pentacle

Direction: North

Astrological sign: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

Archangel:Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el or Yuh-ree-el)

Elemental: dwarfs (Their King is Gheb)

Energy: Receptive (“feminine”)

Earth is the Element of secrecy, deep wisdom, possessions, creation, perseverance, birth, and death.  It is considered to be a receptive Element. Earth receives the idea of Air, the force of Fire, and the transmuted substance of Water and manifests the form into the physical world. The direction that is associated with Earth is the North, the place of endings. Earth corresponds to the bone structure of the human body. The season is winter, and in the foundation of Magick, Earth is Secrecy. Hidden beneath the Earth are many treasures—jewels, minerals, oil—which must be sought out. They cannot be obtained without perseverance and labor. So it is with the Magickal secrets that the Element Earth hides; only through dedication and patience can these secrets be brought to light, yet they must always be protected and guarded.  The tool of the Earth is the Pentacle, which is used both for drawing in and projecting energy.  The Pentacle can also used as a shield for psychic self-defense. The Magickal Cords are also of Earth and are used to bind energy.

Capricorn is the Sign of pragmatism and wealth; Taurus is the Sign associated with sensuality, acquisition, resources, and practicality; and Virgo is the Sign of the healer and the organizer.

The Archangel of Earth is Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el or Yuh-ree-el), also called the Lord of Awe, who presides over protection and strength. He is visualized in robes of olive and russet, bearing a Pentacle.  Gnomes and elves are attributed to Earth and are seen in very small human form. Their King is Gheb (also known as Geb or Gob, as in goblin). Earth Elementals are the most mischievous of the Elementals and love a good practical joke. They prefer to live in the forest, crags, heaths, and caverns, although with the human population cutting down on gnomes’ habitats, the more sociable ones actually enjoy being around sensitive and sympathetic human beings and will share living quarters. Gnomes and elves love jewels, gold, interesting rocks, moss, and living plants of all kinds.  Their favorite scents are resins and woodland smells such as patchouli and vetivert.  

The gnomes are ruled over by a king, whom they greatly love and revere. His name is Gob; hence his subjects are often called goblins

As Always


The last couple of times I’ve opened prompts, I’ve had multiple requests for various royalty AUs, so here’s another ABO one that’s kind of a mishmash of all the different requests I received. (It was supposed to be longer, tbh, but it’s been sitting in my draft folder for several months now so I think this is as far as it’s going. It’s also the second version; the first one I wrote was way too dark and painful.)

“Try to be polite,” Laura whispered, reaching over to straighten the collar of Derek’s robes.

Derek nodded stiffly, his jaw clenched tight with nerves. The terms of the marriage agreement were already laid out and agreed to between Laura and Derek’s future husband; this meeting was merely a formality, a chance for them to meet before the ceremony, but there was still time for things to go wrong. Derek wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the union - their kingdom needed the aid his marriage would bring, their people starving after two years of failed harvests - but his mind whirled with the myriad ways things could go wrong.

He and Laura both stood when the doors opened and two men entered the room. One man was older, his face worn but friendly - this was the king father, John; it was his son the king, Stiles, that Derek was to marry. The last time Derek saw Stiles was at Stiles’ coronation after the death of his mother; Stiles had been ten, Derek fourteen. Stiles was no longer the scrawny child whose head was barely large enough for his crown - now he was lean and broad-shouldered, and he held himself in an easy, confident way that Derek found himself envying. As he drew near, Derek could smell his alpha scent, rich and strong, and his breath came out of him in a quiet exhale that made Laura frown at him.

Derek felt his face warm as the king looked at him, his expression calculating, and not entirely friendly - but then he gave Derek a faint smile, one side of his mouth quirking up, and Derek’s face grew even warmer.

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Quick tips for drawing freckles on characters!!!

So, I know that we think freckles on characters is cute, and often times they’re out on someone’s cheek to make them seem cuter. But, if you’re trying to draw a character genetically predisposed to have freckles, then there’s some science behind it that will change how they look.

1.) Freckles are (almost) everywhere-Someone with freckles will have a body totally covered, not just their face and certainly not just the cheeks. They’re everywhere from your arms to your legs to your neckline. Don’t hold back.

2.) Actually kinda hold back-Now, an important thing to remember is that environment and personality go hand in hand with freckles. Freckles two in two types: type a is always on your body. It never leaves. Type b, however, only comes out in the sun. People with freckles in places where the weather is colder or there isn’t much sun tend to have less freckles because their bodies aren’t pushing that melanin to the surface. Freckles occur most frequently where sun hits. Is your character very against going outside? Less freckles? Do they wear clothing that covers the entire body most of the time? Less freckles. Are they living in a place where summer are hot and winters are cold? More in the summer, less in the winter.

3.) Less common Freckles-This one is simple: you typically don’t find freckles on the chest past your neckline, on your stomach, on the tops of your feet, or on your thighs. Because typically those are covered by clothes so the only freckles they’ll have is type a.

4.) Freckles are like snowflakes-No two freckles look exactly the same. They’re all a wide assortment of size, shape, and hue. If you’re going for a simple geometric design for Freckles, cut out the circles and do triangles or rhombuses-freckles are rarely round. They typically look like splatters. They also overlap, sometimes to the point of making a solid mass.

I hope this is useful!

Yuuri’s sure if it got even a degree colder, his balls would end up bluer than the goddamn sky.

“O-o-of all the t-t-times, wh-why now?” he stutters, stuffing his hands further into his track suit pockets. Any deeper and he might just rip a hole through the material, but Yuuri couldn’t care less. It’s freezing, and he knows as night falls, it’s only about to get colder.

He’s no stranger to harsh weather- Hasetsu has hit him with ridiculously hot summers and chilly winters, but Russia’s cold bites in a way no other place ever has. Yuuri’s spent a majority of his life in an ice skating rink, but the sheer amount of pain he feels at the moment is unnatural. No amount of exposure to ice could possibly prepare him for this.

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

It’s a familiar voice, the anger and stubbornness a comfort that cuts through the fog in Yuuri’s brain. He never would’ve thought Yurio’s voice would be a source of such happiness, but it is.

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Warped Tour 2016 Setlists

If you have a setlist, message me so I can add it. This is just who I’ve been able to find so far.

Against The Current
-Running With The Wild Things
-Young & Relentless

-Come and Go
-Simple Type
-Human Machines
-Playing In Traffic
-Damaged Kids
-Coffee Talk

Cane Hill
-True Love
-Sunday School
-You’re So Wonderful
-(The New) Jesus
-Time Bimb

Chelsea Grin
-Skin Deep
-Playng With Fire
-Broken Bonds
-Cheyne Stokes
-My Damnation

Crown The Empire
-The Fallout
-Makeshift Chemistry

-People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play
-A Hundred Crowns
-Cloud 9

Falling In Reverse
-Roling Stone
-I’m Not A Vampire
-Bad Girls Club
-The Drug In Me Is You
-Situations (Cover)
-Just Like You

Four Year Strong
-We All Float Down Here
-What The Hell Is A Gigawatt
-Go Down In History
-Find My Way Back
-Who Cares?
-It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
-Wasting Time

I See Stars
-Mobbin’ Out
-Ten Thousand Feet
-Filth Friends Unite
-Running With Scissors
-New Demons
-Murder Mitten

Ice Nine Kills
-Me, Myself, nnd Hyde
-The Nature Of The Beast
-Let’s Bury The Hatchet…In Your Head
-Bloodbath & Beyond
-Communion Of The Cursed
-Hell In Hallways
-The Coffin Is Moving

In Hearts Wake

-Pokemon Theme Song
-Young And Dumb
-The Realest
-Mad At Myself
-Blue Wall

Knuckle Puck
-But Why Would You Care?
-Bedford Falls
-No Good

Less Than Jake(?)
-The Ghost Of You And Me
-Gainesville Rock City
-Good Enough
-The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
-Great American Sharpshooter
-Goodbye Mr. Personality
-Look What Happened
-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Masked Intruder
-The Most Beautiful Girl
-25 To Life
-Unrequited love
-I Fought The Law
-How Do I Get To You
-If Only
-Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt
-Hey Girl
-Why Don’t You Love Me In Real Life
-Crime Spree
-Wish You Were Mine
-Stick‘em Up

Mayday Parade
-Keep In Mind, Transmogrification 
-Is A New Technology
-Oh Well, Oh Well
-Black Cat
-Lets Be Honest
-When You See My Friends 
-Jamie All Over

Motionless In White
-Devil’s Night
-Immaculate Misconception
-Break The Cycle

New Found Glory
-All Downhill From Here
-Hit Or Miss
-Ready & Willing
-Failure’s Not Flattering
-Vicious Love
-My Friends Over You

Oceans Ate Alaska
-Vultures & Sharks
-High Horse
-To Catch A Flame

Real Big Fish
-Another F.U. Song
-Sell Out
-Take On Me

Real Friends
-Lat Nights In My Car
-I Don’t Love You Anymore
-Skin Deep
-Stay In One Place
-Cold Quicker
-Loose Ends

Set It Off
-Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
-Forever Stuck In Our Youth
-Bleak December
-Something New
-Ancient History
-The Haunting
-Why Worry

Sleeping With Sirens
-We Like It Loud
-Kick Me
-Do It Now, Remember It Later
-Better Off Dead
-Go Go Go
-If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
-If You Can’t Hang

State Champs
-Shape Up
-Perfect Score
-Simple Existence
-All You Are Is History
-Losing Myself

The Maine
-English Girls
-Girls Do What They Want
-Diet Soda Society
-Am I Pretty?
-Like We Did
-Everything I Ask For
-Growing Up

The Story So Far
-Heavy Gloom
-Empty Space
-All Wrong
-The Glass

The Word Alive
-Made This Way
-Face To Face
-Life Cycles

Tonight Alive
-To Be Free
-Lonely Girl
-I Defy
-Power Of One
-The Edge
-How It Feel

Too Close To Touch
-Pretty Little Thing
-The Air In Me
-Hell To Pay
-Sinking So Long
-Nerve Ending

-Toxic Pretender
-Year Of The Rat
-Piss Up A Rope
-Pretty Grim
-We Ate The Horse You Rode On
-Holy Hell

-The Mixture
-Feels Good

-Natural Blue

We The Kings
-Say You Like Me
-Love Again
-I Feel Alive
-Just Keep Breathing
-Skyway Avenue
-Check Yes Juliet

-Mark Of The Blade
-Elitist Ones
-Our Endless War
-The Saw Is The Law
-This Is Exile

With Confidence
-London Lights
-We’ll Be Okay

-With You Around
-Lights And Sounds
-Fave Becomes Four
-Way Away
-Only One
-Ocean Avenue

Young Guns
-I Want Out 
-Brother In Arms
-Rising Up
-Winter Kiss

tbh i just needed them compiled for personal reason lmao 

WIP || Complete
(chapters | word count | rating)

anyway, here’s 31 fics in no particular order

i live in a hologram with you (3/3 | 33,097 | explicit)

“Yuu-chan, please be my fake boyfriend.”

alternatively titled: in which everyone is some shade of queer and yuu spends half the fic doing nothing but pining

From here, I can only see you. (1/1 | 5,264 | teen & up audiences)

Yuuichirou is abnormally tired, but he won’t admit that it has anything to do with Mikaela, whom he has been letting feed off of him.

Of Sudden Heats and Swimming Pools (5/5 | 10,860 | explicit)

Yuu is Guren’s adopted kid who likes to fuck up his helpers’ lives until this one person comes in. 

Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours (½ | 11,630 | explicit)

“Happy Valentine’s day, Mika-”

Mika was more than happy to see his lover- his beloved, his dearest- so the mere sight of yuu made Mika’s heart soar. He grinned instantly when Yuu approached him, standing from his chair to meet Yuu and go to grab his Valentine’s presents. “Happy Valentine’s day, Yuu-chan,” he greeted.

“Here, have some, uh,” Yuuichirou scrunched up his brow upon realizing that giving chocolate to his vampiric boyfriend probably wasn’t the best idea.

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a fanmix for Stephen King’s It (Part I)

i’ve got this playlist in the works for weeks now, so the songs are gonna sound really summer-y and out of place in cold November weather, but hey, that’s what i associate the gang with.

01. Daydreaming - Paramore // 02. Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums // 03. Boyish - Hippo Campus // 04. Bros - Wolf Alice // 05. Ribs - Lorde // 06. Brother - Gerard Way // 07. Coming of Age - Foster the People // 08. Losers - Chosen Jacobs // 09. Team - Lorde // 10. The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home - Declan McKenna


more notes under the cut.

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Flower Asks

🌼: Every birthday, do you see yourself being one year older as one year wiser or one year more confused about life?

🌸: When you develop an obsession, do you stick with it or get tired of it quickly?

🌷: Would you rather travel into your favorite book/movie, or bring a character from it out to our world?

🌻: What’s your favorite book to read on chilly winter days?

🌺: What’s one scenario that you replay in your head over and over again, trying to decide what you could’ve done?

🌹: What color strikes an emotional meaning in you?

🥀: Do you hold grudges or let things go after they’ve happened?

💐: Would you rather make yourself a settled home or explore new realms?

🌾: Are colorful clothes or muted outfits more to your liking?

☘️: Do you prefer Summer or Winter, warm or cold weather?

🌱: Expenses covered, what one place would you visit?