summer hoops

Pretty pretty. I love all the layering she’s done here with multiple textures.

Lightning in A Bottle, 2017

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Headcanons about the time when Sirius was living with the potters?

While he lived with the Potters:

  • Sirius slept in James’ room, and James was able to comfort him right away if he ever got nightmares.
  • Mrs.Potter fussed over every single injury and scar he had, and tended to them right away.
  • Mr. and Mrs.Potter referred to Sirius as their son, and James called him brother.
  • The Potters encouraged him to eat his fill to help his growth, but he was never able to. At home he had been allowed to eat barely anything for years, so eating too much all at once was more than he was used to, and made him feel sick.
  • He and James were allowed to fly brooms in the back garden during the Summer, with makeshift hoops, bludgers, a snitch, and a quaffle.

Warm weather calls for some practice after a long day at work. I’ve been slacking while waiting all winter for this sunshine, I gotta get some good tricks down before Jerry Jam in July! Can’t wait for the festival experience and overload of good energy coming my way. 🌞