summer highlight week


SNS Summer Week 2017 Day 5: Tremble Slight Fanfiction (I got carried away): “Sasuke, you’ll catch a cold like that,” Naruto huffed, taking his jacket off. “Take it, idiot.” He draped his coat over Sasuke’s shoulders. The raven haired boy made no motion to remove it. A few minutes later Naruto began to feel a chill. He was an idiot for giving his jacket up, but he wouldn’t complain out of pride. Later down the path, Sasuke looked back to see Naruto shivering slightly. “Take your coat back, you are the one who is cold, usuratonkachi,” Sasuke remarked. Naruto’s face flushed completely red as Sasuke began to wrap him in the coat he lent. “Whatever, I could do without it,” Naruto scoffed. Sasuke turned to the path, smirking. “Sure.”

Kath “Jesus Christ Jack, it’s -20 degrees out here!!! Why are we on the roof? I’m freezing. You’re crazy, and have no respect for my sensitive skin.” Pulitzer and Jack “the cold never bothered me anyway” Kelly.