summer head colds

Sweet Summer Playlist

i’m trying to avoid studying so i put together a list of songs that make me think of the summer. i hope it brings happy visions of warm days on the beach 🌴

1. keep your head up - ben howard
2. first - cold war kids
3. antelope - the dirty heads
4. cabin by the sea - the dirty heads
5. sound of change - the dirty heads
6. undertow - iration
7. long hot summer - keith urban
8. ends of the earth - lord huron
9. fairytale - milky chance
10. sweet sun - milky chance
11. sunshine - pacific air
12. fade away - rebelution
13. good vibes (feat. lutan fyah) - rebelution
14. the sun ii - snakadaktal
15. once upon a time - soja
16. talking to myself - soja
17. weight of sound (feat. tj o'neill) - stick figure
18. dawn of time - tribal seeds
19. renegades - x ambassadors
20. islands - the xx

Keto Day 6 Review of the last week & A Weigh in

Today Is a weigh in day because I prefer to weigh in on Monday.

On day 1 of keto I weighed 244.4
Today I weighed in at 241.4.
Meaning I have effortlessly lost 3 pounds.

My lowest weight through this weight loss attempt has been 240.4 as far as I can tell, and 257.8 as my start weight. Right now I have lost 16.4 lbs. with 1 lb more to go before I’m at my lowest weight again.

But today rather than talk about how I feel (which has evolved into full blown summer head cold: 🤧🤒🤕😴) I want to talk about food.

In the past i have been a calorie counter. The person who will gladly weigh all of my food before eating anything. 2oz of half & half in my coffee, my 2 slices of deli meat, how much my slice of tomato or cheese weighs. I am telling you this to make sure you understand i have done all that.

This past week I have weighed nothing. My half & half has become heavy cream but it is not weighed. It is a reasonable dollop in my cup. There have been a few glasses of bone broth found in the organic broth section heated up & blended with a smallish/reasonable slice of butter and a half of an actual teaspoon of coconut oil which is probably closer to a measured ½ tablespoon. Maybe even an actual tablespoon. Don’t know.

Breakfast has been eggs scrambled with cheese, and sausage or bacon all cooked with a rounded measured teaspoon of coconut oil. Dinner has been lots of grilled veggies coated liberally with olive oil and meat chosen with out thought of its calorie count. (Yay Sausage!)

And two nights we this week we made the cheesecake substitute anonymous shared with me & I reblogged except we didn’t measure how much cream we used, and only measure cream cream cheese because it comes in a brick which is an easily measurable amount if you use the whole brick.

My husband seems to have gotten over whatever keto flu he had and aside from the fact that I feel like death i feel great. I’m not hungry all day. If i do get hungry I eat something small like a string cheese or some grilled asparagus with salami.

I take a multi vitamin with probiotics and have started taking a biotin with keratin vitamin because this years weight loss is starting to takes its tole on my hair - I’m down 16 lbs most of which came off in about a month and a half. And rapid weight loss affects your hair - but not enough to make me stop.

I will continue to eat when I’m hungry and listen to my body and watch the scale. If i need to adjust what I’m eating to lose i will but I’m not going to go crazy and eat everything or restrict the quantity I eat until I need to. My goal is 20g of carbs or less a day.

And my goal weight is 130 with my first goal being 199.