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so, on twitter i have been posting one joshua drawing per day, ranging from doodles to full pieces, starting on my first day of summer vacation and plan to keep doing so until the last day of it

this event is the Summer of Joshua Appreciation, a personal challenge for me to draw every single day, and why not my special boy

here is the first week of pieces (5/13/2017 - 5/19/2017) –i’ll be posting the rest in the upcoming days! 

(each photo is captioned the same way the original is on twitter, for context)

the thing i love about wishverse!buffy is that she’s literally buffy except she doesn’t have the scooby gang and joyce doesn’t support her??? and that’s just so very similar to who faith is in s3?? they’re still different of course, bc they Are different people, but they don’t have anyone, they hate their parents, so it’s all about the fight because what else is there?? so i just really love the idea of willow reaching into that universe again and somehow wishverse!buffy ending up in the main timeline circa s7 and faith is So Shook bc it’s Buffy, it’s her buffy, but it isn’t???? and she just has this intense need to help her bc 1. she’s faith lehane and she helps young girls, that’s her Thing and 2. buffy was there for her when she was a fuck up, she owes her that, so faith and wishverse!buffy just kind of become a team and they travel from hellmouth to hellmouth kicking demon ass and getting into a lot of fights along the way bc they’re both So Difficult but it works for them bc they get each other and they’re not alone anymore and that’s all that matters tbh

Chapter 2, “Unfortunately Interesting”, is up!

“See here. The rules are simple and you will listen to them. The first: do not get yourself killed or seriously injured. The second: do not make more work for me. I’ve got enough to do. Break these,“ John fixed Sherlock with the glare that had made many subalterns wish they were somewhere else, "and I ship you back to where you will have many more rules than this.”
“Nobody ships me anywhere,” Sherlock grumbled, but a look flashed across his face that made John feel more reassured than anything he’d seen so far.

Or: Sherlock arrives at Scotch Bush and simultaneously charms and horrifies John with his rudeness and vivacity.

Read it from the start on AO3

PSA if you’re a dancer & your parents pay for classes/intensives/etc make sure you appreciate that shit!!!!!!



expressions are subject to change and I’m gonna have all of the kisaragis. I’ll work on Byakudans as well!

I am thinking that a batch of the whole kisaragis can be like 5 bucks or something? either that or stickers will go in pairs for 2.50

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