summer has begun

I went to the beach today and now my cheeks (all four of them!) are burnt.

Along my six mile coastal walk, I made friends with a man who had a metal detector, took a photo for a Romanian couple, chose my favorite houses, watched some seagulls steal a couple’s lunch, and saw too much butt.

Yo everyone! I’m back from Europe and am going to resume my normal blog now that my trip is over. If you want to see photos from my trip, search my blog with the tag ‘danika’s adventures in europe’. I might post some single shots of edited photos later if I have time but for now I’m going back to an anime blog. Thanks to everyone who messaged me recommending places to visit! :)

Sometimes I love being a cook.. Especially in a spot so busy as the spot I work.. It’s exactly like a fish bowl too. We can literally see everything everyone is doing and they can see everything we are doing.. it’s chaotic and organized at the same time.. I love the sustained pace that never quits.. No time for breaks.. Breaks are for chumps anyways

Just finished my first year of university!

I’M SO EXCITED!!! After three weeks of exams and studying, I’m definitely ready for some sweet summer relaxation. 

At the same time… I’m also feeling a bit nostalgic because I’ll never be returning to res again. I’ve become so used to the lifestyle and it’s sad to leave now! Still, I’m happy to have an apartment for next year, and to have met so many great people!