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I don’t care that I’m literally like years late for this: I have fallen down the Downton hole and I have ZERO REGRETS. 

I’ve literally binged the series TWICE.

I’ll give anyone a high five for figuring out who I am unapologetic SHIPPER TRASH for. (not that it’s going to surprise anYONE.)  

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Why I sometimes can’t take Haggar seriously

Okay, first off I just want to say that I fully believe that Haggar is the truly most evil one on the show and will probably be revealed to be the one behind all the evil things. 

That being said, sometimes when I’m watching the show, I have trouble taking her seriously. And it’s because she’s voice by Cree Summer.

I can almost always tell when she has a voice in something. Like I immediately recognize her voice in even the most minor characters. Even within just Voltron she voices: Haggar, the weblum in Coran’s instruction video, Shay’s grandmother, the old lady that was in Sal’s food shop (not 100% on this), and if I remember correctly I think she even voices the Castle in the first episode when the paladins first show up. 

It may be that she just has a unique voice that is easy to pick out, but I think I can pick it out because I heard her voice all the time when I was little.

Because one of the first movies I ever got when I was little was Barbie as Rapunzel. And Cree Summer voiced Barbie’s friend Penelope, who was a dragon.

And I had a toy Penelope that I played with all the time. And she said things when you pressed her stomach.  

And now when ever I hear Haggar talk, all I can imagine is this dragon toy. 

So it gets really hard to take Haggar seriously when I watch the show.

Imagine Haggar saying anything that the toy says “I AM  a MIGHTY DRAGON!” “Wanna share a secret?” “WELL SCRATCH MY SCALES!”

jean grey: prefessor xavier is the best thing that could ever happen to young mutants!
scott summers: he’s a great leader, a great teacher, and a great friend
hank mccoy: it’s thanks to charles that we’re all here now

charles xavier: