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My Lover Smells Like Fish (2)

Part 1

Google more or less confirms what Alfred suspected: merfolk don’t talk.

Sifting through the search engine long enough that he’s made uncomfortable by the sheer quantity of mer porn people have produced, Alfred realizes that not only do they not talk, but no one even talks about them talking. He suspected there would be some kind of conspiracy theory type forum for this sort of thing, but no. Not even crazy people are crazy enough to invent lies about this, which means that Alfred must be King Crazy to have experienced it.

It’s kind of really unsettling and Alfred’s sorely wishing he’d taken up a summer gig at the local radio station over doing this. He could be out in the sun getting live reactions to parking tickets, not stuck in some dank aquarium with a chatty fish filet.

It’s after hours again this time, but Alfred sits down on the side of the ledge near the merman’s tank rather than just throwing the fish in. He waits and he doesn’t have to wait very long.

The merman pops up after a minute or two, clearly curious about what his game is.

Alfred plucks a fish from the bucket and leans out with the wriggly thing in his gloved hand. “Here.”

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tips: having a productive-ish summer!

after school ends, everyone is gonna want to just relax and basically do nothing. that’s fine for the first couple of weeks, but after that, what happens next? having a productive and fun summer will help you focus on your goals!

1. once you find out what courses you have (or sign up), try to find sources that relate to them and spend a small amount of time looking over them. once class starts, you’ll be more aware of your subject!

2. go to the library and check out books. non-fiction, fiction, whatever you want! reading is amazing for you. tons of studies prove this! it’s also a great source of entertainment when you don’t want to watch tv or have nothing to do.

3. speaking of tv, try to limit your time watching shows! it’s not good to just mindlessly watch tv all the time. this applies to your laptop, phone, etc. 

4. have events planned throughout the summer. if you are going to stay indoors all summer, try to make plans with your friends, or even alone time at a local cafe or park. it will help motivate you to do something.

5. get a summer gig! babysitting, dog walking, etc. can be great as you can earn money and have fun. volunteer work can also be equally fun!

obviously, there are so much more tips that i could give, but there are just too many for one quick post. these are not study/school related, but help fill your summer with activities and such so it’s a bit eventful!

i typed this up after seeing @emmastudies answer something about productive summers! even though it’s not really study/academically productive, it still helps you not be a blob during summer break! also, check her out for inspiration (it’ll come in handy especially during summer school or courses in case YouTube and Netflix are more tempting than your homework)!

i hope you enjoyed reading this tips! love, lena <3

Waste The Night // 8th April // London O2


Take Me to Church - Hozier. this is my first time ever ever ever attempting to play this song after a kind friend suggested it today. i recorded it to see where i’d eventually get to from my first take but decided hey. this is real life. this is my first take with mistakes up the wazoo. and why not share that while also asking y'all what songs you’d want me to cover !!??

PS as many are aware, i’m surfing on couches and beds and dog sitting gigs all summer before i move into an apartment with some guys i adore in September. so no - my guitar didn’t get chopped in half - this is my new @martinguitar backpack guitar! still naming her… so open to any name suggestions ;) my big mama guitar y'all know is named after my grandma Betty Lou. part of me thinks this lil one should be named after my mum aka Betty Lou’s child but Stephanie Gay is a mouthful and YES MY MOMS MIDDLE NAME IS GAY I LOVE IT OKAY BUT STILL.

anywho. i love you all! suggest me names and also songs to learn and i’ll try my best this summer ❤️❤️ #hozier #takemetochurch #martinguitar #backpackguitar #mybaby #trans #transandhappy #music #queer #lgbtq #transgender

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[Y/N]:,,We are just good friends Alex!
Don’t be so jealous!“

Alex:,,I’m not jealous!
I just don’t want to see Hank and you being so close!”

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6 things you need to know about US rockers Highly Suspect

From rocking out iconic London venues to strolling down the Grammys red carpet, Cape Cod trio Highly Suspect have come a long way since their days as a cover band putting their own spin on Sublime, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd tracks.

After their first EP of original music, First Offense, became a huge success in 2010, the band – made up of twin brothers Rich and Ryan Meyer and their best friend Jonny Stevens – decided to relocate to Brooklyn, New York, and just five years later their debut album received two Grammy nominations.

A second album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, followed and the band are enjoying fame across the pond.

2017 has been a whirlwind of fun as they hit the road and played their biggest ever UK show at Koko in London.

Elliott Beddoe and Joe Nerssessian caught up with the Jonny and Ryan and learned a little more about their rising fame. So here’s a little bit more about the band you need to know about.

Their popularity in the UK is rising and rising

Highly Suspect’s Rich, Jonny and Ryan (L-R) (Jenn Five)

Highly’s UK audience has rocketed since their first gig at The Old Blue Last in Camden and they are really happy about it.

“We always had fun playing at small, dirty, grey, London venues. Everything is sweaty and it’s dripping off the ceilings,” says drummer Ryan Meyer. Front man Johnny Stevens adds: “We love UK crowds. They interact. They sing along. They cheer. They push each other around in a playful manner. They lose their s***!”

And they didn’t hold back at Koko either. Queues around the historic venue began growing more than two hours before the gig and there was little to be disappointed with as hundreds of fans moshed themselves happy through an emphatic performance by the trio.

They are coming back to the UK this summer

Highly Suspect’s Rich, Jonny and Ryan (L-R) (Jenn Five)

Following the success of the Koko gig, Highly are returning for a British Summer Time gig in Hyde Park. The boys will return on July 6 alongside a line-up which includes Kings Of Leon and The Pixies.

We bet they’re pretty stoked about the news. Here’s what Jonny thought about their UK festival debut at Reading and Leeds last year.

“It was one of the best festivals we’ve played at. There was a circle pit that was so dry; there was this cloud of dust in a shape of a doughnut rising above the pit. There were kids screaming, girls crying. What are we? The f****** Beatles. I loved it. It was awesome.”

They are no fans of Donald Trump

Donald Trump (Andrew Milligan/PA)

The boys are not afraid to hold back on saying what they really think and have vehemently opposed the US President. And Jonny even had the word “Impeach” imprinted on his Grammy 2016 outfit. But they’re more thoughtful than just that.

“Even if you love music but hate the politics we stand for, that’s fine by me,” says Jonny.

“My problem is with the type of people he’s attracting. Whether they are through actions or words, they’re going to hurt people.”

Ryan adds: “Some of my family members are Trump supporters. I know them well. I love them and I care for them. If you are a Trump supporter, it gives the connotation that you believe what he believes in. He is clearly misogynistic a******.”

They lost a Grammy to Bowie

David Bowie (Yui Mok/PA)

Having received three Grammy nominations across their first two albums, the rockers have certainly made their mark. Battling against the late David Bowie as well as Radiohead was always going tough but they didn’t take it too badly.

“It was an honour to lose to Bowie,” says Ryan. “That opportunity will never present itself again. I got to walk the red carpet twice and was in a category amongst legends. I sat almost 60ft away from Lady Gaga and Metallica. Those memories will be kept.”

Highly come from humble beginnings

Stardom never comes without hard work.

Highly had their own story to share. “Growing up we all played music because we loved it. Johnny was in theatre. He knows how to portray his emotions and people can feel that,” explains Ryan, adding: “I played in the school band. We used to do landscape construction, working as plumbers. We all had callus on our hands throughout our mid-twenties. When the cover band we did on the side started getting big, we were able to quit our jobs.”

A third album is almost definitely on its way

Their second studio album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, was released last year and has spent over 22 weeks on the Billboard charts. More good news, album number three will most certainly happen, according to Ryan.

“We will see what happens after touring the s*** out of this album. I think if we put a little elbow grease in there, we can get the people another album as long as it’s good.

“I want to like the music we put out. I want to make sure what we’re putting out is high quality.”

Highly Suspect play British Summer Time on July 6.

anonymous asked:

I meant to ask, was this your first depeche gig or had you gone to others in the past?

london was my first depeche mode gig!!! it was so amazing (despite the super chaotic and messy queuing process, and the london bridge incident that happened that night)