Summer Tips

Here are those summer tips I promised. 

Summer - a.k.a the perfect time to start new habits and stick to them 

Drink plenty of water - it’s important to stay hydrated especially with the impending heat. It’s also good for you skin, hair, etc 

Start exercising - like i said it’s the perfect time to form new habits. Whether you hit the gym or just go for a walk… JUST BE ACTIVE 

Learn something new/stay educated over the summer - watch/read the news, read a book, learn a new language or skill… you’ll be surprised what you can learn from the simplest things 

Go update you wardrobe - toss old, ripped, and/or dated clothes. Get new pieces that you love and will make you feel like you. Try light and airy clothes that keep you cool and comfortable. Also depending on when or wear you go you might find winter clothes on sale. Same thing for summer clothes once fall stuff roll around… did someone say clearance?

Travel somewhere new - it could be to a new store, a new city, state, country etc.

Do a DIY Spa Day! - more on that here 

Do something new with your hair - grow it out, cut it, colour it, part it a different way, the choice is yours

Relax and take time off for your self 

Detox from social media (especially those days when you feel less than stellar) 

And last but not least… wear sun screen! Yes, even if you have dark skin! I heard there’s a sunscreen for people of colour from Bolden Skincare called Bolden SPF 30 Moisturizer ($28)