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Summer Art Fridays: Photographer Eddy Vallante

It’s the end of the summer, and thus our last selection for our Summer Fridays blog. To finish up on an excellent note, we chose the work of 30-year-old Brooklyn photographer Eddy Vallante, whose portraits of musicians make his Tumblr a must-see. This shot, however, is of a puppy, gazing longingly out the window at something just out of reach. It’s how we all feel looking out at the last warm days of August.

Describe the piece you submitted to Summer Fridays.

This is a photo of Elly. I was watching her one afternoon in Crown Heights for friends of mine who had just gotten married. I was tossing a toy around with her when something outside demanded her immediate attention. She just ran over and sat down. I don’t know what it is, but I love when dogs sit and stare like this. It’s hilarious.

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Summer Art Fridays: Moe Fink

For our fourth weekly highlight from our Summer Fridays collaboration with Artinfo, we chose the work of artist Moe Fink, who submitted a terrifically energetic abstract drawing. The piece, created in red, green, and yellow pastel, is a distillation of the summer experience.

Describe the piece you submitted to Summer Fridays.

It’s a field under a fiery sky. It was done with pastel on printer paper.

How does the piece relate to your memories of summer?

The whimsical lines and carefree depiction remind me of the whimsicality and freedom from care of childhood summers, which were some of the best.

Describe your process.

I was testing some pastels and scribbled with two, which inadvertently made a sky. I then decided to finish off the scene with a field. Then I threw it up on Tumblr, as though it were a digital fridge, for the moms of the world to see. There was no linguistic construct going through my brain … it was intuitive.

How did you end up making art?

I prefer to think of it as image-making rather than art because there is less obligation. The connotations of “art” can be a hassle. I’d rather remain a hobbyist. The ultimate inspiration for everything is death. Other than that I checked out an art history book at my local library about eight months ago and that’s when I realized I liked crafted images. It made sense to start making my own. There isn’t a time period or movement I’ve come across so far that hasn’t had something to offer me. I suppose this particular image has imbued therein children, summer, and a little Cy Twombly, who died exactly one year ago.

How has Tumblr helped you?

The ease of proliferation of images on Tumblr and the sheer quantity of them has meant a synapse-bursting acquaintance with innumerable visual styles and other content.

Kyle Chayka
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