summer fire season


alright i have been fidgeting and fussing over this stupid redraw since really late last night and i can never truly be satisfied with the result so i’m just gonna post it and leave it as is!!!

still crossing my fingers and hoping this happens in season 4.


Everyone seems to like Cordelia, so here are some new pictures I took today!
Leo: they remind me of falling in love for the first time, watching shooting stars, going to an art museum, exploring a grassy meadow, peeling an orange, and Sunday brunch. They are built of neon lights and sunflower fields and dynamic energy and regal pride. They smell like roses and they taste like strawberries.
Wouldn't the Dawn Court be the most powerful court?

If the solar courts are more powerful than the seasonal courts, then who is the most powerful solar court? I think it would be the Dawn Court because it has both day and night unlike the other two?

anonymous asked:

If any of your followers just moved to the valley here is a tip: Buy some nice sheets that you'll feel comfortable sleeping under because you will need to do that either because of summer heat or during fire season. Fire season is usually late summer-Autumn and one year there was literally ash falling from the sky from a fire miles away. It makes the air awful, so just be aware of whether there are any fires near enough to fuck with the air near you. It's not hugely bad always but be aware.

I Lived in North Hollywood on a month to month for a few months in the summer of last year. I recall strongly waking up in July and noticing the light from the sun looked “off” as I apporached my car to leave I realized it was raining ash and what I was seeing was the sun’s rays being diffused by a massive cloud of ash.

Take this man’s advice. Ash fall is a huge problem.

20 me.

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Name: Kaylene

Nickname: Kay. Kitty. ‘Kate’ (I get that at work LITERALLY all the time, minimum once an hour).

Zodiac sign: Queen Capricorn (moon Saggi - that sexy combo thoooo).

Height: Just under 5’ 4"

Orientation: 34.9285° S, 138.6007° E

Nationality + ethnicity: Australian born, Royal English heritage traced back to approx 900 CE.

Favorite fruit: Look that really depends. Summer fruit is mangos, winter is mandarins, everything in between is stone fruit. Ripe and juicy peaches especially.

Favorite season: Winter. The colder the better. Then Spring, the Autumn. Summer, aka fire nation season, doesn’t even fucking rate.

Favorite flower: Lavender.

Favorite scent: Warm cologne on skin.

Favorite color: Pastel Lavender ( hex - #d3badb )

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Tea.

Average hours of sleep: 7.

Cats or dogs: Cats. Obviously.

The number of blankets you sleep with: Two thin ones.

Favorite dead celebrity: Audrey Hepburn.

Dream trip: Tokyo, Japan.

The number of followers: I don’t know, I think 650 or so?



If you follow me on fb/tumblr you already know what I’m going to say but for my clients & friends who don’t:

As you guys know I live in California, summers are our fire season. There’s a monster of a fire in the town next to us, Mariposa. It’s HUGE (like it’s already tanked 15k acres) and it’s only 5% contained. We’ve got a majority of our stuff packed and if we have to exca we’re going to have to go stay with my husband’s aunt & uncle for awhile.

If we evac it might be awhile before I can get internet again so orders might be delayed until we get his aunt’s house. And I probably won’t open orders again until we’re settled.

We can’t even go outside the smoke just burn my eyes and lungs.

card of the day 6.26.2017


The Nine of Bows represents respect. Like the other Bow cards, it stands for the spirit, science, and passion. It resides in Summer, the season of Fire.

One of the most damaging phrases a child can learn is ‘respect is earned, not given.’ In a world that seeks to de-legitimize a person’s struggles in the name of comfort, we must work to tear down this notion that a person must be worthy before they can be respected. Recent events may make it difficult for you to recognize another person’s struggles, but remember that the world is infinitely deeper than we can ever know. Assuming we should not treat someone well until they prove themselves leads only to disharmony and anger. We all have our difficulties, and the more conscious we are, the easier we will come to recognize them.