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『B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous Rhythm Game』

■『 About B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous』
B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous  is a smart phone app game. The game was announced at the 「B-PROJECT HAPPY SUMMER EASTAR」event that took place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on July 10, 2016.

【App content】
■ Apparently the application is a rhythm game!
A number of fascinating music of B-PROJECT!! It’s a rhythm-action adventure game which you can enjoy playing it with a smartphone iOS / Android app. An app where you can enjoy the music at full power, in addition with the future new songs!

Much of the story in this game couldn’t be possible to draw and show in the anime. You also can enjoy continue the story with this rhythm game as a B-PROJECT member staff/heroin.

Also, B-PROJECT members will perform the opening theme song for this game.

■ New Group 「KiLLER KiNG」will appear!
「KiLLER KiNG」 junior unit debut!! They are juniors of 「キタコレ」「MooNs」and「THRIVE」.「KiLLER KiNG」didn’t appear in the anime, but they will finally appear in the game! What kind of unit is KiLLER KiNG? What kind of relationship they have with the B-PROJECT members?

■ Game CM release date: 2016 August 7
You can watch the CM here:

■ B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous release date: At the end of 2016

(Source: @Bpro_info)

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  • i saw a few posts about this so i'm here to clarify
  • IT IS A WINTER OLYMPIC (south korea, 2018)!!!
  • if you ever have trouble remembering this, when do people usually skate for fun? In winter, hence why it is a winter olympic event.
  • So, good news for us, wether you are a yoi!!! fan or not, we only have to wait 2 years!!!!
  • ((crying bc swimming is in the summer kms))