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Do You Have To Do That? part 4

Pairing: The Avenger Team x Reader (This will probably turn into a Steve x Reader)

Warnings: None so far

A/N: I have decided to re-write this for those of you who had started it, I’m going to start over I’m keep the first part and possibly a good portion of the second. But I am going to take it in a different direction. If you want to be tagged let me know, I’ll glad you add you.

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“How did you become Spider-Man?” You grab his hand pulling him to his feet, he complies with ease. “Hand on my waist.” His hand slips around your waist as you start to make him dance with you.

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Jesus x Younger! Shy! Reader - Don’t Change Yourself

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Summary: You have a huge crush on Jesus, but your uncertainties about his feelings towards you push you to try and alter your appearance to appeal to him. However, Jesus finds you stunning just the way you are.

Warnings: Cheese Beyond Belief


“Y/N, he’s here!” Maggie hissed to you. You made a strange noise between a gasp and squeak, freezing completely on the staircase. “I-I-I don’t know if I can-”

“Don’t you dare,” Maggie warned, glaring at you dangerously with her pale green eyes. “I did not do your hair, make up and outfit for nothing! You are going to talk to him!”

“I’m scared!” you moaned, gripping onto the banister for dear life as Maggie grabbed your other arm and tried to drag you down the stairs. You were currently in her house, which was also within a good view of the main gates, meaning you could monitor who was coming in and out. Maggie had done an amazing job with your appearance and keeping a watchful eye out for Jesus, but the hardest task yet was actually getting you to approach him.

You reckon you must’ve fallen in love with the man the moment he bumped into you on that run with Rick and Daryl. Albeit, he did swipe the keys from your back pocket without you noticing and stole the truck, but he still had an overwhelming charm to him. Maybe it was his bright azure irises or his long chocolatey hair - you didn’t know. All you knew is that you had it bad for Paul Monroe.

Lately, he’d been coming to Alexandria quite a lot to meet with Rick and discuss trading arrangements. Somehow, you’d always have an excuse to go to Rick’s house and talk to Jesus about little things like the weather or crop growing tips, but just him acknowledging you never failed to make your heart flutter. “Woman up, Y/N. Go do it, now,” she demanded, finally yanking you down the stairs and onto the ground level. “Take a moment and just look at yourself, look at how beautiful you look!”

You caught a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and you couldn’t help but agree with Maggie. You were wearing a white summer dress with red floral patterns decorating the skirt and your short/long hair was curled into tight ringlets. Maggie had even adorned your lips in dark rep lipstick to match the design of the dress. You did look attractive, yes, but you still had a low self-esteem level. What if he rejected you, or laughed in your face? You’d never be able to leave the house again.

“You can do this, Y/N. I know you can,” Maggie reassured you. You gulped and took a moment to take a deep breath. “Alright, I’m nowhere near ready to go anywhere near him yet, but…you’re right. I forced you to go through all this hard work to make me look presentable, so I might as well,” you said. Maggie smiled sweetly at you and gripped your shoulder, giving you the proud look a mother gives her daughter on their way to her graduation. “Go,” Maggie encouraged, faking tears playfully. “Go find your love!”

You laughed and hit her shoulder, before walking out the front door. You felt the sun shine down on you and you felt a warm feeling spread inside your chest. I’ve got this, you thought to yourself, walking towards Rick’s house.

But your confident facade faded the moment you saw the man of your dreams, conversing with Daryl. You seemingly choked on air and hid behind the bushes near the pond, calming your throbbing heart and peaking around the corner to catch a second glance. He was dressed casually, wearing a white button up with the sleeves rolled up to the crook of his elbows and blue skinny jeans, combat boots coming up to his shin. You watched as he was nodding at something Daryl said, his eyebrows furrowed and and lips pressed into a thin line. Then, he suddenly laughed loudly and clapped Daryl’s shoulder, blue eyes bright with humor. I swear, his smile could outdo an angels’s...

You then saw him turn and walk away and you noticed that your opportunity was slipping between the cracks of your fingers like sand grains. You stood up and sped-walked towards Jesus, ignoring Daryl’s wolf whistle as you passed him. “Uh, hi, Jesus,” you spoke from behind the older man. You cringed at how shaky your voice was. Jesus turned around and grinned at you, taking in your attire.

“How’s it going, Y/N? You look good,” he complemented. Your cheeks heated up and you giggled a little, happy that he had noticed your efforts. “Oh, I’m fine. How’re you?” you asked back. He nodded.

“I’m doing alright.” he answered. You desperately searched for something, anything to kill the silence but you surfaced with nothing. What is there to even talk about? Oh hey, Jesus, I totally wanna participate in a game of tonsil tennis with you right now! Not creepy at all! Maybe you should just do it, just ask him out! I mean, the worst he could say was no, right? You began to work up the courage and smiled at your long-term crush, your heart beating wildly.

“Jesus, I was wondering maybe if-?”

“Hey, listen, I gotta go and meet with Rick and talk about some trading conditions, but I’ll catch you later, alright?” Jesus didn’t wait for your reply as he walked away, leaving you standing there like a gaping fish. You didn’t even register what had happened until he was but a speck in the distance, and you felt hot tears fill your eyes.

Rejected. Again.

You felt your bottom lip begin to quiver and your hands start to shake, a deep dread filling your body. You felt so stupid, how could a mature, handsome man like Jesus possibly even spare you, a barely eighteen-year-old girl, a second glance? You didn’t even stand a chance now, let alone how you look every day.

You took a few steps back, before making a mad dash back to Maggie’s house, furiously wiping at your salty tears and nearly falling multiple times in your dumb heels. You burst through the front door and startled a relaxing Maggie, running straight upstairs and ignoring her demanding to know if you were alright. Devastated, you threw yourself onto the bed and furiously wiped away your lipstick with the back of your hand, sniffling and coughing like a child.

That’s what I am to him, a child.

He probably had a whole line of grown women waiting for him back at Hilltop, and then some. Because he’d always just be out of your reach, even though he was literally ten minutes away from you. There was a gentle knock at the door and Maggie walked in, a concerned expression on her pretty face. “Y/N, what happened?” she whispered, coming to sit next to you.

“I-I feel so stupid,” you sobbed into your friends’ shoulder. Maggie shushed softly and brushed your hair back from your face, holding your head up and wiping your tears with the edge of her shirt. Her sad eyes demanded an explanation. “I-I-I was about t-to ask him out, b-but he cut across me as if he knew what I was ab-bout to do, like he tried to avoid the question. Oh Maggie…” you gripped her tightly as your burrowed your face into the crook of her neck. “Oh, honey, that don’t mean a thing!” she told you, but you shook your head fiercely. “He doesn’t like me, Mags, I told you!”

“Maybe he’s more nervous about you than you think,” she suggested. You laughed coldly at the idea.

“Jesus? Nervous? Are you kidding me? This is the man who stole our supply truck, and then came after us again when we took it back. Nervous my ass,” you said. Maggie smiled grimly and sighed, taking a tight hold of your hand. “I see the way he looks at you sometimes, almost like how Glenn looks at me. There’s something there, Y/N, trust me.”

Just as Maggie said these words, the doorbell rang and she got up to go and answer it. You closed the door behind her and laid on your back once more, sighing in a depressed manner. More like he looks at me the way Carl looks at that Ron kid.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in, Maggie, I don’t know why you’re knocking,” you mumbled. The door opened and in walked none other than Jesus himself. You shot up and your eyes went wide with embarrassment, both from how you acted earlier and your current state: mascara ran down your cheeks and your lipstick was smudged like a clowns. Your eyes were bloodshot from crying and it was pretty obvious that he could tell from the look of sheer pity that he was giving you. You folded your arms and looked away.

“What do you want?” you said coldly, your voice still shaking as always.

“I’m sorry that I upset you earlier,” he said, walking in and closing the door behind him. You nodded.

“It’s…Whatever,” you said distantly, pretending not to care when you really did. Why was he here? Just say sorry? “No, it’s not. Because I hurt you when I didn’t mean to-”

“Look, Jesus, I get it. You’re not interested in girls like me. I understand,” you cut across him swiftly, taking a deep breath after to restrain yourself from crying again. He cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Girls like you? What do you mean?”

“Girls who’re too young, who are too immature for you. Girls aren’t attractive or pretty in any way. I’m sorry for thinking I stood a chance,” you admitted, letting your arms hang limply by your side.

“What? Y/N, no, no, I-” Jesus walked over to you quickly and held both of your smaller hands in his large ones, the heat radiating from his skin onto yours. Your heart jolted and butterflies fluttered in your abdomen. “What on earth made you think that I don’t find you attractive?”

“Wh-what?” it was your turn to be confused, now. “I thought you liked women who were the same age as you and who were more pretty than girls like me,”

“Well, you thought wrong,” he said, looking at you earnestly with his sapphire eyes. “Y/N, I don’t judge people based on their maturity and their looks, I judge them on their personality and their qualities. Besides, why would you try to change yourself for me?”

“Because I like you,” you blurted out. “A lot.”

“Oh, well that I knew, but that still doesn’t answer my question,” he said, a hint of a smile creeping onto their lips. You blushed stop light red and your mouth opened in horror. “You knew? This whole time you knew that I-”

“Liked me? Yeah, of course I did. It’s pretty obvious,” he chuckled. “But that still doesn’t mean you have to try to change how you look, how you act for me. All in all, I found your little attempts pretty adorable because you’re such a sweet girl, but really…I think you’re perfect, just the way you are, just the way you look.”

Your stomach began contracting; your mouth became deprived of any moister; your heart began thrashing inside your ribs. He…he thought you were perfect. He actually felt the same about you. He actually cared. “So, just stay exactly the way you are. After all, that is why I’m quite sure I love you,”

“You love me?” you choked out. This was all happening too fast - just a second ago you were convinced he was creeped out by you and now he was confessing his love to you? “I’m almost 100% sure of it, yeah.” he said. He had said it. He just said it, but there was still that little box of doubt in the back of your head that held you back from taking his word completely. “Yeah, but what if-”

Soft, moist lips met yours in a forceful kiss, his calloused hands wrapping around your waist like a vice. With your body pressed to his like the laws of physics did not exist, you felt all worried melt away into oblivion. The only people that mattered right now were you and him. One of his hands trailed up your back and laced itself into your hair, yanking it harshly so you would gasp and his tongue would have a chance to enter. You couldn’t help but moan as the damp muscle writhed about in your mouth, lashing at your own tongue while you sprawled your hands onto his chest. Your lips moved with one another in sync, a deep carnal desire blossoming in the very pit of your stomach.

His name may be Jesus, but you were sure about to do some unholy things to him if he didn’t stop tempting you.

Finally, he broke away and panted heavily, looking directly at you.

“No ‘but’s. No 'what if’s. Just trust me, that’s all I ask of you,” he said simply. “Can you do that?”

“Well, it depends,” you said, equally as breathless.

“On what?”

“If you’ll kiss me like that again,” you said, before pulling him in for another make out session.


That was terrible xD I’m sorry!

etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.10.16

cactus twirling dress in white by thiefandbandit

a few shops here in the east bay (oakland/berkeley area) carry items by thiefandbandit — they are RAD. i love this flirty twirling dress, especially in this colorful cactus print on white. also available in a darker tone!


Angel Zorn and I have teamed up to bring you the new pillow sprite dress! It’s nice to finally show this to everyone, I spent a lot of time painting her yellow but I think it was worth it.

This is just a one-off for now (and you can buy it here!) but if anyone is interested in helping me produce more of this kind of thing please get in touch.

Shoes from MICROMALL

Earrings by Olivera Jovanoska @sorryimlate

The dress itself was made superbly by Avril Macritchie