summer days daisy chains


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  • Okay, so at first I was sure that Vernon would be in the Dark Court
  • BUT HE’S NOT, OKAY????
  • This precious, precious child (child? barely younger than me. we’re the same age) is very much in the Light Court
  • All he wants to do is make his younger sister proud
  • He grew up kind of isolated from other Fae, so he feels this extreme loyalty to his family
  • Even though that last bullet is true, he did attach himself to a group of wild revelers when he got a little older
  • Sometimes they do more than just dance around and play games
  • This particular group is known for their rather intense messing with humans
  • They typically stay towards the more backwoods villages, so even if an entire village reported a faerie attack, the government wouldn’t be likely to believe them
  • Like sometimes they might enchant a house so that whenever the residents walked outside, they would suddenly discover that they had been walking on the ceiling the whole time they were inside and would promptly fall to the ground
  • The humans (and animals) that lived there would either have to deal with it or move houses
  • They usually did the latter
  • The thing about this particular group is that their attitudes and behavior match the weather
  • It’s a lazy, quiet, sunny summer day? They’re lying around fields making daisy chains and flower crowns and making music.
  • There’s a blizzard? They’re dancing wildly around a magic bonfire that’s taller than your house.
  • Dark clouds are rolling in over the mountains? They’re breaking out in little fights and constantly on edge. It would be best if you watched your back on those days.
  • You first met Vernon during a storm. Lightning was flashing and thunder rippled through the sky above.
  • The owner of the tavern had offended this group of Fae recently, and that combined with the weather worked to incite them into an attack.
  • Even though they intended to only go after the tavern keeper’s family, things quickly got out of hand, and some other villagers were hurt as well.
  • One of the Fae boys directed lightning to strike the tavern, but the fire spread to a barrel of gunpowder, which of course ignited.
  • Long story short, there was a rather dangerous blast, and you, who had been standing off to the side watching the Fae bang on the walls and doors of your best friend’s home, was knocked off your feet by the blast (and by the people running and bumping into you… Actually, mostly because of that).
  • Flames were everywhere, everyone was screaming, and it was all so confusing.
  • One second you were on the ground and staring up at the falling rain, and the next there was a beautiful boy standing over you.
  • He pulled you to your feet and back into the forest with him.
  • You could still hear the chaos in the village, and you were sure one of the screams was your name.
  • You didn’t stop running until you arrived at a tree house deep in the magical part of the forest, and he ushered you inside.
  • You weren’t quite sure what would happen with this boy called Vernon at the time, but, later on, you didn’t regret any of it.

Burn the pictures of me
and be careful not to breathe
lest the chemicals react
erupt someplace inside
I couldn’t reach although
I lowered myself into your summer day
by daisy chains and bare toes
I flew above your storm clouds
on wishful breath and paper wings
I poured into your empty
until it was my own

Promise to burn the pictures
leave the letters in the rain
until the symbols bleed their foolishness
to streams of formless sound
along the ground at your feet
and therein let the ashes be sewn