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Repeat after me: “I don’t hate on characters other people enjoy, even if I don’t like those said characters, because I wouldn’t like my favorite characters being hated that way, because I’m a mature person and want everyone here to have fun and because I don’t want to cause more distress to people who have already problems and come here to forget about them for a while.”


Ecthelion likes what he sees.

- why is it so hot today??

- Because I’m here, obviously

- Ah Glorfindel. Of course. I knew I as in hell Angband as soon as I saw you

- Go and swim in one of your fountains, Ecthelion, you might even be able to find enough coins in there to replace those rags you call clothes

‘Wonder Woman’ Lands 3 Critics’ Choice Awards Nominations Including Best Action Movie

The nominations for the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Critics Choice Awards have been revealed and Wonder Woman has emerged as a contender in three categories including Best Action Movie.

Award season is now upon us and after experiencing a summer of critical acclaim and box office success, Wonder Woman has now earned Critics’ Choice Awards nominations in the Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects categories. Although the DC Film did not land a Best Picture nomination, it will be a contender for the Best Action Movie award.

It is the year 2040. 

Marvel has just announced Civil War VII, which promises to explore the controversial twist that the Hulk was working for Wikileaks the entire time, but will in actuality just make things more confusing, while killing off Tony Stark for the thirteenth time. Meanwhile, the X-Men have literally been buried underneath Attilan, because Scott and Logan’s bitching at each other finally hit the Illuminati’s last nerve. 

DC has recently introduced the twenty-second Green Lantern of Earth, who was created in the fallout of the recent reboot (the ninth one since the company’s founding). The Joker has a mandated appearance in every book, and the editors say he has to defeat every superhero he meets. Every Robin has died at least twice, Wally West is Amish now for some reason, and Cassandra Cain finally has a solo series again, but never actually appears in it outside of cameos, with the main character being Harper Row. 



Staying True to Myself and My style, yes I’ve been criticized about the hair on my arms since i was in elementary school, I never really understood the big deal. I use to honestly question whether it was something wrong, but now I’m fully comfortable in my skin, embracing myself, and i wouldn’t dare call this a flaw, I’m flawsome. I hope I encourage other young beautful women around the world to stay true, and learn to accept who you are and realize there is only one YOU. Be the best YOU no matter the criticism. In a world where perception rules, create your own and break through all boundaries. Loving yourself and actually not caring who doesn’t like it or agree is one of the best rewards you can allow yourself to receive. <3 


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I liked The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy a lot, but I have a problem with the way Summer was depicted in this episode.

She seemed a lot more like shallow season 1 Summer than current Summer. At this point in her character arc, she should be beyond caring so much about being dumped to the point of crying about it and transforming her physical appearance for a twerp like Ethan.

She should still care about her social life since it’s part of her personality, but I think she should’ve acted more vindictive and bitter than crying and hysterical.

If I was writing the episode, I would’ve had Summer enact a more complex revenge plan against Ethan, of which getting bigger boobs is just step one.

A more Rick-like behaviour, you could say. Something to combine her social sensibilities with her nihilistic tendencies and intellect.


Arrowverse 4-Show Crossover Set for Two Nights in November

The CW’s Arrowverse crossover event will take place across four shows on two nights this fall, it was announced today at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

The action will kick off on Monday, Nov. 27 on Supergirl, followed by a special Monday episode of Arrow.

The crossover continues Tuesday, Nov. 28 on The Flash, then concludes on that night’s Legends of Tomorrow.

No storyline details were revealed, though that could change later today as assorted DCTV EPs appear at TCA panels.

Explaining the scheduling change-up/special Monday Arrow episode, CW boss Mark Pedowitz said that with Flash and Legends already paired up on Tuesdays, “We felt that it would be better and tighter in storytelling…. This was the best way to go.”