summer critic

i sure love being a female homosexual. love lovin women. my days are spent loving and respecting women. vulvas r the only true miracle on earth and my epiphany is that the meaning of life is to adore and love women every second of every day (including their bodies and their genitals because, Yes, they are pretty great)

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I'm not liking how all these comic fans, movie critics, and journalists are claiming Spiderman: Homecoming "is the best superhero movie," "trumps Wonder Woman" and "the real summer blockbuster."

woooooo SAME

like hey we see your sexism and it’s not cute and it’s not original and we’d like you to stoooooooop

-mod y

“I’m a big guy, and you made me feel small." 

"No, you do NOT get to apologize to me.”

This means the WORLD to me.

I love Travis so much right now. I love Grog so much. He was my favorite at the very start, when I started this show last year. 

This is so personally important to me, to hear this. 

I’m crying. 

This is so good.