summer century


K ♥ | The King of Hearts is an affectionate, caring man who helps you out in trouble and shows kindness even in the darkest times.

I’ve researched so many playing card meanings for this that I ascended to the astral plane and am now working as a full-time fortune teller there. and my gifts tell me that im gonna upload merle’s card next 💫


Thought this might be relevant to people who need it for….idk, fic stuffs or role-play stuffs.

I found it incredibly useful.

Isaac Levitan. At The Summer House In Twilight.
1895. Rostov and Yaroslavl Museum-reserve of art and architecture, Rostov.

Happy Birthday Ashmolean!

Britain’s first museum is 334 years old today! Here it is in today’s glorious sunshine. On 24 May 1683 the doors of the original Ashmolean Museum were officially opened to the public.

Have you seen our new banners up yet? Our exciting summer show Raphael: The Drawings opens next Thursday 1 June and brings together 120 stunning works from international collections spanning the brief but brilliant career of the Renaissance genius. Raphael was just 37 when he died.

This exciting exhibition focuses on his extraordinary creativity, and shows how exploration and experimentation shaped his breathtakingly accomplished drawings.


brave and wild | a road trip mix (listen)

For driving with the windows rolled down and the wind grabbing at your hair like a child’s fists seizing at butterflies. For screaming at the top of your lungs until your throat aches but your heart sings; for drumming on the steering wheel until you can’t feel your fingers anymore. For the ugly sound of singing out of key, and the beauty of doing it with people you love. For summer. For escaping. For the time of your life. (Also, for youaredelusional and alexgaskarthugh, and the road trips we’re already planning. It’s going to be amazing.)