summer camp for gender confused boys

Genderfluid! Dakota

Because I am A Mess that is physically incapable of adhering to deadlines, I wasn’t able to get these done for Minor-Character Monday of @lgbtqpjo‘s 3k celebration week. So now, on Whatever-Wednesday, I present you with a few headcanons, haphazardly slapped together in a rush to not miss the day again.

  • Dakota, who while growing up, doesn’t even know that there are more options than just ‘boy’ or ‘girl’.
  • Dakota, who has heard of trans people, desperately wanting to be able to put themself into that category.
  • But they can’t.
  • ‘Cause they aren’t that.
  • Dakota who is just a puddle of confusion as regards their gender for a good few years.
  • ‘Cause they feel different at different times? Sometimes like a boy? Sometimes like a girl? Sometimes neither? Is that even a thing?
  • Dakota who doesn’t open up to other people about this because It’s All Probably Just In Their Head.
  • Dakota who brings all of this to their first summer at Camp Jupiter.
  • Dakota who gets claimed, and decides to do a little background research on Bacchus.
  • Dakota, whose internal monologue while doing that sounds something like this: Well, that explains my Kool-Aid addiction.
  • Wait, this version says that it’s unclear whether Bacchus is a man or a woman. Lemme just Google that.
  • Oh.
  • O h .
  • Dakota, who finally finds a label that fits them.
  • Dakota deciding that they/them pronouns are hella rad.
  • Dakota, who is finally able to mop up that puddle of gender confusion.