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Death is your art. You make it with your hands day after day.

      -  Sooner or later, you’re gonna want it. And the second — the second— that happens, you know I’ll be there. I’ll slip in, have myself a real good day.

Callout posts are getting so stupid, like… 

Tumblr user XYZ: 

  • said “you moron” in an argument I was losing once 
  • they used to say “retarded” on a daily basis 2 years ago 
  • they had an outdoor summer job and came back doing brownface 
  • they overreacted when i was having a panic attack they knew nothing about 
  • they apologized for doing everything on this list but they didn’t kiss my ass so I’m not accepting it



Fringe Rewatch: 77/∞

↳ 2.09 Snakehead

I want to go back home :(


Cinderella AU:

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Her name was Parker and she was a daughter of an art collector Archie Leech . They lived happily in their spacious house, surrounded by paintings of famed artists and various artifacts, brought home from their travels.  One late summer Archie came back from his trip with a woman, who he soon later married, and her two daughters. The woman was cold and many times young Parker wondered why her father would be drawn to her.

After a couple of years, Archie fell ill and no doctor in the land could save him. Medication and nursing consumed the bulk of their resources so after his death, the family was in serious debt. Parker’s step-mother didn’t pretend to hide her disappointment and decided that Parker should shoulder the consequences of her fathers demise. From now on, Parker was to take the position of their maid - only fitting, when they couldn’t afford one anymore - and look after the estate. Parker didn’t have a choice but to accept the burden and the accompanying abuse from her step-family.

Meanwhile, the kingdom was in need of an heir to the throne - that was what King Nate heard too often from his advisers. He himself didn’t particularly agree - he wasn’t that old and his son Alec would make an excellent king one day. Alec’s grandmother sympathized but well understood the political situation her grandson would soon end up in so together, they nudged the Prince gently to look for a potential candidate.

For his part, Alec was ambivalent - he could fall in love with someone, surely, but the crucial part of making an heir held no appeal. He went along with the search for a wife and wondered how he would do it.

Lurking in the background and often in the shadow, was Prince Alec’s loyal bodyguard, Eliot. Spending days and nights by the Prince’s side, he hid his feelings well. Even the Prince himself wasn’t aware of how deep Eliot’s love was, for the bodyguard would never risk being dismissed from his post for inappropriate desires.

Soon, they all would realize that what they needed all along was help from Sophie the Fairy Godmother, or as King Nate liked to call her, the Fairy Meddler.

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From hate to love (Draco Malfoy)

Request: Can I have a oneshot where Draco used to bully the reader growing up because she didn’t seem to fit in Slytherin house and she also wasn’t ever seen as attractive? Then after on summer she came back transformed and he helplessly falls for her But she puts up a fight and he has to really prove that he wants her? Sorry if it’s complex, thank you!

“You filthy mudblood!” Draco yelled, as he pushed a fellow fifth year to the ground. He was a Hufflepuff and a muggle born, but that doesn’t mean he deserves that, nobody does.

I walked up to the Hufflepuff after Draco left and offered him my hand. He reluctantly took it and I helped him up.

“Sorry about him. He’s a real arse.” I said.

“Yea I noticed.” He smiled. I smiled back and turned to leave.

“Hey.” He called me back. I turned around to look at him. “Thanks.” He nodded.

I nodded back and left to the common room. As I was walking through the hallway, I was pulled into an empty corridor and pushed to the floor. I looked up to see my captor and saw the most gorgeous silver eyes, then I realized it was Draco and mentally face palmed myself.

I sat Indian style on the floor and looked up him with a blank expression.

“Yes?” I asked.

“I saw you helping that Hufflepuff. You’re a Slytherin, Y/n! You’re not suppose to help them. You’re suppose to help YOUR house. You’re not meant to be in Slytherin! You’re not meant to be in this school!” He yelled.

I fake gasped. “Draco! You called me by my first name!” I smirked.

His face became confused for a second then he got angry.

“You don’t get it, dammit!” He yelled.

I stood up and I took a large step towards him. His back was against the the wall and I saw something in his eyes that I couldn’t quite understand.

“No! I DO get it! YOU are the one you who doesn’t get it!” I yelled. “You have made my life a living hell since first year! I’m not letting that happen when we get back from summer break, Draco! I’m not letting it happen! I don’t know why you hate me so much! You have gotten a good amount of people in all houses to do so! It’s not happening anymore! I can assure you that!”

I turned to leave, but he pulled me back and pushed me to the other wall. My back was now against the wall.

“You’re nothing but a waste of space. You would be worth something if you were at least a little attractive. You’re not worthy to be in Slytherin. You’re not worthy to be a pureblood. You’re not worthy of anything!” He spat.

That really got to me.

Draco’s POV

As soon as my last word escaped out of my mouth, I immediately regretted it. I regretted everything that I said to her.

I watched her eyes fill with tears as she stared into mine. I took a step back and she lowered her head in shame. My heart broke into a thousand pieces when the first tear fell from her eyes and i had to look away as the rest of them ran down her cheeks.

“Y-Y/n…” I stuttered, now looking at her.

She wiped her eyes and ran out.

“Arghhhhhh!” I yelled as I kicked an old chair beside an old supply closest. What did I just do?!
Y/n’s POV

I was on the train heading to Hogwarts. I was determined to make my sixth year, my best year. What Draco said to me at the end of last year really got to me. I always knew I wasn’t pretty, I mean I had some good features but I didn’t like how I looked. So I got in shape, bought new clothes, and got a complete makeover. I don’t like make up so I don’t wear it. I like mascara and chap stick. That’s all the makeup I wore. My hair is either curled or straightened but when I’m lazy I usually put it in a comfy bun. I didn’t go all out because I’m happy being me. I just changed the things that I personally didn’t like. I didn’t change for anyone. I changed for me. I changed for the better, but I didn’t act any different. I knew what I liked and who I was.

I was sitting in an empty compartment, with my robes already on.

“Y/n!?” I turned and saw my best friend, Pansy Parkinson. She has been my best friend since we were in diapers. She helped me out last year with the Draco incident. She hates him. She hated the fact that everyone thinks she loves him.

“Pansy?!” I mocked her. Her eyes widened.

“Y/n! You look amazing! I mean you looked amazing before, but wow!” She threw her arms around me and hugged me. I hugged her back.

“Thanks, Pans.”

“Oh I’m sorry I couldn’t come over this summer. My parents took me to America for the break.” She explained, as she took a seat in front of me.

“Oh. It’s fine. How was it?” I asked.

“Greasy. It was greasy and fried.” She laughed.

After an hour of gossiping and jokes, we arrived at Hogwarts. Pansy opened the door and I followed her out.

“I hope we have classes together.” Pansy said.

“Yea. Hopefully we d-” Before I could finish, I was thrown to the floor. I wasn’t the only one, though. Someone fell on top of me and it wasn’t a girl.

“Oh god.” I muttered. My eyes were closed from the pain of the impact of my back and the hard ground.

“Shit! I’m so sorry…Y/n?” I heard a deep familiar voice. I opened my eyes, hoping it wasn’t who I thought it was. There were two silver eyes staring intently at me. I have the worst luck.

Draco’s POV

“Shit! I’m so sorry… Y/n?” I said confused. The girl opened her eyes and there were Y/n’s beautiful y/e/c eyes. She was beautiful. She changed so much. Was it because of me? I didn’t want her to change. I was only mean to her because… Because I liked her. I’ve had a crush on her since first year.

“Draco.” She whispered.

“Yes?” I said, a little too quickly.

“I can’t breathe.” She said.

I forgot I was still on top of her. “R-right. Sorry” I muttered.

I got up and offered her my hand. She looked at it and got up herself. I put my hand down, while I felt my heart crumbling. I hurt her. I hurt her and she didn’t deserve it.

She turned to leave with Pansy.

“Y/n! Wait.” I said. She turned around and so did Pansy. “Can I talk to you? Alone?”

She turned to Pansy and nodded. Pansy nodded and gave her a reassuring smile. She turned to me and gave me the dirtiest look anyone could ever give.

“What do you want, Draco?” She said, looking at the the path leading to the black lake.

“Do you want to walk?” I asked. She nodded and we took that path.

We walked to the black lake. She was quiet. I took a deep breath before talking. “I’m sorry.”

“What? Why?” She said, looking at the ground.

“For what I said last year. I shouldn’t have said those things. I was stupid. I guess I just…I did it because…I had a small crush on you.” I whispered the last part.

She turned to me now. “You insulted me. You made me feel like crap. You made my life a living hell, because you liked me?” She asked calmly.

I nodded. I was about to say something else, when she slapped me. Hard! I stumbled backwards, almost falling into the lake. I looked at her and she was coming at me, fury clearly visible in her usually happy eyes.

I caught her hand before she could slap me again.

“You stupid jerk!” She yelled. “That makes no sense at all! You hurt me! You hurt me really bad, because you liked me?!” She was about to hit me with her other hand, but I caught that one too. I had my hands wrapped tightly around her wrists. She was small, but incredibly strong.

“Let go of me! You deserve this! You deserve this and much more!” She yelled. She hung her head down, the top of her head on my chest. She was quiet for a few seconds before I heard her sniffling. Then I saw drops of water falling from her face.

I had tears formed in my eyes now, too. I let go of her wrists and wrapped my arms around her. I stroked her hair as she cried quietly into my chest.

I decided to say something after a few minutes of her crying into me. “Y/n… I still like you. I know you like me t-” she pushed me into the lake before I could finish.

The water was freezing. I swam to the surface, gasping for air.

“W-w-why d-did you d-d-do that-t?!” I said. I was shivering from the cold water.

“Do you still like me now!?” She yelled. She’s STILL mad?!

“Yes! Now I like you more than ever! In fact, I think I love you!” I yelled back, angrily.

“Ughhhhh!” She stomped her feet and began muttering something under he breath. I smiled at how cute she was.

“Okay! I want you to prove it!” She yelled.

“How am I suppose to do that?!” I yelled back.

“FIGURE IT OUT!” She yelled and stomped away. I watched her leave. I thought about what she said. I was determined to prove my love to her.

“Damn. I love her so much.” I said to myself.

Mrs. Figg the Squib Rant

So we all know that Mrs. Figg, a neighbour of Harry’s on Private Drive with all the cats, was a Squib put there to watch over Harry. She knew how Harry was being treated, saw it on a daily basis, and knew what everyone thought about and were saying about Harry. No one befriended Harry in the neighbourhood. No one was kind to Harry in the neighbourhood. The boy was miserable. 

Now I understand her explanation in Order of the Phoenix that she didn’t reveal herself to Harry under Dumbledore’s orders, that he was too young. She also explains that she made sure Harry had a bad time at her house so that way the Dursleys would keep sending Harry over; knowing they wouldn’t if they thought Harry was enjoying himself at all. 

However, why the heck couldn’t she have told Harry that summer after Voldemort came back in the graveyard, “Hey, I’m a squib, we can talk and you can have some peace here at my house. But when you go home you have to tell your Aunt and Uncle how miserable you are here, or else they won’t let you back.” Seriously! How hard would it be for Harry to lie about his time with Mrs. Figg!  

I’m calling it now, either David’s parents dumped him at camp every summer and it’s the only time he ever had fun, or they dumped him at camp one summer and never came back and Campbell actually let him stick around. Either would explain why he sees the camp through such vibrant rose-colored glasses and pretty much worships at Campbell’s feet.

Middle School AUs
  • The “we left for summer break and you came back 10x more attractive” au (bonus: oh my god your voice is so hot now)
  • The “I hated you in first grade but now that i’m back in town I can’t believe I didn’t like you” au
  • The “I don’t know you but you’re stealing my part in the school musical with your flawless hair and beautiful singing voice and god damn it” au
  • The “”I heard you play your instrument and now I know you need to be in marching band but for some reason you just won’t join” au
  • The “we were both gone yesterday and now we’re stuck as partners on this science project” au
  • The “so I think we got on the wrong bus this isn’t the road to the museum” au
  • The “you heard me talk to myself about how awful these songs are at this dance and now all we’re doing is making fun of them together” au
  • The “um yeah, sorry, I know we haven’t met but I have to tell you that you are way too tall and you just have to stop” au
  • The “you’ve got the best math grades in the whole school and I seriously need your help” AU
  • The “look, my friend over there realllllllllly likes you” au
  • The “sorry transfer kid but you are not stealing my thunder. not today. not ever” au
  • The “let’s kiss while the chaparones aren’t looking” au
  • The “so I hear you like anime” au
  • The “so you’re my new student council vice president huh?” au
  • The “we’re in all the same classes yet we’ve never spoken” au
  • The “pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend so that I don’t have to go on a date with them” au
  • The “who drew all these cats and dicks in my science textbook?” au
  • The “we’re the only two not going on the field trip” au


What do you want? (chap 1/2)

Gillovny fic 

A thousand thank-yous and a hundred puppies and kittens to my amazing betareader! <3  

Vancouver, summer 2015

He came back to his rented apartment two hours ago, made himself a small sandwich with what was left in his fridge, and took a hot but quick shower and went to bed, exhausted and disappointed. Just like he had every night in the past few days. Being Mulder again was harder than he thought it would be. He’d fought to find his flow. He struggled to remember his lines. His body was sore with the physical effort this role required. Why did he push everyone to do this, again? Oh yeah! To be with her.

She was the reason he wanted it so badly. What a silly idea it had been. He thought working together again would pull them closer. He was so wrong. It had been two weeks, and they were barely talking to each other outside the set. It’s happening again, he thought. It’s not like he hadn’t been trying. He tried to make her laugh, and he succeeded almost every time. She’d always had an easy laugh. But as soon as Chris decided to wrap for the day, she just hugged him goodbye - that was in the best case scenario. Usually, she would just wave to him on her way out. He tried to ask her out too. She was always too tired, always needed to go back to her own apartment to Skype her children. He understood; her boys were young and she missed them a lot. But she could just agree to go dinner with him, and Skype them after… couldn’t she?   

For a final and desperate attempt, he asked if he could borrow her house on Vancouver Island. He said he wanted to spend the weekend somewhere calm and green, maybe go fishing or just wandering. Of course, he was really hoping she would join him. But she gave him the keys and then bought a plane ticket to London. After that, he just stopped trying. He was unhappy, and so was she; he could see it. But as long as she was pushing him away, there was nothing he could do.

Tonight, he tried to get over it, once again in vain. He had been asleep for an hour. Maybe two. And he started to dream of her, like he did almost every night. In his dreams, she was always smiling and laughing, and sometimes she was naked, too. Tonight was naked-Gillian night. And naked-Gillian was at his home in New York. She was there, wearing the same black dress that she was wearing a few months ago, on one particular night, when he thought they had reconnected with each other for good. He’d kissed her in front of hundreds of people, and it was one of the happiest nights of his life. She went back to his place with him and stayed the night. And the night after. And the night after again. Three days of passion and frenzy and love; at least, that’s what he thought.

But when she went back to Europe, nothing more happened, just silence. She didn’t pick up his calls, nor return his texts or emails. Except for work, he didn’t hear from her at all. Maybe he’d done something wrong, he thought, but what? She probably was having second thoughts.  If that was the case, he’d just wanted her to be honest and tell him. But in his dream, she never left New York.

She was under the shower, he could hear the water flowing. She got her head under the rainforest shower, her head facing the ceiling, her eyes closed and her mouth open. The hot water filled her mouth and she let it dribble down her chin, running down her neck and falling on her breasts. She squeezed the body wash into her palms and applied it to her firm breasts… slowly, very slowly. By the way she circled her nipples, he knew she was thinking about him. She left  one hand on her breast, weighing it, squeezing her nipple between her middle and forefinger while her other hand spread bubbles on her stomach, her ribs, her waist, her groin. The foam died on her pubic hair and her middle finger snuck between her folds. She moaned and bit the side of her bottom lip. Cleaning herself wasn’t the point of this shower anymore.

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“Don’t let anyone ruin your life”

You know that cheesy sentence of every romantic comedies: “love is about timing”. God I hate that sentence for being so true. 

We loved each others for six years. We still do. It was never the right time. First I loved him, but he loved my best friend. Then he loved me but i rejected him because I was stupid and too pride to accept him. He went away for his studies (he later confessed that it was to forget about me). He had a girlfriend (who really looks like me). 

This summer he came back, he invited me, i said yes without any ultimor motives, because he had a girlfriend. Then everything went fast. He confessed that he had never forget about me. He found out about my depression (my self-injuries just started to bleed all of the sudden when we were out), He went on a trip in Corsica paid by his parents for his 2 years anniversary with his girlfriend and left her (though I happen to be one of the reason he had other reasons). But they were going to move in together for a year, they are college students so they need to keep the apartement. She told him she wanted them to try again, on the condition to never speak to me. I understood her conditions so I accepted. He however did not stand a week. He came back. And six years after my first confession we had our first kiss, we finally touched each others. It was a dream.

But it’s over. He’s going away again. He has an serious illness (that could left him paralysed) , he feels guilty about his ex. He doesn’t want us to suffer, me to suffer. Although I insisted that I did not care, he wants me to forget abour him, to move on. “I want and I have always wanted you to live your life without waiting anyone”

It’s over, we said our goodbyes three days ago. He is leaving in two days. 

I’m all alone again.