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GOT7 Introduction Post

ALRIGHT. You requested, I have written! In honor of the upcoming THOT7 comeback - may our souls be stolen and wallets be emptied.

Member by Member introduction, from oldest to youngest.

Mark Tuan, stage name: Mark. ‘93 line, rapper. Also in charge of acrobatics / fly boy stunts. From LA, USA. Quiet, very intelligent. ISTJ personality. The only one who can pull the hyung card on Jaebum and BOY, WHEN HE DOES. Sometimes pegged as the ‘bad boy’ but lol. Mark’s laugh cures evil and creates butterflies. Deep ass rap, will make you shake in your boots. I know you want me, so stop fronting.

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Im Jaebum, stage name: JB. ‘94 line, vocal and leader. Korean. Also writes / releases music under Def (used to be Def Soul, soundcloud here). A tsundere hoe, to quote myself. INFJ personality. Very intelligent, typically takes a more subdued role in the group but DAMN, MEMEBUM. Don’t let the rude exterior fool you, Jaebum is a straight up meme. There are hours of footage on Youtube to prove it. Owns like, a billion cats and they all sleep in his room. OG cat is Nora. 

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Jackson Wang, stage name: Jackson. (Chinese name, Wang Jia Er). From Hong Kong, China. ‘94 line, rapper. ENFJ personality. Was a nationally ranked / world class fencer until he was 17. Convinced his parents to let him audition for JYP, moved to Korea and followed his dreams of music. Speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. Jackson is pure sunshine in addition to being the most extra variety star in existence. Will do a forward flip every chance he can. Is a gigantic mama’s boy. Would never hurt a fly.

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Park Jinyoung, stage name: Jinyoung (IF YOU CALL HIM JR OR JUNIOR, HE WILL FITE U). ‘94 line, vocal and dancer. ISFJ personality. Korean. Before debuting as part of GOT7, debuted in a duo with Jaebum called JJ Project. Tied with Jaebum for first place at 2009 JYP auditions. Has melodious, beautiful falsetto. Is an actor, appeared in multiple web dramas and was the young main for Legend of the Blue Sea, in addition to the lead in the independent film, Nunbal. Writes fucking bops. Is basically good at everything, the boy to bring home to your parents. Also the man who may take over the world. Idk. I’m not biased.

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Choi Youngjae, stage name: Youngjae. ‘96 line, main vocal. ISFJ personality. Korean. Only trained for 7 months before debut, POWERHOUSE vocal. Composes under the name of Ars. Often compared to an otter bc SMILEY and ADORABLE and just actual sunshine. Anyone who hurts Youngjae answers to Jaebum. Hates cucumbers. Co-owns a puppy named Coco with Mark. Constantly damaging Jackson’s hearing with his yelling.

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Bambam, stage name: Bambam. ‘97 line, rapper. ESTJ personality. From Thailand, trained with JYP for three and a half years. Legal Thai name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul but is rarely used except in legal circumstances. Bambam is his name lol. ANYWAYS. Bambam has rapidly switched from adorable maknae line to fly-ass fashion mogul. Loves memes, all things pop culture and fashion. Speaks Thai, Korean and English. Loves to interact with fans, especially through Twitter. Constantly calling fans girlfriends at fanmeets, WILL DAB WHENEVER HE WANTS TO DAB.

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Kim Yugyeom, stage name: Yugyeom. ‘97 line, singer and main dancer. INFP personality. Korean. Maknae. Main dancer in GOT7, performed twice on Hit the Stage and won first place the second time. Like Bambam, has transformed from adorable maknae to champion of sexy dance. Yugyeom is coming for us all. Is quiet and sweet but also loves to troll hyung line. Specifically Jinyoung and Jaebum. Is the biggest JJ Project fan in the world. One day, Jinyoung might actually kill him. 

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Let’s talk about Enjolras part 2

Coming from Nice, Enjolras is used to a warmer climate. He’s not a massive fan of winter. Enjolras does go pale in winter, and his hair gets darker, but in the summer sun as his skin darkens his hair gets paler again.  (but of course that doesn’t bother him… at all… noooo he’s not vain at allllllll). This provides endless fascination for Grantaire. “He’s not always the same colour it’s fascinating!! I want to paint him over and over cos he’s never the same shade! Is that weird?”

Not to be complete ES trash but… Do you think they’ll mention the missing Hartfeld students in The Sophomore? Will Chris bring up the fact that one of their quarterbacks never came back to school after the summer and nobody’s heard from him? Or will something in ES happen that makes everyone back at Hartfeld forget about them, or will they be rescued before the school year starts up again? Will some of the ES characters make cameos? I just wanna know.

Fuckboy!Peter Parker AU

Fuckboy!Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: The f-bomb is dropped like once, slight angst, heartbreak, maybe terrible writing? (Tell me of there’s more, sorry if I missed any)

A/N: I haven’t written in years and the idea sparked after seeing the idea twice on my dashboard, I forgot who those writers were, but shout out to you! Also, shout out to these amazing writers who inspired me to start writing again: @hufflepuffholland @spidereyhes @rileywrites-93 @underoossss @spideyboys @parkerroos @awkward (there’s probably more, but I’m not good at remembering blogs so I’ll probably come bk and add more :))

Part 2

        She knew she shouldn’t have. She knew she should’ve listened to all of the warnings, but her poor heart fell for the whole act.

       Peter Parker. The name that used to sound like her favorite song. The name that used to make the stars be put to shame because her eyes would sparkle so bright just by hearing those two words. The name that used to make her heart beat so fast and so loud that she could no longer hear anything else. The name that used to represent her whole world.

         The key words: used to

         The name no longer made her eyes sparkle or her heart race, or even bring the tiniest lift of her lips. The name only brought waves of memories…of lies. Every time the name was spoken now, her smile (if she was even smiling anymore) would immediately drop into a frown, her eyes would glaze over, and her whole being would just shut off.

         Who even is this Peter Parker, you ask? The boy used to be the dork that everyone ignored and most girls barely even paid attention to. He wore thick rimmed glasses, spots on his face like every teenager, lanky and scrawny, and a mess of curls on the top of his head. He was the top of all of his classes. Until that one summer passed and he came back, now a sophomore, with a face clear of acne, a chiseled jaw, no more glasses, and rock hard abs. That mop of curls upon his head now styled and he soon lost the nickname ’Penis Parker’. His grades began to drop, but who cares when he got the attention of every girl in school. Of course he took advantage of this…of them.

          He gained the reputation of playboy, or in harsher terms: fuckboy. He just had to have every girl, but of course there are those who didn’t want anything to do with the dude. They were smart not to fall for all of his games, the cheeky winks, and the meaningless compliments.

         He slept with every girl that would play his game. He got every girl that was so willing and so eager to have him. But that gets boring soon enough. So he went for one of the girls that didn’t fall so easily. He went for one of the girls who kept their heart guarded by a steel wall and that girl was none other than (y/n)(y/l/n).

         Every pick up line, every compliment, and every move that he used before was used on her. She never fell for it though. He would constantly ask her on dates to just be constantly rejected. He was frustrated, but he enjoyed the challenge. It meant he could play his game a little longer. He noticed his old tricks weren’t working so he threw out everything he used before and became a romantic that only she would fall for.

         How did he know she would fall for it? Because he asked every guy, every girl, and every resource he could to know what would make her fall hard. He learnt her schedule, her favorite places, her favorite books, and anything and everything to get her to fall. And…it worked. She got tired of the constant asking and part of her was starting to like him, so she gave him what he wanted, a chance. Big mistake.

          Their first date was at her favorite café that was also a bookshop.

         "Oh my gosh, I love this place! Pete, how did you know?“ She looked up at the boy with a beautiful smile.

         "The café was basically screaming ’(y/n)’” he chuckled.

          The date was a success to say the least. She spoke of her favorite books and learned a bit about him. Well at least the basic information about him, nothing too deep so she wouldn’t have something against him after he finished playing his game.

          After a couple of dates, she noticed that she was falling…hard. Peter noticed this and he was so happy. Not because he felt anything for her, no, but because the harder she fell, the more fun it was to play his game then break her heart.

         The next date they went on, Peter took her to a hill to look at the stars, remembering that was on her list of ‘perfect dates’. He had her right where he wanted her, so he said the three words that he’s said countless times to make her completely fall for him.

         As they were laying down in the grass,  (y/n) was cuddled up to Peter and staring up the star filled sky. “(y/n)?”


         "I love you”

         (Y/n) felt her heart stop and all of the heat rushed to her face. She pushed herself up and looked down at the boy she had fallen so hard for. “I…I love you too” Her cheeks were tinted pink and Peter couldn’t help, but admit she looked beautiful.

         That’s where her first kiss was, with Peter Parker on top of a hill under the stars.

         Peter waited a week after that date and pulled (y/n) along by a string. Then the next week they were in school, (y/n)’s smile disappeared.

         As she walked into school, she stopped walking to her locker the minute her eyes laid on Peter. There he was, making out with a girl that he pushed up against the lockers. It was as if the world slowed down as (y/n) dropped everything in her hands and ran up to him.

         "Pete…?“ Her voice barely above a whisper, he didn’t hear her. So she tried again. “Peter. Benjamin. Parker.”

         He detached his lips from the girl and put a knowing smirk there instead. He turned and looked down at (y/n). “Do you need something (y/n)?” The girl glared at (y/n) for stopping Peter from doing what he was doing.

         (Y/n) stared at him with tears threatening to leave her eyes. She should have expected this, she didn’t know why she thought he changed from being with her. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. So she looked him in the eyes, took a deep breath and said “Thank you for all of the memories.” And with that she turned on her heels, picked up her stuff and went to her locker.

         She spent weeks…months, trying to get over the curly haired boy. She smiled less, her usual bounce in her step disappeared, and her eyes didn’t shine anymore. She distracted herself in her studies and would join all the clubs she could to keep herself busy. She would avoid any halls Peter was in. In class, she would only look at the board or her class work. She would plaster on a fake smile around Peter and his friends so he wouldn’t know she was hurting.

        When she was left with her thoughts, she would ask herself ‘why are you so stupid?’, ‘why did you think you could change him?’, or ‘why aren’t I good enough?’. She thought of how every touch, every word, every date, every look, and every 'I love you’ was planned and was all a lie. She couldn’t forget how he was her first date, first boyfriend, first kiss, and first 'I love you’. She rebuilt the wall around her heart except it was ten times stronger. She never would forget the heart break that Peter Parker put her through.

Another Damn Grocery Fic, Okay?

Back in my favourite setting with a prompt from the brilliant, stunning, inspiring @petalstofish​ who knows I can’t resist — “grocery store AU where Lily works the counter and he keeps buying things just to talk to her”

Thanks, as always, to my best friend in the entire world, le lupe, for putting up with my stupid questions about titles (and also like literally everything else) and suggesting (perhaps jokingly) that I use this brilliant title

Enjoy, friends xx (you can also read on AO3 or FF if you’re so inclined)

Every summer since she’d turned 13, it was the same routine.

She woke up at five thirty, so early that even the summer sun was just barely peeking over the horizon, and walked ten minutes down the road to her dad’s shop. She helped her dad open, accused him of leaving the easiest tasks for her to do, got into spirited arguments with him about rugby. She was there all day, and though she left each day exhausted, it was worth it to walk home with her father every night and laugh about the things that had gone wrong that day.

Her dad always got to the store at half four, long, long before it opened, but he loved the quiet walk, the hint of orange that coloured the horizon in the summertime, the sharp crispness of the air in autumn — it was the only time you could hear the birds when you were on the high street, and he would gladly sacrifice a bit of sleep for one of life’s little luxuries.

It was the same every summer — early mornings, long days, surprisingly annoying arguments with people about the produce quality. Over time, her father started waking up later, but Lily always made sure to compensate. When he started rolling out of bed at five thirty, she was halfway to the store already. When he was pulling himself up at half six, she’d been there since five.

He started joking, in between ragged breaths, that she was leaving all the easy tasks for him.

She was. She knew he’d been leaving them for her, too — but that seemed so long ago now.

Their walks home took longer, required more breaks, but still included a lot of laughter.

Every summer was the same — the dark purple bags under her eyes because she never quite mastered the early bedtime, the rowdy boys that bought as many sweets as they could carry and flirted shamelessly whenever they were home from their boarding school.

Every summer was the same — until it wasn’t.

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IKON as students

Kim Jiwon- Bobby

-Aomine Daichi

-plays basketball

- the ace of the team

-likes to skip classes. Constantly

- ask you for your homework

-then asks you for help when exams are coming

- looks like a player(he kinda is when he is in the mood)

-likes to have girls around(but loves basketball more than girls)

-looks bad. Well, not bad, but first years  never disrespect him.

- has kinda average grades. Not the best student. But he is not stupid either.Actually  he smart aff.

-good at english MURICA!!

- lowkey hates school. But he likes studying for some classes when he is actually realllllyy interested (Hisotry? Philosophy? He makes me believe that is pretty curios and wants to understand the world better)

-writes? why not.

- plays the guitar, drums, even some piano, good at swimming too.

-pretty skilled at everything actually. Every sport. Well. He doesn’t like the climbing wall but that’s ok.

-also LOUD . When he laughs at least.

-quiet in general when he doesn’t have people to hang out with.

-best friend with B.i and also Jinhwan.

-one day got into detention because the teachers didn’t like his new eyebrow piercing. Also that’s where he met June and Mino, probably.

-just imagine him playing basket ball one day, with a loose shirt or something and his teammates noticing his tattoo on the back, and everyone goes like GENERAL PANICKKKKK “FUCK DUDE IS THAT A TATTOoOO?????? CAN YOU SHOW US????” “ siiiickkkk” “did it hurt??” and Bobby thinking at what would happen if they would find the actual meaning behind his tattoo. (meanwhile, Jinhwan in a corner with his back against the wall, smoking and his 6 tattoos under his nice presentable clothes watching the scene AMIRIGHT????)

-  people think he is in a gang and rumors spread about him being a bully( actually helps kids and old people cross the road)

-hid dad is a painter. wants to lowkey draw like him

-friends with everyone. easy to talk to(after you approach him.)

-you find out that he is a dork not a Kingka

-actually church boy

Kim Hanbin- known as B.i.


- not during basket ball games tho

- the leader of the basketball team

has a weak spot for Bobby (because it’s his friend, so he doesn’t yell at him that often, but when he gets mad. RUN)

- sleeps in class because apparently he doesn’t sleep at night.

- bad at answering questions during class but he gets a lot of good marks from tests

- lil genius.

-his parents seem rich. He doesn’t mind it tho.  He acts like a normal student. Even tho his clothes are really nice and his mom likes to dress him up before leaving their house. But at the end of the day, he likes to sweat with Bobby, playing basketball in a park or something.

-listens to music a lil bit too much. likes to space out when he has his headphones on

- looks rude when you first see him.

-talks shit with everyone. Good with little kids.

-actually cinnamon roll. Bigger Dork than Bobby

Kim Donghyuk

-president of the student’s council, editor at the school’s newspaper, volunteers for everything.

-GENIUS. Teachers love him.

-nice aFff. Respect all the rules. Students always come to find him when there is a problem and he just helps each of them. He is so nice that likes to do the tasks that nobody wants.

-he is nice 

-always smiling

-olimpyc at various subjects.

-has his future already planned.

-has always a camera and it’s ready to take pictures or film some stuff for the newspaper or for the end of the year.

-lowkey a hoe for dancing. But he likes to keep that secret. Likes to sneak out of his room when his mom can’t see him, thinking that he is doing his homework , so that he can go underground and have some dancing battles with some dudes.

-did I even mention something about him in shorts, doing sports? ?


-well, he was actually considered the biggest nerd.  Was wearing glasses and had a bowl cut, that mad his head look like a coconut, and then, after one summer break, BOOM. He came back with like 7 earring and his glasses were gone.

Song Yunhyeong

-the secretary at the Student’s Council

- the president’s best friend

-his shadow.

-always nice. Smiles. Wants to help everybody and look cute

-he thinks he is younger than his age. Liar

- teachers love him

-the other studens are always nice to him, trying to become friends, because they know his family has a restaurant, and that his food is the best. Like. He comes with his lunch and people would pay money for that. Actually he thought about starting some black market for his food, but Donghyuk won’t let me do that.

-probably works in the library too. Or at the Red Cross.

-he doesn’t really know what to do with his future. He thought about becoming a model? Actor? Singer? A cook?

-loves cooking.

-he is the one that organizes every time the proms and every other thing that involves drinks and food.

-a genteleman. Girls love talking to him.

-also smart. Struggles with his English, but Donghyuk helps him with that.

-also can’t say no and every time when someone gets in trouble he comes and saved them (probably that’s why Bobby and June now like him too)

-pretty much an introvert so he is not good at speaking in front of too many people.

-also tutors a lot of people, especially June and Chanuu.

Jung Chanwoo

- tall aff

- first year

- doesn’t look like that. Girls talk about him. Even the older ones.

- the nephew of the principal. Which means, SATANWOOO

-rich. Well he has a car that drops him by the school almost every day. And the latest version of Iphone and other gadgets.

- actually a gamer. That’s why.

-doesn’t pay attentio to classes. Also, doesn’t really try to make new friends because he likes his games enough.

-gamer boy. Bobby and B.i keep on trying to make him join their basket ball team.

-teachers leave him alone just because he is THE nephew

-he looks like an introvert, just because he doesn’t want to be loud and start the conversation, but once you get him fired up, he is the evil.

-his parents are also some important people in the school, because they keep on making donations or stuff like that

-probably knows B.i because they rich.

-Song Yunhyeong’s cousin

-he doesn’t like that connection but Yunhyeong keeps on spending time with him during lunch aaand that’s how the TWIN CONCEPT started.  Also the others are making fun of him because of that, so he hates Yunhyeong even more.

Koo Junhoe

-the hoe

- bitch. He wakes up every morning at like  5 just to do his hair and make sure that it’s nice and on point

-not even a day will pass without his hair being fixed

-also fixes his hair everywhere. Every time

-he is also late because of that. Also he likes to sleep without hearing his alarm in the morning.

- neat clothes. likes to dress up. and impress

- has a fanclub

-fuck boy #1

- actually a second year. When he first came he said that he will be the fuckboy #1 in the school. Then he met bobby, who was considered already the BOMB ins the school and they had a fight (lol kidding, but June got a little bit scared of him)

-doesn’t like to study

- bad at math

- actually even worse at literature

-even tho he likes to talk a looooot

- looks kinda stupid when you first look at him, but if you start talking to him you ll find yourself in some deep as shit conversation where he asks you how do fish breath under water like dude, what are you smokin’??

-LOUD( in bed)

-if there is some sort of competition, rank, that involves showing off, he is all in.

- looks rude af

-more rude than B.i

-girls like him

-he is into noonas ( OFC THIS LIL SHIET)

- actually a mama boy

Kim Jinhwan

- senior. Younger girls come to him to ask for help, because he is soft.


-also pretty smart. Has some good memory and also works on instincts.

-friends with Bobby and B.I since middle school. Tripple KIM

- thinks he is good at sports

- he is not

-well, sometimes he has his good days.

-actually he is good at gymnastics, because he is smol. But because of that he is always so proud of himself when he scores at basket ball. His teammates never trust him.

- short aff

-but evil. Not evil like, I m going to find you, and kill you, but evil like, hi, nice to meet you, I’ll make sure that your life becomes hell for the next 4 years if you treat me shitty.

- kids keep on mistaking him for a first year

-June did that and Jinhwan was so offended that he didn’t speak to him again.

-June keeps on following him now.

-knows how to speak with the teachers and sweat talk them. That’s why he looks like the favourite.

-a role model student. Never caused problems. Likes to be praise by the teachers. He is a lil attention whore, not gonna lie. Probably that’s why he starts enjoying June’s company. They look alike

- lil shit

-says he is also good at foreign languages

- well Japanese and Chinese. but not Engliish!!!! ( sorry)

-complains a little bit too much saying that he is the hyung so he must be respected (Chanuu doesn’t give a fokkk)

-actually smokes during breaks when nobody sees him


Death is your art. You make it with your hands day after day.

      -  Sooner or later, you’re gonna want it. And the second — the second— that happens, you know I’ll be there. I’ll slip in, have myself a real good day.


Fringe Rewatch: 77/∞

↳ 2.09 Snakehead

i got a stuffed raccoon and named him ben 

what animal should i get to name sammy

Pamper Night - Evan Peters Imagine

Request: Hey!! Can you make one with Evan Peters where you’re best friends but have feelings for each other (something really fluffy please)? Thanks


“Stay still!” I say while laughing.

“I can’t, it’s really cold Y/N!” Evan said moving his face away from my outreached hand. Tonight myself and my best friend Evan we’re hanging out at my place eating junk food and watching movies like we usually do on Friday nights. This quickly became a tradition of ours since we were freshmans in high school, fast forward 3 years later we’re seniors and still doing it.

Evan slapped my hand away from his face stopping me from putting more of the cold face mask to it. He bought me a bunch of self pampering stuff for my birthday and I decided tonight we would try some of it out together. Evan has been my best friend since the beginning of high school, I never saw him as anything more until the beginning of this school year. He had left junior year scrawny and the same height as me, when I slowly started to see him develop more over the summer and when we came back to school he’d grown at least 4 inches and spent more time at the gym. I’ve always loved Evan but more in a brother type of way, now he’s all I think about.

“Alright fine I won’t put anymore on you, not like you need it anyway”, I whisper the last part quietly, putting the lid back on the mask pot.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He replies laughing. My eyes widen as I realize what I’ve just said.

“You know..” I say trying to avoid a very awkward conversation.

“No I don’t think I do.”, Evan says smirking, he leans in close to me, our noses almost touching and I can feel my breath hitch.

“Well it’s just that…you h-have really good skin.” I say nervously smiling, I’m so embarrassed at this point. We just stay looking at each other for a few seconds, I can see his eyes glancing from mine to my lips.

“Well you have really nice skin to Y/N, beautiful skin in fact.” He says whispering, I can feel his breath on my skin and it sends shivers down my spine.

“Thanks.” I whisper.

Then it happened.

He slowly leaned in then his lips finally met mine, he brought his hands up to cup the sides of my face as I wrapped my arms around his neck. The kiss was slow and passionate, I could feel his body lean into mine and it felt so right. He pulls away from the kiss and takes a moment to watch my reaction, I smile at him and he laughs.

“What?” I say totally embarrassed thinking I messed up or maybe it was horrible or my breath smelled, oh god.

“No babe, it was great,” he says reassuringly running his hands along my arms, “you just have some of my clay mask on your face.” He laughs. I bring my hand up to my face and touch my cheek, I look down at my hand and see the pink mask smeared on it. I look back up at Evan and we both end up laughing.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind sharing.” Evan says bringing my face back into his.

Thanks for requesting this @spiritofbuddah I hope you enjoyed it!! Please feel free to request more love!



You have brought so many good people together and here are thirteen (totally not on purpose) of them. We get to lean on each other, talk about life, freak out over you, support you and support one another. It’s amazing to have people who understand how you have changed all of our lives, whether we’ve been a fan for 11 years or 2 years, there is an amazing story behind all of us. We can all relate to the darkness you have pulled us out of, without even knowing it. We have a group chat that is so welcoming, loving, hilarious and consist of a lot of “all caps” replies about how we died dead. We hope one day we can all meet each other in person and meet you and thank you for everything you’ve done for each of us. We all have a story, we all have a reason why we love you and support you and here they are…

@youre-s0-gorgeous - @taylorswift One of the first times I remember hearing your music was when love story was on the radio…I can’t believe that was so long ago now, 9 years! Since then I’ve always enjoyed listening and jamming along to your music (not caring if anyone sees me dancing/singing), especially now when I’m older and actually delve into the meaning behind the lyrics and see how I relate to entire songs or even just parts in some way. Like in welcome to new york, ‘and you can want who you want / boys and boys and girls and girls.’ That song came out right around the same time that I was figuring myself out like who I truly was and who I liked and stuff, and knowing those lines were in such a great song really gave me the courage that it doesn’t matter who I like/want. And now I know that it shouldn’t matter that I’m gay, because there’s some place where I’ll fit in just fine, and people that’ll accept me no matter what.

Being able to relate to these incredible songs that you write just makes me so AHDKS!! Even just listening to all your songs is so incredible, being able to love everything you have to say in them all. And even when I’m not loving your music, I love seeing all the time and effort you put in just for us swifties!

One day I know I’ll get to be one of the fans that meets you, even if it’s just seeing you on stage at one of the shows for the rep tour!

Love you forever and always ❤️❤️💕💕,

@youre-s0-gorgeous (also @pkmnacetrainerdan)

@casey-kay-9 - @taylorswift, where do I even start? You have been my sunshine for 11 years. It’s crazy how someone who may not know you exist can be the only reason you are still breathing. I’ll never forget being a little girl and riding in my dad’s truck and hearing Tim McGraw for the first time on the radio. I fell in love and I was too young to even understand the concept of love, but this is where everything started. My parents have always supported me and my love for music, so inevitably my dad bought me your first album a few days after. Everything changed and I realized I wasn’t the only one who loved music the way I do. Seeing you live your dreams made me want to chase mine and still does to this day. You’ve been there for me when I had my first heartbreak, when someone I loved went to heaven, when someone I loved didn’t love me back, when someone treated me like I was disposable, when I felt like I didn’t belong, when I’m too self conscious to go in public, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I feel alone, when I came out, when my mom got sick, when I got sick, when I feel defeated, when my demons almost got the best of me and when I stood back up each time I was knocked down. You’ve always been consistent in my life, you’ve always felt like a friend. Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. I could never find the words to explain how your music has saved me. It still does, every day. I truly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for always being humble, always shaking it off and teaching me to do the same. Thank you for not letting the critics win, for making fans feel like friends, for being kind, for being honest and for never giving up on love and your dreams. Seeing you succeed gives me so much hope. I’ve had the time of my life fighting dragons with you and thank you for fighting my demons with me. I hope one day I can hug you and thank you properly. Never change and remember, you have an army behind you. I love you, Taylor. - Casey

@tabeainwonderland13 - Hey Taylor,

I wanted to tell you what you really mean to me.

First of all I want to tell you that you literally safe my life every single day.

I went through times when I didn’t have friends, was bullied, hated myself and thought about ending my life. In this very dark time of my life you were always there to lift me up. You made me smile, feel happy and feel like I’m worth it. You still do that every single day.

I also want to let you know that you saved me from the deepest point of my life. The last year has been horrible when it comes to my mental health. My depression and my anxiety got really really bad. I struggled with panic attacks so much and it broke me inside. I locked myself in my room just so I wouldn’t get a panic attack in public. I cried almost every night just because I didn’t want to live anymore.

And then this summer you came back. When you started posting again and announcing your Album my heart bursted out of happiness. When LWYMMD came out I was the happiest I’ve ever been in such a long time. And it got even better when you kept on dropping the other 2 songs and when you started noticing fans on tumblr again.

I can say because of you my mental health got so so much besser! My panic attacks became less and you are like a magically medicine for depression. You kinda make me burst out of happiness and I feel so much joy when you’re in my life. I just want to thank you for that with all of my heart.

You lift me up when I’m down. I didn’t want to live anymore because I didn’t see any reason to live in my life. I am so happy to call you my lifesaver and I hope one day I get to say thank you for you in person. You are my recovery and I’ll forever be thankful that you’re lifting me up when I’m at the deepest point of life.

You’re also such an inspiration to me. Since I can remember I’m doing music. I sing, write songs and play instruments. Even when people made fun about me for having that dream I always thought about you and you give me the strength to believe in myself and to follow my dreams.

Thank you Taylor. I love you more than I can put into words. 💗

I love you so much and I hope one day I will be able to hug you so tight and to thank you for everything you did for me and everything you do every single day!

I can’t wait for your next tour! Your concerts are my happy place. When I’m at your shows I forget everything and I can just be myself and don’t have to be embarrassed because of my awkward dancing and because of me screaming the lyrics to all of your songs. Hopefully I’ll get that feeling of pure happiness again soon…

Sending you so much love!!


@hales-13 - Taylor has always been more than a celebrity to me. I started listening to her music when I was in the 3rd grade. I fell in love with her personality just as much as her music. I’m 16 now, and Taylor still continues to help me through the good and bad times. Taylor wrote about a time in her life were she learned some of the hardest lessons: when she was 15. For me, that year was this year, as I turned 16. This past year, Taylor has helped me push through loneliness, confusion, and heartbreak, but also had taught me how to learn from my past. I know as I continue to grow and as my life changes, Taylor and her music will always be there for me. Even though Taylor doesn’t know who I am, she still makes me and all her fans feel appreciated and loved. I could never express how thankful I am for Taylor, and how much I love her. I’m so proud to be one of her many fans, but mostly, her friend.

-Haley :)

@sreeparnawestliferghosh - Taylor has taught me to face my emotions. I’ve had some pretty bad stuff going on in my life ever since I was small. I always surrounded myself with music. She has helped me survive. If it wasn’t for her, i would’ve been diagnosed with some pretty horrible mental illnesses(Yep, plural). Her music was like a cocoon where I’d find myself protected with rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and just warmth. I’d like to experience that with a hug someday. Taylor, i owe you big time. I have a strongheld life mantra which upto now, I’ve lived by completely : own up to your emotions. I respect them all cause they’re me! Taylor Alison Swift helped me find myself like that. Whatever this version of me is, I like me. Not only while listening to her songs. Even while reciting her lines, trying to find meaning, desperately inserting myself in the scenario I sure ain’t a part of, just to feel closer to her, known by her cause she’s always had that affect on me… Like she’ll protect me. She was (is) like my own vibranium shield.

@lunaatearth - Taylor has changed my life with being a constant source of joy and light for me no matter what happened. I cannot thank her enought for that. She was there with singing “Enchanted” and “Better Than Revenge” to me when I went though my first love and break up, she gave me the strenght to be happy and trust again with “Clean” and “Begin Again”, she cheered me up with “Mean” or “22” every morning before school when I was too anxious to move and she always guarantees to get me on the dancefloor with “Shake It Off” or “IKYWT”. She helped me so many times to see the silverlining when no one else could. She showed me a way to deal with life. Through her I learned how to stand up for myself and everyday she inspires me to be the best version of myself.

She’s my best friend, I am incredibly proud of her and love her from the bottom of my heart.

@dearie13 - Taylor Swift is the most amazing person in the world. She’s inspired and helped me so much through her music. But out of all the albums and songs, Fifteen is the one that sticks with me. Because I wanted to date the boy on the football team, and my momma waited up, I thought he was the one, and I believed him when he said he loved me. This song speaks to me so much and I would really like to thank you Taylor for telling me that with a little time, I’m gonna be ok again. I haven’t found who I’m supposed to be but Taylor is helping me find myself too. I love you Taylor Forever and Always❤️💋 -Kayla

@onlyreputaytion - Ever since I first heard Love Story in 5th grade, you words and music have always been there for me through the best and worst of times. When I feel alone, vulnerable, or sad, I can count on your music to lift me up. When I’m feeling excited and happy, your music is the first thing I dance to. But you have also brought amazing people into my life solely through our love for you and your music. To me, you exemplify poise, persistence, kindness, and, of course, talent. You’re positivity and compassion for so many people is inspiring- I am so thankful to have had you as a role model as I have grown up from a little 10 year old to now a freshman in college! You make me want to work harder every day. Even though I have never been able to afford to see you on tour, I am determined to see you live this time around. Thank you thank you thank you for just being you, you’ll never know how proud I am and how much I love you❤️

@paralyzed–by-it - I was 8 hears old when I heard Tim McGraw for the very first time at a summer party. I heard some of my friends singing it for everybody..AND I FELL ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! I asked them what it was and they told me… her name was Taylor Swift, I had never heard of her before. Who would’ve thought that for the next decade, this woman would completely change my life, helping me get through some of my darkest moments or even just making the good days brighter, and becoming a huge inspiration in my life. Her music, her lyrics, her voice is what made me become a fan. But who she is, her character, is what made me become a ‘swiftie’. She’s unapologetically herself, warm hearted, the kindest, and goes beyond what’s humanly possible to make sure we feel loved. And even though her music has changed, she hasn’t.

And there have been a lot of changes in my life. People that have come and gone, friendships that have faded away, but never Taylor. She was always there. For the last 11 years, her and her music have always been there for me when no one else was. T, if you ever get a chance to read this I just want to thank you. You truly have been a best friend to me at times when I’ve felt completely alone and I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now if it weren’t for you. I could truly never thank you enough for what you have done for me and what you have gotten me through. Just know that you deserve all the happiness in the world, I’m so proud of you, and loving you.. that’s the best decision I’ve ever made💖

- Madison

@long-livee-tswift - Taylor💗 thank you so much for existing. Your music always spoke to me and it was something I could always relate to no matter what kind of emotion I was going through, and your lyrics gave me advice but they also just helped me grow. Each day I am blown away by your actions toward us and how genuine you are with your fans aka friends and how you bring so much positivity to our lives. Thank you for being such an amazing role model to everyone of all ages and thank you for never losing sight of who you are. You make me want to be better and your music inspires me every day and your courage is astonishing. I can’t wait for the day I get to meet you and tell you how much you’ve changed my life and how much I love you for it. CANT WAIT FOR TOUR AND I HOPE TO FINALLY COME FACE TO FACE WITH YOU 💕

Much love, Sam

@karinachavezh - Taylor, you taught me that’s it’s okay to change because you’ve changed your hair, style, and genres over the years, but you’ve stayed true to yourself. You have helped me be myself and you reminded me that I’m not the opinion of others who don’t know me. When I was bullied I felt unimportant and like I didn’t matter, but listening to your music helped me feel special. It’s hard not to care what others think about you, but you’ve helped me shake it off.

@islandbreeze-13 - Hey Taylor!! I just wanted to say thank you for being you the last 11 years. When I was a junior in high school I got really sick and was in and out of the hospital that entire year. None of the doctors knew what was wrong. I lost my friends..I lost my spot on the basketball team and I was really close to losing myself. But I always had you and your music to help me through those times when I would feel like I was losing control. Whenever I had to go through another test, or got told any bad news I would always just put my headphones on and listen to your music. It was the only thing keeping me together. When I got better and it was time for me to chose what I would spend the rest of my life doing I wanted to dedicate my life to something would help others just like you helped me. I became a nurse so I can help those who really need my help. I wouldn’t have been able to get here without you. I owe my entire life to you because without you I don’t know where or who I would be. I’m so happy my younger self picked someone so kind, gracious, and giving as you to look up to. (High five little arielle🙏🏻)

I hope I can give you the biggest hug someday and thank you for literally keeping me alive.

@swiftiesfanatic - I fell in love with Taylor’s music when I was 11 years old. My best friend auditioned for our 5th grade talent show with “Our Song.” It was the first time I heard it and naturally I went home and listened to her entire discography. Later on when I was 16, I was learning how to drive and when I was driving down a country road, I hit a dog. It might seem silly to some people, but it really traumatized me and I began to get increasing anxiety about everything, which lead to my longest depressive episode ever, at 14 months. Taylor’s music, in particular her albums, Red and 1989, were albums that reminded me I would get through the dark tunnels and come out stronger and happier. These albums showed me that while I might not be able to shake my depression off, I can still be happy and live my life to the fullest. Nobody in my life outside of tumblr understands the bond I have with Taylor and her music, but I always have her to remind me that everything’s going to be okay. And I love you for that Taylor❤️

There are our stories. Taylor, there is one things we all have in common, that’s you. No matter what obstacles we’ve faced, you have been there for us, every single time. You haven’t let us down and it means more to us than you could ever know. There is something that heals all of our pain, something that makes everything worthwhile and that is love. Thank you for loving us, in return we will always love you back harder.


Thirteen Swifties


pairing: hoseok | reader + werewolf! au

words: 3.2k+

genre: fluff / slight angst /a try at action 

warning: slight swearing 

summary: there were five easy steps to telling his crush that he likes her, and that he’s a werewolf.

a/n: this is officially my longest fic. hope y’all like it!! i did a werewolf!jungkook imagine too so check that out !! oh, and happy halloween, lovelies !!

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[1] ; the classroom

you had met him at the place where, usually, every girl met her first love.

high school.

freshman year was supposed to be a rocky and unstable year, full of ups and downs. it was the year you found out who your bullies are, which teachers hate you and which you hate and of course the subjects you’d fail for the rest of the year.

sophomore year was when you’d start giving your studies less attention (not in your case, though) and start worrying more about finding good, loyal and long lasting friends. the friends who promise that they’ll be right there, by your side. sometimes, they kept their promises and not share your secrets, however, other times, not so much.

junior year. it was tough. but it was also the year most people prioritized their love life over their school life. on the other hand, there were people who loved to study and would never date.

you, in your junior year in high school, were one of those people. but something changed. you were always someone who loved to read and write and memorise lines from Macbeth in her free time, but a certain someone changed that perception of you, your own perception of yourself, that is.

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For the meme thing, would you consider doing "grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU"?

Derek has a real problem. Well, not a problem, a crush. It’s just that his crush is on his chem partner, and the scrawny guy he used to tease about not being able to keep up with during their running exercises, and his favorite person to sit next to in the dining hall and make up conversations other people were having with. His crush is on Stiles. Stiles that threw himself into the desk next to Derek’s two years ago and told him they were going to be partners, and hadn’t given Derek a choice in the matter. He’d declared Scott— his very best friend— had abandoned him to sit with his girlfriend, and that Derek was going to take his place. 

Derek never had actually taken Scott’s place. Scott would flick paper aeroplanes over to Stiles’ desk, and they’d hit Derek in the face, instead. When Stiles followed Derek into lunch, and began detailing the racy argument a couple two tables over were definitely not old enough to be having, Scott would join in from the other side. When he wasn’t staring dreamily at Allison. Derek had gained two friends for the price of one, and not been able to get a word of protest in about it. 

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Character Analysis : Qrow Branwen

Here we go, let’s talk about the most popular character in RWBY since Volume 3, our favorite uncle : Qrow Branwen. Sure, he was always cool, but did we understand his motivations or anything else important ? No, I say ! So allow me to analyse Qrow so we can all appretiate him better !

Anyone who thinks Qrow isn’t a complete train wreck of a character is lying to themselves. Sure, he’s cool and he has this super awesome sword that does this clinky clanky thing and turns into this super awesome scythe that shoots shotgun shells and he’s got this radical red cape that’s all tattered and he’s one of the only characters to wear a cape like wow, what a badass ! He’s messed up. Big time. This poor guy’s never had it easy. He has a lot of psychological issues that make him one of the most vulnerable characters in the series. It’s why I love him so much. Complex characters FTW, am I right ?

Qrow, like Raven, was most likely raised by a bandit tribe, which seems to resides in Mistral. As to wether he was born between a bandit couple or if he was just taken in by the tribe remains unclear.

Now, there’s two possibilities as to how Qrow was during his time with the bandits.

1. He was completely one of them : He may have been a lot like Raven, thinking of the bandits as his “family”, completely turning a blind eye to what they are really doing.

2. He never agreed with them : He could’ve never truly felt like he belonged among the bandits, disagreeing with their way of doing things.

Either way, the next big event would change his life forever.

At some point in time, Raven and Qrow decided to attend Beacon Academy, most likely just to become even stronger than they already were, to ensure the bandit tribe’s survival. Once again, there’s two possibilities as to how events turned out when they decided to go to Beacon.

1. Raven was the one who decided that : Quite simple. Raven was like “lol training sequence” and Qrow was like “lol k” and tagged along. Not much else to say.

2. Qrow was the one who wanted to attend Beacon : This is the more interesting variation. If Qrow was the one who first said he wanted to go to the huntsman academy, then it might’ve been that he used training as an excuse to get away from the bandit tribe.

So, what happaned during Qrow and Raven’s time at Beacon ? There’s really only one confirmed story of team STRQ’s time at Beacon, and that would be the story of Qrow wearing a skirt. One might think that that story only has comedic value, but let’s think about that for a second: Qrow was so oblivious to fashion, that he litterally didn’t know what a skirt was, or at the very least what a uniform was supposed to be like. In my opinion, this illustrates perfectly well just how seperated Qrow was from regular society.

The next thing to talk about is obviously… So Qrow became an uncle. But what does that truly mean to him ? For the first time in his life, Qrow had a real “family”, other than Raven of course. Taiyang more or less became his brother-in-law and after Raven went back to the tribe (leaving Yang), he would later meet his second niece, whom he technically isn’t related to if you think about it.

Ok, but before we get to Qrows relationship with his nieces, let’s first go back a little to the part where Raven leaves for the tribe.

Surely, that must’ve been cause for an argument between the Branwen twins. On one hand, Qrow didn’t want to go back to the bandits, and on the other, Raven was willing to leave behind her newborn daughter. Neither could accept what the other was planning on doing. In short, I think Qrow had a falling out with his sister.

This line of thought also lines up well with Tai saying that the team fell apart due to Raven. I actually wondered if Tai and Qrow came to blows over Tai thinking Qrow knew where Raven went, but wouldn’t tell him. If Qrow did know, I could see him staying silent out of fear of Tai getting killed by their tribe or Yang getting taken by them if he went looking for Raven given that he didn’t want anything to do with the tribe. Summer probably would’ve tried to smooth things over though.

Now, let’s finally get back to Qrow and his nieces. Quite honestly, I think he thinks of them like his own daughters. They are (or at least Yang is) his first blood related family besides Raven. Qrow loves his nieces nontheless, which is quite evident, seeing how he always helps them out, gives them advice or even protects them from the Grimm, as shown during episode 4 of volume 4 and Yang’s flashback from volume 2. He obviously cares deeply for them.

Now, his drinking habit most likely originated around the time Summer died. It is still very unclear as to what happened at that time, so I can’t say anything about that….did you really think I would say that ? No ! There’s a lot of room for speculation. Firstly, Qrow seems to know much more about how the world works than Taiyang for example. And judging by the fact that he seems to know Salem, or at least what kind of being she is, we can guess that he may be the second most knowledgable person after Ozpin himself.

He knows about the Maidens, the Silver-Eyed Warriors, Salem, where Raven is and what the “relic” is. There are probably many more things that we’ve never even heard about, that he knows about. So, what does all of that have anything to do with Summer’s death or Qrow’s alcoholism ? Quite simple ! We should ask ourselves:

Why does he know all that in the first place?

It’s easy to just say: “Oh, Ozpin told him all this because he trusted him !”, and it would probably be correct. But why, of all trustworthy huntsmen and huntresses, was he chosen to join Ozpin’s “brotherhood” ?

It’s because he was already deeply involved. He found out about the Silver-Eyed Warriors while fighting alongside Summer Rose, his sister was the leader of a presumably powerful bandit tribe, with whom he can trade information with and finally: He found out about Salem most likely when they had directly confronted her, ending with Summer’s death.

By the way, I also have a little theory about that : Taiyang might’ve been absent during that mission Summer died in. Why do I think that ?

For two reasons in particular :

1. The way Yang described the day Summer disappeared : Yang, in volume 2 during her flashback, stated that Summer had ‘one day gone on a mission and never came back’. Notice the wording here ? She never said that BOTH her parents had gone on that mission.

2. Qrow and Taiyang’s frictional relationship : During this mission with Summer, I think Qrow came back home alone. Maybe Taiyang blames Qrow for not being able to save/protect Summer, or if Taiyang is aware of the effect of Qrow’s semblance, he grudges him to be one of the causes of her death. I don’t know it’s just a theory, but it’s the wibe I fell from their interactions with each other. In volume 4, when Qrow speaks in his sleep which refers to Tai and one of his wives. It is implied that Qrow blames himself for her death because of his misfortune but that is still up in the air.

Plus, that friction between Taiyang and Qrow arose because Taiyang is still trying to protect the girls from the world, while Qrow feels that they’re ready to confront it on their own. Also, during the volume 3 finale, Qrow asked Taiyang for a moment alone with Ruby. During which, he told her about the silver eyes.I think the reason Qrow wanted Taiyang to leave for that part of the conversation was because Qrow was telling Ruby where to go when she leaves, something Taiyang would obviously disapprove of. And, I might simply be reading too much into this, but my theory is that Taiyang might not even know what the silver eyes are yet. That in turn makes me think that Taiyang is still mostly oblivious to the bigger picture.

And finally, what’s make him more a wreck mentally : his Semblance ! After Qrow has been posioned by Tyrian, he once again explains a lot of information to RNJR, showing his knowledge off once again. He also explains that he followed them from a distance because of his semblance, misfortune. This made his character even more interesting, making me want to learn a lot more about his character and made me feel for his character. This also explained why he drinks so much because of how his misfortune may of affected some events in his past.

Before we wrap this up, there’s one more trait of Qrow we haven’t discussed: His womanizing aspect. Granted, the womanizing is mostly Taiyang’s thing, but Qrow shows this trait as well sometimes. So, does that have any significance to his character ?

Maybe. Unless RT just added this for the heck of it, it may be that Qrow’s womanizing illustrates a secret wish to start his own family as well. A man of his age thinking about children isn’t really such a weird thing either. In fact, I think these two would make a cute pair : I LOVE SNOWBIRD/QROWIN !

Overall, I love the way Qrow has been presented as a character and I cannot wait to see how he develops as a character in Volume 5 and what we learn about him. Thanks for reading !