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“Playful serenity, luminous ecru tones that glow. Sun kissed skin and dark bouncy coils, culottes and curly waist skirts to twirl around in. Delicately painted abstract faces on buttoned up shirts, billowy jumpsuits and airy low crotched trousers. Hand stitch embroidery on denim jackets + miki hats full of character.”

This is More Than A Color - Collection 7

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#92: You Watch Old Cartoon Network TV Shows Together


I used to (Still am) so freaking in love with old Cartoon Network TV shows, I literally can’t get enough of them even though I’m 18 soon! 

Luke (Johnny Bravo):

“Seriously, there’s nothing on the TV.."Luke sighed to himself as he zapped through the channels on his plasma TV, you in the background, standing in the kitchen and cooking dinner. "It’s Tuesday, can’t imagine that there isn’t a single program that’s catching your attention.” You yelled, taking the fad of lasagna before putting it into the oven and putting on a timer, placing your knits on the counter and walking into the living room to see what Luke was doing. “I swear to god there’s nothing on!” He exclaimed, zapping through but all of the sudden he ended on the Cartoon channel making your eyes go wide and shock the boy with a squeal, jumping over the rack of couch and taking a seat next to him, ripping out the remove from his hands. “How can you say there’s nothing on the TV!” You exclaimed, looking up at him with wide eyes before zapping back to the Cartoon channel. “What do you, oh-” He mumbled as he saw Johnny Bravo on the screen, a small smile coming to his lips by your childish mind. “I loved this more than anything when I was younger.” You said looking up him with a smile, leaning you head into his chest afterwards which made him wrap an arm around you. “I used to too.” He mumbled into your hair before placing a kiss into it, the two of you watching the program. You looked up between Luke and the TV for some seconds, a smile creeping on your lips. “What?” He questioned, not taking his eyes from the screen. “You kind of remind me of him.” Your statement made Luke look down at you and send you a ridiculous glance, a giggle coming from your lips. “You know.. The blond quiffed hair.. You even wear a black t shirt like him.” Luke looked down at himself for some seconds before shaking his head at you. “All you needed was some ray-ban sunglasses and a little bit of workout in the gym and then you could be twins.” “Hey.” He exclaimed by your cheeky comment, grabbing a pillow from the couch and hitting you in the side with it. “Don’t be so mean to me.” He said which made you laugh even more. “I’m just kidding you know that.” You smiled, leaning your head into his chest. “You look pretty…I look pretty…why don’t we go home and stare at each other?” Your eyes went wide, moving your head away from his chest, “You did not just quote him, did you?” “Wanna see me comb my hair, really fast?” “Stop!” You exclaimed, making Luke start to laugh really loudly, “"Maybe we have same similarities, but just a little bit.” “A little?” You repeated, cocking one eyebrow which made Luke shake his head at you, “Just shut up.” He chuckled, placing a kiss on your nose.

Calum (Courage The Cowardly Dog):

”I know what we should watch.” You mumbled, roaming around on Netflix as it was a quiet Sunday night in you and Calum’s bedroom, the two of you had been watching things all day. Calum’s eyebrow quivered when he noticed your search and the episode you chose, his eyes going wide. ”No way! We’re not going to watch that!” Calum exclaimed, almost ripping the remote out of your grip, ”Why not?” You whined in a tiring manor, looking at Calum in a pouting way, at some points he actually enjoyed watching cartoons with you so this was just odd to you. ”If so, I’m leaving.” He stated with no emotion on his face which made you furrow your eyebrows in confuse, watching as Calum stared down at you. ”Give me a very good explanation to why we should not watch one of my favourite childhood TV shows ever and I’ll consider whether or not we should watch it depending on how good your speech is.” Calum let out a sigh by your stubborn attitude, giving you the remote to your confuse. ”I know this episode too much for my liking.” He almost let out a chuckle by how ridiculous he was, letting you press play. ”Just tell me Calum for god sak-” ”I’m freaking terrified okay!” He exclaimed loudly all of the sudden, startling you and making your eyes go wide. ”By courage the cowardly dog?” You asked in disbelief, a smile forming on your lips. ”Don’t give me that look okay, that show is beyond terrifying!” ”Please..” You mumbled, pressing play and starting the show but Calum weren’t finished. ”Were you never scared of this shit? The flying big white face, the creepy reddish cat or the freaking King Ramses!” ”It’s fiction Calum!” You shook your head by his fear, laughing out loud as he looked at you with wide eyes. ”I’m not freaking joking with you babe, I tell ya, Mali used to scare the crap out of me with this show.” You crossed your arms as you looked at Calum funny, letting the show play in the background. ”And why’s that?” Calum started to chuckle as well by his weird fear, shaking his head a little bit. ”She used to walk around behind my door when I used to go to bed, mumbling out those creepy sentences like ’Return the slab, or suffer my curse’ and I was literally so scared I got nightmares and could almost cry myself to sleep. Clearly the scariest show ever as a kid and it still gives me goosebumps.” Calum lifted his arm up for you to show and to your surprise; he started to form goosebumps around the skin. ”Well I don’t care, I only see it as a thing to get over. And we’re gonna do that now so lean back and enjoy the show.” You requested with a smile, earning a hesitated sigh from Calum before he leaned back to your delight, ready for his own safety and to get away from this fear.

Michael (The Flintstones):

Your hand was running through Michael’s hair in a tiring peaceful manor, the exhausted boy resting his soft cheek against your lap with his legs dragged over the armrest of the couch, a blanket resting nice over his body to create heat and make sure he wasn’t getting cold. The TV in front of you was flashing old cartoon shows, not that you were caught up with it, a magazine to your left had your attention more than anything else. Michael had been working since 5AM the past couple of days to make sure the rest of the new EP was finished and created, making the poor boy ruin his sleeping routines totally and barely getting the chance to be up to 9PM without collapsing onto your bed in exhaustion but you couldn’t blame him or anyone else, he was doing what he loved. Michael let out a grumble in sleep, shifting around in his position so his face were now facing your stomach, his nose almost bumping into your belly. You formed a small smile as you looked down at him in admiration, but your attention was stolen away from something else when a similar theme song filled your ears, your eyes going wide as you noticed the start intro to The Flintstones. ”Oh my god.” You exclaimed to yourself, reaching out to grab the remote, almost waking Michael up by your movement but luckily that didn’t happen as you turned up the volume. But after some seconds, you were so caught up in the intro that you didn’t even notice Michael’s presence, making you scream up in unison with Fred, yelling out a clear ”Yabbadabbadu!” which startled Michael out of his sleep, his eyes wide in shock. When you felt him moving under you, your eyes turned into wide orbs as you noticed how he had been awoken, a guilty feeling running down your spine. ”What’s going on?” He moaned, a hand coming up to stretch his tired eye, looking up at you dazed. ”My bad..” You mumbled guilty, pointing towards the screen in front of you guys which made Michael move his head to see what you were indicating at, his mouth opening wide when he noticed the old cartoon on your screen. ”You love that show?” He asked, noticing how your cheeks turned into a red color by the question, nodding your head guilty. ”Guess what.” He requested, moving around so his face were now facing the TV fully. ”Me too.” He answered himself which made a smile appear on your lips. ”Wake me up if I fall into a slumber. I really wanna see this.” You nodded your head even though he couldn’t see you, your hand coming back to his hair to scratch his roots, a pleasant groan coming from his throat in delight, enjoying the TV show that was sending clear memorizes to the both of you.

Ashton (The Scooby Doo Show):

Your head was resting against the pillow that was pressed against the mattress you were sprawled over, your head dazed and hot trying to suffer from the fever that had hit you recently, a water bottle next to you trying to make you stay awake to survive this terrible cold. You hadn’t been doing much recently due to this cold, and it was making you nuts. You had absolutely nothing to do otherwise than to sit in front of your laptop or your TV, trying to drown yourself in TV shows in hope of getting the chance to feel any better. But without any hope. Your eyes were dazed and mixing between being opened and closed but when the sound of The Scooby Doo Show’s theme intro started on your screen, your eyes went wide fully and a squeal came from your lips as you sat up almost too fast for your statement, but you couldn’t care at the moment, your excitement was clear on your clothes. Leaning back on your bed, you had a satisfied smile on your lips as you started to watch the show but the sound of footsteps speeding up the stairs outside your bedroom, your eyes going wide as Ashton bragged into the room. ”What happened, where does it hurt?” His eyes were wide as he looked around in fear, but his face expression changed into a confused one when he noticed how there was no sight of danger – or in fact you throwing up or something similar. ”Look!” You smiled, pointing towards the TV making Ashton move his head in a confused manor, his eyebrows furrowing when he noticed Scooby Doo covering the screen. ”You’re not feeling bad or anything?” He asked after some seconds of watching, a small smile appearing on his lips by the sudden childhood memories from the show, looking over at you. ”No, I was just very excited by this.” You chuckled, sitting more straight in the bed and pulled the blanket over you to make sure that you were warm, Ashton glancing between the door, TV and you. ”You mind if I sit here for some time and watch it with you.” He asked, making you lift one eyebrow. ”I thought you didn’t wanted to be with me due to my sickness and you didn’t want to get sick as well with the tour being so close. Ashton shrugged his shoulders in a none caring manor before placing his knee on the mattress, moving around so he was next to you with his back pressed against the headboard. ”This used to be my favourite show when I was younger and I haven’t seen it in a long time, and you for the matter.” Whether it was Ashton’s sweet compliment or the fact that you were still suffering from a fever, you didn’t know but you didn’t care anyways, this was the first time you had actually been with him besides sleeping at night so this was enjoyment, and the fact that he loved this show made it ten times better. ”Then join me fully.” You invited, opening your duvet and Ashton obeyed gladly before cuddling down to you, his arm dragging around your shoulder as both your eyes were now glued to the show, childhood memories filling the both of you.


Summer by Bravo

I only like this year’s cuz of Britney’s “I wanna go”

Have you seen this commercial? While I was sitting on the couch not watching the episode Real Housewives of New Jersey when Teresa writes her brother a note because of that fight at the Posche fashion show, it came on and time stood still as I opened my computer to make the GIFs below.

Look, over the past few years, Bravo’s done a pretty impressive job building their brand. Down to the way they say “By Bravo” and not “On Bravo,” it’s a meticulously crafted channel whose ‘celebrities’ all feel cut from the same cloth. Sure, it’s the kind of cloth a killer covers in chloroform before murdering someone, but the same cloth nonetheless. Anyway, despite the fact that I can imagine all of them at a Bravo Camp together doesn’t mean I want to see all of them at a Bravo Camp together. It ruins the fun and makes me feel worse about watching this channel than I already do.


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(These final two aren’t terrifying. They’re my favorite two things in the world.)

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Sleep well, everyone. 

Sleep by Bravo.