summer break meme

Okay let me just address one more thing in terms of Ashton and Bryana. I am so sick of everyone saying he needs to just tell us the truth. No he doesn’t. We aren’t entitled to know his personal life. None of us know him personally. You’re not going to get an invite to his wedding, so what makes you think you’re one of the people that needs to know he’s with someone?

He’s not telling us anything because he doesn’t have to. He. Doesn’t. Have. To.

Stop thinking you have a right to know everything about someone who doesn’t know you personally. That’s like 6 million people knowing your life story and judging you for wanting privacy.


Au: You’re Ashton’s girlfriend and find out about some groupie stories. He gets the feeling you don’t trust him enough and you break up. While the other boys try to fight those rumours in public, Ashton realizes how much he’s missing you.

Part 2