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madamecricket  asked:

what sort of clothing is *really* the most practical for an extremely hot desert? like, what kind of material, what kind of fit, how much of it? ... and exactly how hard do botw gerudo fail at it? ((if you don't think hard, it seems like light and skimpy clothing would be best, but that's not how real world hot desert cultures do it, and now i'm thinking in terms of sun protection and how it breathes and ... idk, what do you think?))

Loose clothing with wide sleeves and pants, made with cotton or linen fabric is the best choice for a desert climate. And completely covering is also important, because it protects your skin from the heat of the sun. There’s a reason people from desert climates dress the way they do. I can say this from personal experience. A shalwar kameez is the most breathable and comfortable clothing in UAE summer heat lol

(botw fails extremely hard)

That-Shining-Sea’s 2nd BOTW



BOTW for surf, skate, tropical and summer blogs 

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BOTW. Thought i would as my tropical homies are dying out :’(


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hola amigos! Jess and I have decided to do something really really cool, which is a BOTW!! (unoriginal i know sighs sorry) So, a blog will be chosen every week to be our BOTW yey!

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