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Name: Riley
Nickname: Riles
Zodiac sign: scorpio
Height: 5′7
Orientation: ace
Nationality/Ethnicity: white (scottish)
Favourite fruit: banana
Favourite season: autumn!
Favourite book: “More Than This” by Patrick Ness
Favourite flower: rose? probably? idk
Favourite scent: indian cuisine
Favourite colour: sky blue
Favourite animal: dogs!! love a good pupper
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate: hot chocolate
Average hours of sleep: idk probably 6/7
Cats/Dogs: dogss but i love cats sm too
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
Dream Trip: i want to go to the states and meet up with franman (ayyy) there but it has to be in like seattle or in the winter so i don’t die. also i want to go to iceland?
Blog created: summer of 2013 i think
Number of followers: 3,244

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1)  Nicknames - Sep

2.) Gender - Cis female

3.) Star sign - Virgo

4.) Height - 5′7

5.) Time – 3:56 pm

6.) Birthday - September 3rd!

7.) Favourite band – Florence + The Machine

8.) Favourite solo artist – Erik Hassle

9.) Song stuck in my head – Flip by Glass Animals

10.) Last movie you watched – About time

11.) Last show you watched – Justice League Action

12.) When did I create my blog – The summer of 2013

13.) What do I post – A lot of different crap welcome to Creating Chaos

14) Last thing I googled – “nja 1992 s 474″ I can’t access Karnov outside of campus anymore and I’m so mad

15.) Do you have other blogs –  I run @notesofseptember!

17.) Why did you choose your url – I’m September and I’m stollig

18.) Following - 148

19.) Followers – A whole bunch

20.) Favourite colours – Blue

21.) Average hours of sleep – 8

22.) Lucky number –  11

23.) Instruments I played – The flute and very poor piano

24.) What am I wearing – A black dress

25.) How many blankets I sleep with – 1

26.) Dream job – Screenwriter

27.) Dream trip – Right now I’m really feeling a hiking trip to Iceland

28.) Favourite food - Mom’s stews. Although, my sister’s lasagna is slowly working its way up there

29.) Nationality – Swedish

30.) Favourite song – This is a cruel question. But right now, right this second, it’s Leave the light on by Huntar

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Name: Scarlet

nickname: flamingmirror

zodiac sign: pizza

height:160cm (+2?)

nationality: Estonian

fav fruit: mango

fav season: Spring

fav flower: lily, lily of the valley

fav scent: lemon and lime, trees/forest, gingerbread

fav book: Six of crows by Leigh Bardugo

fav color: purples and reds - ruby, wine, jam, mulberry, plum, sangria

fav animal: cat, cheetah, wildcat, serval, caracal, ocelot, jaguar, leopard, cougar, otter, ferret, meerkat. Animals…

avg hours of sleep: I’m lucky if I get 6 now

# of blankets you sleep with: 2 big ones+2 small ones

dream trip: Spain or Italy. A vineyard

blog created: (summer) 2013

I tag: @thedarkplume hi (and that’s 20)

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nickname: monisha is my nickname lol, but i’ve had people call me mon or moni

star sign: cancer

mbti type: infj 

height: 5″2

birthdate: july 9th

favorite bands: imagine dragons, coldplay and idk who else band wise

song stuck in my head: nothing rn which is a first for me

last show I watched: the defenders

other blogs: i have 5 blogs total, this one, my old url somewhatinvisible, another fandom-ish url i saved for use one day later and another blog dedicated to another ship

when did I create this blog: summer of 2013, i think

what I post about: arrow, b99, hamilton, peggy carter, and whatever else i’m watching or obsessed with

following: 1171 i have a lot of interests okay

followers: 619

favorite color(s): purple, blue, silver, grey, black

average hours of sleep: 4-6

lucky number: 7

instruments: played the recorder for a hot second in elementary, and then keyboard in middle school for a class and that’s it

how many blankets I sleep with: one

dream job: a ninja assassin who fights for good who’s daytime persona is a doctor/baker with a pastry shop or president seeing how anyone could be a better president rn

dream trip: everywhere, meet my mutuals 

favorite food: as long as it’s not pork, sushi, indian food, italian, anything 

nationality: usa

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