summer baby :3


jiyong declaring his love for vips accompanied with his cute little moves

We’ve been renovating my old playhouse for Sofia now that the weather has been warmer. My dad built it for me over 20 years ago and last summer we brought it home from my grandmother’s cottage which is about 500 kilometers away. We still have a lot to do but when it’s finished it will be so cute. 🌸 I hope Sofia will have as much fun playing with it as I had when I was little. ❤

I’m a 21st Century Guy. June 16th, 2016. Digital Painting.

So I played 999 recently and found a new white-haired anime boy to swoon over. Seriously though, if you’re like me and somehow missed out on the Zero Escape train PLEASE play it! It is incredibly well written and I don’t think I’ve been as thoroughly blind-sided by a game in a long time. Santa is obviously the best character and I will fight anyone who says otherwise!


They are both going to different out of state colleges, and decided that for their last day together they wanted to make it memorable. Genji’s dad “lightly” pushed for him to attend a business college, as he wants his son to be ready to take over the families marketing firm. Letha on the other hand plans on working her way through culinary school. They both agreed that it’d be best to go back to being friends so that they could both focus on school.

Investing in the Future: Life in the Kept Lane

I noticed that as I’ve spent more time reading the experiences of other sugar babies, escorts, and sex workers on here that being spoiled really looks different for so many people. With those differences obviously come different trajectories. Thorin and I sat down on January 1 and we had our fiscal check in, something we do fairly regularly. Here’s the shakedown of what being kept looks like in my corner of the world, in a way this is kind of quantifying what many people have disputed as being unreliable or more emotional labor, or what have you. 

Thorin and I moved into a spacious, renovated two bedroom apartment (which I picked out) in one of the five boroughs last summer. Although both of our names are on that lease, the agreement is that if we break up, he will leave and I will find a roommate since this apartment is walking distance from my job. In terms of our expenses…

He covers ~ 

  • rent 
  • utilities
  • household expenses (furniture, fixing things, etc.)
  • date nights (movies, restaurants, clubs)
  • some* shopping trips
  • liquor (we drink a lot, this is definitely its own expense)
  • pretty much everything else

I cover ~

  • groceries and Seamless (try to limit to twice a week)
  • small household expenses
  • shopping online about things I’m picky about
  • my cellphone

Now our financial / life plan is as follows…

Summer 2017 - 

  • Get engaged (I set his limit on a ring at 8k because I’d prefer to put that money towards a home, plus I don’t like diamonds so it’ll be much cheaper.)
  • Send out Save the Dates for destination wedding in the Caribbean

Summer 2018 -

  • Destination wedding in the Caribbean (we are members of a luxury all-inclusive vacation club so it will be cheaper to do it there, plus it’s a self-limiting guest list). Budget is 30k, with both of our parents most likely contributing around 10k each, so a final budget of 50k.

Winter 2018/2019 -

  • Close on our first property together, either an apartment or a luxury condo in Brooklyn or Queens. Budget is 500k. 

2019-2022 -

  • Build capital to purchase a second property, preferably in a more suburban location. Start preparing our apartment or condo for becoming a rental property we will retain. Goal is to build a down payment of at least 100k for second property. 

Winter 2022/2023 -

  • Close on second property and move - budget will probably be somewhere between 600-800k is my guess.

Fall 2023 -

  • Start trying to get pregnant to have first baby by Summer 2024. <3