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when the webby dust settles I hope david duchovny will consider wearing all of his jackets as capes 


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.23.17

linen goods by sondeflorshop

summery weather always puts me on a renewed linen kick — check out these rad wares from lithuanian etsy shop sondeflorshop! so many cool things that you never knew you needed ;)


So my Wintersend (run by @the-queen-of-thedas and @right-in-the-vhenan) present arrived the other day! The box and note was adorable BUT look at the awesome adorable freaking apron?? I love to bake and my SS found out that and got me that! I was gonna take a picture actually. wearing it. but I’m in pyjamas and am/have been sick and yeah BUT I LOVE IT

They’ve also promised me FenHawke drabbles (which no pressure SS this is more than enough??? ahhh) and I still don’t know who they are yet but thank you so much I love and respect you 💕💕💕

(also the fact you were thinking about the Ignis aprons amuses me greatly because I’ve looked at them too lol thank you for the thought tho!! and for letting me talk about him even though you don’t know ffxv haha)

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Kakasaku prompt 5. my five year plan is to maybe go out for ice cream this afternoon? (Live every day like the ice cream store is closing.) :DDDD

5. My five year plan is to maybe go out for ice cream this afternoon? (Live everyday like the ice cream store is closing.)

@bluefurcape: Thanks, my dear, for prompting this lovely bit of fun.

modern!same age(ish)!AU (Because sometimes my children just deserve to be happy.)

Minato owns an ice cream store because he just wants to bring joy to the world. He really should have known better than to get drunk with Kushina and Jiraiya in an attempt to broker a peace treaty after a vicious four month battle over the name. And he really should have known better than to order all of the signs and things while they were all still drunk. It’s his own fault that they ended up with the pink aprons and the frog mascot.

Luckily for Minato, he looks great in pink. His best employee, however, wishes that she never went to her best friend’s dad to beg for a summer job. She never thought that one summer with the Yamanakas visiting family and their flower shop closed would see her still in this pink apron, six summers later.

Warnings for poor customer service and Kakashi being a troll.

The girl behind the counter might just be wearing the fiercest glare Kakashi has ever seen on a service employee.

To be fair, if he were the one wearing an apron with a smiling frog wielding a sword on it that was the same shade as his hair he might just be grumpy too. And he, at least, isn’t in possession of fiercely pink curls. Grey on grey would be much less of an eyesore, he’s sure.

It doesn’t help that the decor is retro pastel-pink diner, either.

“Welcome to Ice Cream Hidden Under The Pad,” she says, “what can I get for you today?”

The amount of peppy cheer she manages to infuse into the question is impressive considering the way her smile looks like it’s about to leap off of her face and start a bar fight.

Kakashi takes his time browsing through the flavours; there are the usual standbys, of course, and some of the names are ridiculous puns, but oh, there. Yes. That will do perfectly.

Kakashi looks the girl straight in the eye, and smiles his best, most innocent smile. “Two scoops of bubblegum, please,” he says, tapping on the glass.

The girl’s left eye twitches. It’s beautiful.

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Could you tell us more about the garments maiko wear for Hanagasa Junko? Thank you ^^

Each district has different outfits based on the type of dance that they do. A quick breakdown is:

Gion Kobu: Suzume Odori - Sparrow Dance - Maiko dressed in grass hats and two kimono, the sleeve of the second being covered in sparrows. 

Miyagawa Cho: Konchiki Odori - A Dance That Celebrates Summer - Maiko dress in matching yukata and dance with uchiwa that contain the kamon of Yasaka Shrine. Sometimes the dance is also called “Konchiki Ondo”.

Gion Higashi: Komachi Odori - Dance of Young Women - Maiko wear a double layered kimono like Gion Kobu, with both patterns being that of summer flowers. They wear aprons and a head dress filled with flowers and use mirror props that double as drums to symbolize femininity.

As for Pontocho, only geiko are allowed to dance, but theirs is called Kabuki Odori. Since kabuki was invented by Izumo no Okuni, a Shinto shrine maiden, the geiko dress as shrine maidens and perform a dance reminiscent of early kabuki dances.


“It’s fucking hot out here.” Harvey complained, tossing her red hair into a high ponytail before grabbing an apron. Summer after high school and she’d landed a job at the local donut place. Figures, seeing as she spent most evenings there doing her homework anyways. They’re open 11 to midnight, catering to sweet tooth customers at all hours practically. 

It’s a decent job, and one she loves. After all, there’s been a cute blonde coming around more and more, and Suzy in the back thinks it’s cause of her. She almost wants to tease him and ask if it is, or if it’s just the milkshakes.

With the black apron tied securely around her waist, she takes over the till from her coworker and gives a brilliant smile. It’s the blonde boy. 

“Hiya.. what can I get for you today?”

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St. Germaine Cousin

Saint Germaine Cousin is the patron of unattractive people, peasant girls, abuse victims, handicapped people, and abandoned people. She was abused as a child and forced to be a shepherdess at age 9. Saint Germaine Cousin abandoned her flock for Mass but professed that her guardian angel was watching them and no sheep was ever harmed during her absence. Once in winter she opened her apron and summer flowers came out which was an obvious miracle. Saint Germaine Cousin’s body was found incorruptible over 100 years after her death and her feast day is June 15th.

Sweets for Me! (Shojo Rivalry RP with thedangoking)

The Niji Dango Stand, like every afternoon, opened with the scent of sweet dumplings and glazed sauces.

Admittedly, Hahari had some greedy reasons for taking this job. The good money aside, and even with her love of sweets, the old lady who once pushed the dango cart had grown old and infirm, arthritis locking up her legs and keeping her homebound. Not wanting to lose her business, Hahari offered to push the cart herself. And after a month of training to cook the perfect odango, in an array of colors with the most mouthwatering sauces…she was ready.

It was a nice, sunny day in summer, and with her apron and a stylish headband to keep her hair back, Hahari began to hawk her wares. “Rainbow odango! Hot and sweet!”