summer ames

I had a dream last night that I was telling my dead father (who was a neurosurgeon) about the summer neurosurgery program I am going to be doing this summer. He was really proud. 😊

Dreamwave (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: This is a really short musing of lesbian love 100% inspired by fleursverts California Summer series (which I am completely in love with). It is by no means as good as hers, but I couldn’t help myself! I had to write some grossly fluffy lesbian Trixya while I was working on something else. It’s also definitely not grammatically correct, but I hope you enjoy my rambles. Also did someone ask for smut??? ;D <3Matilda

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I need to post that Benjamin/Micc story so y'all can see where I’m coming from. like I promise you this ain’t no outta the blue random ass ship.

It’s Got. Potential.

just kidding, it flops in the end. because of who they both are as people. BUT. FUCK. was that summer before the CDC events SUCH A. GOOD SUMMER.

I am not regretting making this canon lol.

“Hi, another summer! I didn’t even know you were here!”


“Well, I was talking to @songofanothersummer and got to thinking about missing summers and other summers and I met you!”

I am the Summer Court. This is a place of judgement for Fae. You should not be here.

“Oh! I didn’t know fae could be judged?! Do you judge their bake sales?”


“Maybe not? But but but I know someone who wants to get rid of a second wind and …. wow! That was a really meany push you know!”

… you should no longer exist. 

“Uhm. I think you’re maybe not very jaysome and - ooh! Hi, Honcho!”

…. you have a phone? How are you able to bring metal HERE?

“I’m making a new friend, Honcho and - oh? Okay! Honcho says I have to go!” And I totally vanish like a Jay back home!

…. wait. How did that creature even get their phone to be answered …

  • Buzzfeed: 25 things you didn't know about 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Me, cracking my knuckles: Try me bitch
  • My kid: I want to drop out of high school
  • Me: Let me tell u a story about this band
  • My kid: Uh okay..dont know how this is relevant.
  • Me: One guy in this band thought flip flops were thongs
  • My kid: How is this relevant to my question
  • Me: Let me finish, that same guy thought the possibilities were endless and the drummer thought tadpoles were baby turtles
  • My kid: Mom answer my question.
  • Me: They dropped out of High school. Dont become luke and ashton.
  • My kid: ill ask dad.
  • Me: He was in the band. He was the bassist he said some dumb shit to