summer ames

When you want to collect all the idols, get Jake to love you, have a beautiful wedding, get Kenna a nice wedding dress, wear pretty outfits, have fun with your friends and romance Maxwell but you only have like 5 diamonds:

Spring chickens

Serena and Bernie were lying on sun loungers in their back garden, sipping cocktails and watching Morven, Cam and Charlotte playing a silly game of frisbee.

“Charlotte says she’s playing ‘ultimate frisbee’ at university,” Bernie said.

“Sounds dangerous.”

“She’s had a black eye but nothing broken yet.”

Bernie chuckled as Cam tackled Morven to the ground and tickled her mercilessly.

Serena sighed and Bernie raised an eyebrow. “Alright, Campbell?”

“Oh, I don’t know. They’re so young, energetic, got their whole lives ahead of them.”

“What’s brought this on?”

Serena looked at Bernie dolefully. “We’re not exactly spring chickens any more, are we.”

Bernie sat up. “Who wants to be a spring chicken?” she demanded, “We’re summer hens!”

Serena choked, inhaled her cocktail and sprayed it all over the lounger. “Summer hens?!” She burst out laughing.

“Sounded better in my head.” Bernie said, abashed.

I really hope that endless summer isn’t going to try to make Rourke some kind of victim, because I’m not here for it. Like I spent diamonds to save your sorry ass once and the only way I’m spending diamonds on you again is to make sure you die and stay that way. Replaying the chapter and the quick reference to the crystals Rourke has been chowing down on in Raj’s idol scene has me a little concerned. We’ve seen some unexpected twists before and I really hope this inst one of them

“I suppose some day you will become my enemy as well
But I don’t care because even then,
I will continue to wish for a world in which you’ll be happy” 

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last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

to be honest, i expected piracy in the future to involve a lot more airships and a lot less illegally downloaded music